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  1. Especially if you've been collecting caches in the geocache_visits.txt file for a while (that's the one you need to upload), you might want to also uncheck the "Ignore logs before" box (above the "Browse" button) that talks about not uploading caches found prior to a specific date. I've seen some odd dates up there -- sometimes very close to the current date. When you are finally successful, don't forget to delete that file from your 400's Garmin folder with your PC. Am I supposed to delete the whole file after I upload them? I've just been deleting the info from the text file and just saving it as a blank document. Been doing that for almost two years and it's been working fine. I'm going caching tomorrow and hopefully I'll get this figured out by the time I need to log again...I sure love the technology when it works...not so much when it doesn't. I can't bear the thought of going back to the old way of logging each individually. Thanks for your help. I'll try that. Keep your fingers crossed for me ok?
  2. Hey all you fellow geocachers out there, The last couple of cache runs, I've had trouble uploading the field notes to gc.com from my Garmin Colorado 400t. Anyone else having this problem? Here is what is happening. I go to the field notes page, click on the Garmin Colorado, then it brings me to the page to click "browse", then I find the file, and click on "upload". Then one of two things happens, nothing OR it tells me that 0 files were uploaded. Ugghh. I don't know if it is a problem with gc.com or my unit. I have the same problem when trying to upload to my account (5-4-Fun) and my daughter's (blue gem). Any suggestions, ideas, UGGHH...this is very frustrating!!! Thank you!
  3. hee hee glad we bought the Colorado instead of waiting for the "West Virginia" Groundspeak is not the legal system and doesn't have to come up with a complete justice system every time a law rule guideline is changed. The game works on good faith and the 99.9% of people who abide by the rules, including the ones that they personally don't think so much of, will continue to ensure that this is so. If a few "ex-ALR" cache owners insist on deleting logs, then I imagine that one of two "weapons" will be used: the ability to make a log undeletable, or archiving the cache. This is of course pending "Frogslap", a new feature to allow Signal to really punish you by having your GPSr deliver a 50,000 volt shock (I believe Jeremy is in discussions with Garmin about adding that to the "West Virginia", the next model in the Colorado/Oregon series).
  4. I use a Fisher Space Pen (recommended by StaticTank) attached to a lanyard that I hang around my neck. Great for cold weather caching and it writes on those logs that are wet or damp from the rain or springime thaw (still waiting for that thaw here in SD as I look out the window to about 2-3 inches of snow on the ground and it's still falling).
  5. This is a very interesting thread...a few months ago a group of us went on an excursion to an island to grab some of the caches there. Most of the caches there were MOC caches so we didn't think she'd be able to log them (didn't realize that until after the fact). She was there and she did sign the physical logs. With all the bushwhacking, sandbars, lack of facilities to use on the island...she should get credit for those finds as well. I can see both sides of this coin...subscriber only vs. non subscriber. I would agree that a cache that is MOC only does not "prevent" a cache from being muggled. As a cache owner, I want all cachers to have the opportunity to find our caches and we hope that others take their friends to show them the sport and maybe they'll become cachers too. The premium membership offers many nice feature including but not limited to the PQ's, bookmarks, notifications, etc so it is not limited to JUST logging subscriber only caches. I'm glad I stumbled upon this thread...hopefully others will too.
  6. Wow...some of you carry a lot of stuff! Our pack typically carries: Our two GPSr's pencils pencil sharpener pens individual wet wipes various swag items PDA (love that paperless caching!) pad of paper extra blinkie logs in case they are full when we get there TB's if we have any snacks for the kids water (if we are in for a long hike) small first aid items camera With that said, we have only been caching since 11/2/07 and in SD it's cold. I would imagine that we will start carrying bug spray, etc. as the temeratures rise.
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