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  1. Wow! I wonder how many e-mails I'm gonna get at work tomorrow asking if this is real... :)


    Snopes is my friend. :)


    Hey, I love Snopes! I have ALMOST learned to always check it out before believing so much of the crap on th WWW. :D


    Just checked Snopes concerning the 6 volt battery hack. Staus is false! Looks like I was the one fooled this time! Just as I was getting ready to climb that telephone pole to get to the AA gold mine! :)

  2. I have not yet made it home to be 100% sure they are identical size to over the counter AAAs and that the voltage is the same but they sure look it.


    I checked the individual cells that appeared to be AAAs out of the 9 volt battery against regular AAAs at home and they are not the same size. Off the shelf AAAs are slightly longer and have a slightly larger diameter. I suspect this may be true for the 6 volt as well, but do not know for sure. The claimed 32 AAs may be a slightly different size than true AAs. Oh well! :)

  3. Well, this thread really interested me and although I do not have a 6 volt lantern battery, I did have a 9 volt battery. I saw the video showing the 9 volt and also a 12 volt with button cells. I tore apart the 9 volt battery and LO AND BEHOLD there were 6 AAA batteries. This would be logical since 6 AAAs at 1.5 volts each would equal 9 volts. I have not yet made it home to be 100% sure they are identical size to over the counter AAAs and that the voltage is the same but they sure look it. At any rate, I really do not understand why some of you see this as a fake. I think in all probability it is true.......if you get the correct 6 volt battery. I will try this in the near future with a 6 volt battery just to see. Yes, I can purchase AAs relatively cheap but I would like to prove the skeptics wrong also. :)

  4. Yes the Garmin Etrex will work


    Go to the golf course and make a waypoint in the center of each green

    (Pin placement changes so you mark the center of the green)


    The next time you tee off, on your garmin goto waypoint 1 and then

    number 2 and so on


    I did exactly that on my home course. I made waypoint on the center of each green. I really did not find it to be very useful. The yardages marked on the course are more than adequate. As for hiking, I use my GPSr in conjunction with USA Photomaps which is free download. Pretty cool program.

  5. Hi,


    I am new to this geocaching stuff and was wondering what other activities that you folks may combine with or include with your hunts. So far I see hiking of course, kayaking, metal detecting and even mushroom hunting.


    Mark :huh:


    Well, lets see......I have hunted caches while bicycling, bacpacking/hiking, camping, kayaking. I have not hunted a cache while involved in the newest sport I just took up..............sailing catamarans. Maybe someday. I really want to place a cache now that will have to be found by doing one of the above more strenuous activities and not really be able to simply walk to. I enjoy making caches much more of a physical challenge. My last placed cache is about a 3 1/2 mile round trip walk but can be grabbed much quicker by bicycle.

  6. Wow, talk about a tempest in a teapot. Some people need to get a hobby they obviously have to much time on their hands. Having been in law enforcement myself I see nothing wrong with the original post, I just think there are people who are just looking for reasons to be outraged.


    Most people forget that at one time our country had a whole culture of people who wandered about off the grid so to speak. We've read about Hobo's and Hobo jungles but what seems to have become lost is that there used to be a distinction between the variety of people living the alternative lifestyle in the 1930's. There were three categories, Bums, Tramps and Hobo's. Bums did not travel but worked odd jobs when they could find them of they begged, hence the "can I bum a ride" or "can I bum a buck off you" in common parlance. The tramps travelled but didn't work, they rode the rails and we have the verb to tramp to thank them for as in I'm gonna tramp up the street. The Hobo was the top tier, they were the ones who travelled and worked and wanted not hing more than to just be left alone by the train detectives and the right of way police. A little history is a nice things to have and these days altogether lost on most people. Think of the richness of the terms. The songs "Go Bum Again" or "Big Rock Candy Mountain." Bums, Tramps and Hobos are an integral part of our history, it is too bad that only a short while later people have forgotten quite an important piece of it. Lets get a grip!


    That's my story and I stand behind it. Let the flames begin, I've got my PC proof suit on!


    Thanks warrior, well written and I learned something to boot.

  7. As to the cache, you did what you could do. Poop happens.


    As to the term "bum". Get real people, and forget the political correctness The person in question could be homeless, or his home could be wherever he lays his hat, which would again make the term bum proper. Not all bums are homeless, not all homeless are bums. But to worry about the proper term for fear of hurting their feelings is garbage.


    I would call the family across the street from me "white trash". Derogatory? Sure. Truthful? Not just yes, but H@#$ YES! Do I care if it hurts their feelings? Not a chance. If they have a problem with it, they can fix the problem. They can fence their dogs in instead of allowing them to roam and breed freely. They could rent or buy a mower instead of allowing the yard to grow unchecked all year (hasn't been mowed yet since spring). One or more of them could GET A JOB, instead of relying strictly on a food bank and hand outs. They have no friends in the neighborhood since any who befriend them end up getting something stolen. TO REMEDY THE SITUATION IF TRUTHFUL TERMS HURT THEIR FEELINGS IS STRICTLY UP TO THEM. Those who want to change their situation and better themselves must first make the decision to do so. Hurting their feelings may prompt them to do so, politically correct terms only serve to put a coat of whitewash over a badly cracked wall. A spade is a shovel, not a "human powered earthmover"! Black is black, white is white, and political correctness is part of the problem, not the fix.


    My rant, thank you for your patience.


    YEAH! What he said :P

  8. You also might want to stop using the term "bum" which is very derogatory.


    Merriam Webster defines bum as:



    1 a: one who sponges off others and avoids work b: one who performs a function poorly .................................

    2: vagrant, tramp

    — on the bum : with no settled residence or means of support


    Doesn't seem derogatory to me at all. I think the description fits. Too bad the PC police have infiltrated every aspect of our lives. I have been called many things in my life and if I did not like it, I got over it. If I am a bum, then call me one.

  9. Konichi wa nightingale,


    What part of Japan are you from? I spent 1 month in Iwate Prefecture. Wow, what a beautiful country with wonderful people and culture. I sure hope to return someday as I made so many friends, spending most nights with Japanese families. A wonderful experience indeed!

  10. I have used one for a cache that I hid. I glued tree bark around the outside of the can and leaves and ground litter to the lid. Looks just like a stump. As a matter of fact it is setting right next to a trail, in the open, completely unnoticed by those passing by.


    It has no smell. I used it first to hold paint thinner while I cleaned brushes.I guess the thinner kinda cleaned out the coffee smell and the thinner itself left little or no smell.

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