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  1. That looks like a fantastic cache. I've never heard of the Blackwater Reservoir until I looked at this cache and then just 30 minutes later I see it and the graveyard featured on Griff Rhys-Jones's River programme. How strange. ooohh.....can you give me more details and ill try and watch it on iplayer or something....
  2. Just south of Fort William, which is a lovely drive from Inverness, GCJ3TZ Death of Power. Without a doubt my favourite cache of all time. It will take you a day between the drive and the walk, but one you wont ever forget.
  3. Where in Greece are you staying as its a big place? wow....what a fool i am..... im staying in crete...i have managed to purchase a new gps....which we can give to our son back home as he wanted a new gps... thanks anyway adele n scott
  4. guide me in a direction where i can either hire or purchase cheap gps. as long as it tells me my longitude-latitude im happy to utilise it in a basic way. any suggestions???
  5. XP and firefox here. Our IT guy puts both on our computers the minute they are bought.
  6. Our thoughts and prayers are with Ewans family. We did a few of his caches whilst up in the Highlands in January and by far they have been our favourite.
  7. ive emailed the last movers for the 3rd & final time today......fingers crossed!
  8. Out of 27 Tbs and coins, we have 7 either lost/muddled/kept by new cachers who havent since cached. I refuse to let this stop me putting out new ones, indeed, we are in Scotland this week and intend to put out 4 more new coins & tbs. I have one coin in this cache which doesnt even seem to be a cache??? http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=1506272
  9. ive not been getting notifications of some new caches within the area.....
  10. Whilst these prices sound outrageous they are honestly cheaper than a lot of hotels i have stayed in. I can also say that whenever ive been in the states, i have always been charged by hotels for the use of Wifi, so our friends abroad wont be too surprised.
  11. I agree with Decangi. On a recent trip to Eire, we did approximately 10 caches, of which they were virtually all in graveyards. Surely in such a beautiful country like Eire, you could be a bit more experimental....
  12. As a newbie to caching i read this competition as such :- Its a way of looking back at peoples memories/funny moments of the day. Kids (big ones aswell!) will love the idea of uploading to Youtube. Kinda like todays version of Jeremy Beadle, a bit of fun. Now why on earth its sparked the debate as such on here, im staggered. But hey ho, each to their own, its obviously pressed the wrong buttons with a few people. Personally i think its a wicked idea, its just a case of remembering to have your fingers on the button for when that "moment" might happen!!!
  13. There is a free trial on it, but i havent done it yet as i wanted to see someone else guinea pig it and give critic first.
  14. We are up for it....we've walked up there with the kids to have a gander, kids checked it out (they are late teens!) but family friend was having a fit about the dangers so we aborted plan. Anyhow we are somewhat vertically challenged but im anxious to bag this. I'll find a skinny friend to assist us...
  15. Ensure you have Firefox amd the Greasemonkey extension installed. D'oh ! Works now. Thankyou very much.
  16. when ever i click on the link, it just opens a new page, white background lots of script. what am i doing wrong? apologies...
  17. On a few occasions i have picked up a coin/tb from a cache, but it hasnt been in the inventory. When i try to log it, i only get the options write note/picked from previous cache (but not the one i picked it from) or discovered. which one should i do??? i feel i may be doing it wrong...
  18. initally put this on the newbie forum, not realising (d'oh) that there is a UK forum! any blackberry users? what download do u use for geocaching? or is it not worth it? thankyou
  19. no takers??? surely some brit on here is using blackberry for caching?
  20. Hi, im still very new to geocaching. At present we have a small handheld we use for caching, and would like to get something better. We already have a blackberry. Does anyone here in the UK, have blackberry and use it for geocaching? If so, what product did you install please.
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