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  1. As 318 suggested, I called Garmin and they are shipping a new part for free. Thanks again for the suggestion. BTW it took about 30 minutes to get thru to a customer rep. busy place!
  2. Hi, I have a Garmin e-trex Vista HCX and I lost the small clip that attaches to the battery cover and allows you to attach the GPS to a bike handle bar mount. If you have this clip and are interested in selling it please let me know. Do you know where to get one? I've looked online and no luck. Thanks
  3. If you store a track on your etrex Vista Hcx, is there way to see all the details from that track? Details such as max speed, avg speed total ascent, etc. Is there a difference in the details you can recall if you store it in the built in memory Vs the external data card? Thanks
  4. If that is the case, then what size card do you need for the North America CN/CN NT?
  5. There is an option to get the CN or CN NT already installed in a micro SD card. If you go this route does that mean the card is full or can you still add data to the card. I did not see an option when buying as to the size of the SD card.
  6. thanks for the info. Upon further comparison between the 2, I went with the Vista HCX. not a bad deal either at $225.00 Thanks
  7. Hi, I want to introduce my boys to Geocaching and I am thinking of buying a Garmin e-trex Summit HC. Any thoughts on this unit? The getting started part of this website suggests a GPS with a "rocker keypad". This unit does not have one. How do you navigate thru the different menus? Thanks
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