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  1. Hey, I love Snopes! I have ALMOST learned to always check it out before believing so much of the crap on th WWW. Just checked Snopes concerning the 6 volt battery hack. Staus is false! Looks like I was the one fooled this time! Just as I was getting ready to climb that telephone pole to get to the AA gold mine!
  2. Hey, I love Snopes! I have ALMOST learned to always check it out before believing so much of the crap on th WWW.
  3. I checked the individual cells that appeared to be AAAs out of the 9 volt battery against regular AAAs at home and they are not the same size. Off the shelf AAAs are slightly longer and have a slightly larger diameter. I suspect this may be true for the 6 volt as well, but do not know for sure. The claimed 32 AAs may be a slightly different size than true AAs. Oh well!
  4. Well, this thread really interested me and although I do not have a 6 volt lantern battery, I did have a 9 volt battery. I saw the video showing the 9 volt and also a 12 volt with button cells. I tore apart the 9 volt battery and LO AND BEHOLD there were 6 AAA batteries. This would be logical since 6 AAAs at 1.5 volts each would equal 9 volts. I have not yet made it home to be 100% sure they are identical size to over the counter AAAs and that the voltage is the same but they sure look it. At any rate, I really do not understand why some of you see this as a fake. I think in all probability it is true.......if you get the correct 6 volt battery. I will try this in the near future with a 6 volt battery just to see. Yes, I can purchase AAs relatively cheap but I would like to prove the skeptics wrong also.
  5. I did exactly that on my home course. I made waypoint on the center of each green. I really did not find it to be very useful. The yardages marked on the course are more than adequate. As for hiking, I use my GPSr in conjunction with USA Photomaps which is free download. Pretty cool program.
  6. Well, lets see......I have hunted caches while bicycling, bacpacking/hiking, camping, kayaking. I have not hunted a cache while involved in the newest sport I just took up..............sailing catamarans. Maybe someday. I really want to place a cache now that will have to be found by doing one of the above more strenuous activities and not really be able to simply walk to. I enjoy making caches much more of a physical challenge. My last placed cache is about a 3 1/2 mile round trip walk but can be grabbed much quicker by bicycle.
  7. Thanks warrior, well written and I learned something to boot.
  8. Merriam Webster defines bum as: bum[4,noun] 1 a: one who sponges off others and avoids work b: one who performs a function poorly ................................. 2: vagrant, tramp — on the bum : with no settled residence or means of support Doesn't seem derogatory to me at all. I think the description fits. Too bad the PC police have infiltrated every aspect of our lives. I have been called many things in my life and if I did not like it, I got over it. If I am a bum, then call me one.
  9. YUP! Mohawk Nova 16 and 3 kayaks Pygmy Osprey HP wood and glass yak (17.5' x 22") Necky Dolphin SOT Hobie Mirage SOT (pedal or paddle drive)
  10. Konichi wa nightingale, What part of Japan are you from? I spent 1 month in Iwate Prefecture. Wow, what a beautiful country with wonderful people and culture. I sure hope to return someday as I made so many friends, spending most nights with Japanese families. A wonderful experience indeed!
  11. A state park near my home in NE Texas has 4 caches hidden within its boundaries. One is a multi-cache hidden by Parks and Wildlife folks themselves.
  12. I have used one for a cache that I hid. I glued tree bark around the outside of the can and leaves and ground litter to the lid. Looks just like a stump. As a matter of fact it is setting right next to a trail, in the open, completely unnoticed by those passing by. It has no smell. I used it first to hold paint thinner while I cleaned brushes.I guess the thinner kinda cleaned out the coffee smell and the thinner itself left little or no smell.
  13. I am a Project Manager/Construction Inspector for the Texas Department of Transportation.
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