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  1. HMMM...... so the full version 2009 is available now? They told me it was not and did not know when it would become available. Oh well...........
  2. It would really surprise me if they raised the price on the CN 2009. The trend has been to lower the price as the usage of GPS units increases. I'd expect the price to be about $99.00 or less. But what do I know.... 165.00 is quite a lot for CN 2009. I would not expect that price to hold very long, but my main rant is the lady said upgrades were in fact NOT free even if one had just recently purchased an outdated version which, if I remember correctly, is contrary to what a few have posted on this forum. I would be curious to know if some have indeed received free upgrades to 2009 after having bought 2008. I suspect the Garmin rep was giving mis-information...............or maybe I am mis-informed, which is also quite possible.
  3. I contacted Garmin yesterday to inquire about the release of a full version of City Navigator 2009. I was told by the Garmin rep that, at this point, they really had no idea when the CN 2009 would by available for purchase. I then asked if I were to purchase an 08 version if I would receive the 2009 update for free. I was told I would not be able to receive the update for free. The reason I was given was because the price of the 2008 version had been significantly reduced and with price of the 2009 update added it would bring the total cost to the original cost of the 2008 disc. This person said that when the 2009 is eventually released, the price would be around $165. This is contrary to post I have read on this forum. I was under the impression that some had recently purchased the 2008 version and had then been given the 2009 update for free. Maybe this person had no idea what they were talking about, but I refuse to spend 165 on maps. With the info I was given, I will just be happy with CN 2008. Is this Garmin rep clueless or is me that does not have a clue?
  4. Awesome project Dale. Thanks a bunch for the effort. 800 MB is a huge file. Do you think you will break it up into regions i.e. West, South, Southeast etc? When I downloaded the 1st version, it took about 3 1/2 hours.
  5. I'm not totally sure, but I didn't think the online version contains Texas (yet) anyways. The next version certainly will (I have it locally, just have to finalize and upload it). OOPS, my mistake. I thought Texas was on the most recent version. I'll try with next version. Thanks a bunch!
  6. I just tried to down load the latest version, but keep getting an error message that reads something like "Cannot download ibycus.exe from ibycusUSA. The connection with the server was reset". Not word for word, but close. I had downloaded the earlier version a few weeks ago but want the latest version because it contains Texas. The first time I tried downloading the new version, I got the same message and even though it continued to download after starting again, I only got about 350 MBs worth.
  7. Another vote for Texas and Oklahoma. Hope your finals went well and thanks for the work on this.
  8. Looks like you have a golf course near your house, but I don't see any greens or tee boxes. Is it a new course under construction or has it been abandonded?
  9. You are being awfully kind to someone that hid a cache on your property without your permission. At any rate, Welcome to the sport and read the forums for guidance on a GPSr that will work for you and especially read the guidelines for proper placement of geocaches.....which obviously someone did not do. Its a good idea to find quite a few caches before hiding your first one. At that point you will a have a very good idea of how to hide your first cache.
  10. Garmin Mapsource City Navigator for streets and Topo 2008 for terrain. Check over in the GPS units and software forum. You'll find lots of info there. Thats probably where this post will get moved to anyway.
  11. What about the full version? I do not have any maps yet and am waiting on the full version to be released. Not just the udates.
  12. Have you considered a Lengend HCx. For just another $33 over the 150 you can get it from Amazon. It has color screen and turn by turn routing with the maps.....which are extra. If that is out of your budget, I am almost 100% certain you can buy a serial to USB adaptor that will work fine.
  13. Have any of you ever used USA Photomaps? Its an awesome free downloadable program that can be used to create, download, upload routes to your GPSr as well as tons of other stuff. I have used it for several years and love it.
  14. There are many great caches in the Austin area. Its too bad you had this experience for your first cache. I can assure you it was a rare occurance. As the others have stated, be sure to log your visit on the cache page even if it is a "did not find". This could be a warning to others.
  15. I paid 188.00 for a Legend HCx from Adorama (camera joint) through Amazon.com and love it. Of course the maps are extra....around 110 for City Navigator and 70 for Topos. I have dealt with Adorama direct when buying cameras and they have always been great to me.
  16. I am a construction inspector/project manager for Texas Department of Transportation. I am the one accused of doing nothing, standing around watching everyone else work and sleeping under bridges.
  17. I almost bid on a used Mapsource City Navigator disc on eBay then I started thinking if an unlock code is required in order to make the maps work with an indivdual unit, would it be a good idea. I thought better about it and did not bid. My question, can a used disc work with a new unit? I have the Legend HCx. Thanks!
  18. You will have a great time with the Legend. Great GPS. Is it the Cx or the HCx? I cached for several years with only the original yellow eTrex. I just purchased a Legend HCx for my birthday. It will do the auto routing, just doesn't have the compass or barometric altimeter, which I do not need. Now I just have to save the bucks and get the maps.
  19. Looking to upgrade from the old yellow eTrex to a Legend HCx. Can someone lead me to the least expensive (but reputable) place to purchase on the internet? Can it be purchased already bundled with a mapping program that provides turn by turn routing? Thanks for the advice.
  20. Hey Lisa, Sweet looking wood kayak you got there. What kind is it? I have Pygmy Osprey HP. Love it and don't get to paddle it enough though!
  21. Here are a couple while hunting for Squirrels on Langley Island The 2005 HGTV Dream home is directly behind my wife's head. (Cannot be seen)
  22. Here are a few at Little Stirrup Cay (Coco Cay), Royal Caribbean's island in the Bahamas. Caches on Coco Cay
  23. Sbell, no offense, or not much anyway, but I have little patience with such smarmy, wisearse, cheeky sayings as: "The correct answer is almost always 'pocket queries'". Case in point to help you cool your jets about this trendy saying: The other night, at 3 AM, I was hunting a new geocache located in a graveyard heavily posted with "No Trespassing/No Geocaching" signs located inside a locked and closed WallyWorld store (store hours are 7 AM to 9 PM, and I was there at 3 AM... get the picture?) while carrying my trusty machete (well, a few recent threads have mentioned carrying machetes while geocaching, and you know, I gotta keep up with the latest trends...) and my burglar tools (how else could I get into a locked/closed Waly World store at night?). Anyway, my cache hunting efforts must have triggered a silent alarm, and next thing I know, I am surrounded by a SWAT team. The lead officer commanded me to put down my machete, and then he asked me what I was doing in a POSTED graveyard inside a locked Wally World late at night. I brightly replied "Pocket Queries!" He immediately tasered me. sigh...! Ah ha! Thats where the currently popular phrase, "DON"T TAZE ME BRO!!!!" came from.
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