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  1. Thanks! I'll try that and see which I prefer, now that I have downloaded the newest GSAK with GC support, too.
  2. geecmom

    Explorist GC

    I am loving my explorist GC, but I don't know about using it in the UK, as far as the maps are concerned (I'm really new to this unit myself). It does have GREAT features and is easy to use. I CAN answer your gps/gpsr question, though. A "GPSr" is a GPS receiver. A GPS is the same thing - it receives satellite signal but doesn't transmit. No difference, though I suppose that GPSr is technically the correct term.
  3. Yes. It's called WhereYouGo. I've never been able to get WhereYouGo to work on the Droid Eris.
  4. Don't I feel silly...I am so scatterbrained getting ready for this trip. I have a Garmin 60CSX that just arrived from Cabela's (that $219 package deal with free shipping!). There is a Bass Pro just outside of town I will pass as I start my trip. My phone charger is a mini USB and I just use that with my 60Csx - nothing special.
  5. Is there a way to load a whole pocket query into the eXplorist GC at once? With my 60 Csx I run my pocket queries through GSAK and load my GPSr from there. Can I do that with the eXplorist GC also?
  6. Thanks for your response! I think we might need to be on the road back by then, though.
  7. Are there any events planned in the Williamsburg, VA area during the week of July 11-18? We'll be visiting from IL and would like to meet some VA cachers if time permits.
  8. You might try checking to see if you have any local geocaching organizations near you. everyone that I've met at ours has been more than willing to help a new cacher.
  9. Maybe it's someone's signature item, and the two you found were different chips.
  10. Hi, I'll be visiting the Bradenton area in a week or so, probably arriving on Sunday, June 7. No plans all week, and I have some travel bugs that would like to find new homes in the south. Anyone interested in showing me around? I'm fairly familiar with the Bradenton area, but wasn't a cacher the last time I was there so I'm itching to cache new ground!
  11. I use a small Sierra Club backpack with a main compartment and two smaller pockets. The main compartment holds the swag bag, a cache repair bag (extra ziplocs, logs, wet wipes, paper towels, etc.), gloves, first aid kit, clipboard with maps, and extra batteries. The middle pocket has slots for pens, and these also contain our extendable magnetic retriever, extendable mirror, tiny flexible LED light, tiny Leatherman-like Gerber tool, tweezers, and a Silva compass. Smallest outside pocket carries two GPSrs, and a PDA.
  12. Yes, I am.... but I'll try KMZ instead to see if that helps. Thanks.
  13. I'm a new premium member, just trying out the Caches Along a Route feature. I set the route I wanted in Google Earth, saved it to my desktop as a .kml file, then tried to upload it through the website. It didn't work. What am I doing wrong, and/or how can I fix this? This is one of the major reasons I upgraded to a premium membership and I want to be able to use it!
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