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  1. I do indeed have the Legend HCx. I have just downloaded xImage and will attempt to load up some screen shots a little later (have to do a brake job on the car right now!), but the image shown by coggins is exacly what is on my Legend HCx.
  2. Wow, thats asking a lot from me. I don't know how to do a screen shot or I would.
  3. Hmmm.....I must say that I am unable to customize the screen and it does not show overall elevation gain on my unit........not that I can find anyway, but then again............
  4. Well, lets see. First of all, I have CNNA NT 2008 and Topo 2008 installed on my Legend HCx. I select a point to navigate to. In one case I selected a saved route. When the route screen appears, I press the Menu button and a menu pops up with "Profile" as the 3rd option. I select "Profile" and then press the enter button. Another small window pops up asking "Use Road Data" or "Use Off Road Data". In this case, I select "Use Off Road Data". It is at this point that the elevation profile page pops up. Using The Legends auto routing I select a point to navigate to the press "Go To". I then press the "Follow Road" option. After the route is calculated, I press the Page button to go to the screen that shows all the upcoming turns. I then press the Menu button and select "Profile". Once again the elevation profile page comes. Hope this helps. I do not know if this feature is available to those with CNNA NT or TOPO 2008 or both, but I did not find it until this past weekend and I have had both mapsets for about 8 months and 3 months respectively.
  5. I thought I had played with my Legend HCx and found out everything there is to know about it, but the other day I stumbled upon a elevation profile page that I had never seen before. I was routing to a certain location and was on the page indicating all the upcoming turns. On a whim I pressed the menu button and noticed an option called profile. I selected this and an elevation profile of the entire route popped up. I zoomed in and could scroll along route to look at the elevation data. I looked at data for several saved backpacking routes in the mountains. This is way cool and I have played with it for several days now. I am probably the last person to know about this but had not read about it in the forums and do not remember seeing it described in the manual. I have had my Legend for almost a year now and just discovered it. Oh well, just thought I would mention it in case there are other numbskulls like me that take a while to figure some things out.
  6. Excellent point Mredria. I had not really looked at it from that perspective and it certainly changes my attitude to a degree.......although the area in which I live is a P and G micro lovers haven.
  7. I simply refuse to hide a P and G. I will hunt P and Gs, micro or not, all the while telling myself how much I hate P and G micros (which by the way seems to be the only type folks around here hide anymore). I am not in it for the numbers. You can tell that by how long I have been caching and my total finds on my stats and I only have 2 cache hides, but they require effort to reach. I want to place more caches but our area is not too conducive to placing very challenging caches. By challenging, I mean those that are far off the beaten path because I don't particularly care for puzzle caches either. Just my0.2 worth.
  8. If I'm caching in an urban setting with lots of people around a hard hat and safety vest just makes a good camouflage. Wearing that and carrying a clipboard seems to make you disappear into the background. Why do you wear them? I wear them cause I have to for work. I am project manager on highway construction jobs.
  9. Why do you wear a hard hat and safety vest? I wear them also.
  10. I just recently installed TOPO 2008 on my Legend HCx. Quite frankly I was a little disappointed. I knew ahead of time it would not be 1:24k. Some of my disappointment may lie in the fact that I live in a relativley flat area so with 1:100k maps not nearly as many of the squiggly lines show up. I have also noticed a lot of ponds do not show up on the topo. As I drive, many ponds of at least an acre in size do not show on the GPS. Maybe there is a minimum size water area that was predetermined....I don't know. Its still pretty cool and will be useful at some point. Just not quite as much as I had hoped for.
  11. Yes, have Mapsource. It finally installed after about 4 attempts. Not sure what the problem was, but it is working now. Thanks for the help.
  12. I usually see this if I've downloaded the file/disk. If this is the case, try re-downloading. If not, you'll probably need to get a replacement disk. I guess its not the disc. I was able to install TOPO 2008 onto another computer at work with no problems at all, but it will not install on my personal computer
  13. I just received a new TOPO 2008 disc and was attempting to install this into Mapsource. Shortly after the installation begins, I get a popup window entitled "Information text" that states "The cabinet file 'Disk1'.cab required for this installation is corrupt and cannot be used. This could indicate a network error, an error reading from the CD-ROM, or a problem with this package." If I click on "ignore" at the bottom of the window, another window pops up that reads "The error code is 2350" I am not too computer savvy and any help would be greatly appreciated. BTW, I have a Dell laptop running Windows Vista Home Premium Thanks in advance for the replies.
  14. You can enter coordinates manully with little difficulty.
  15. I received my Nuvi almost exactly 3 weeks after receiveing the confimation email which happened to be about one week after making a purchase with the card. The Nuvi is loaded with CNNA NT 2009 so it is up to date.......cool.
  16. It was about 1 - 1 1/2 weeks after I used the card before I received the email stating my requirements had been fullfilled and my GPS order was being processed. Still awaiting GPS at about 2 1/2 weeks.
  17. Ditto. I received an email about 10 days ago that stated my order was being processed and the GPS would be shipped from Amazon although the email stated it could take up to 10 weeks. How long did it take for y'all to receive?
  18. I have the Legend HCx and I love it. I have also added the City Navigator maps and plan to add topos at some point in the near future. You do not have to be a real techno geek to learn to use the Legend. I have learned some extra tips and tricks by monitoring this forum. The manual is a little lacking in some areas, but you will do fine . I would highly recommend the Legend HCx especially if you are on a little bit of a budget as I am. I purchased mine from Amazon for about $188 US. There are other units that are very nice but most cost a good bit more.
  19. What do you mean by Garmin only supplying the large mount by itself? Yeah, I'm unclear on that, too. Seem like this is the large one and this is the standard one Or cheaper large one and cheaper standard one As far as which one you need? I'm assuming large one (1" to 1-1/4" diameter) for mountain bike handlebars and the "standard" for road bike handle bars. Or get the large one and add another layer of sheet rubber for more shock absorption if necessary? Okay... what is the difference between a mountain bike and a road bike? I think I own a mountain bike but now I'm not so sure... lol. A mountain bike will have a flat handle bar and wider, knobby tires. Most road bikes have the curved bars with skinny tires. If you have a mountain bike, I am almost certain you would need the large mount. If you found it was a little too large, you could always add another strip of rubber to the supplied one to make up the difference. Or wrap electrical tape multiple times around the bar to enlarge it as well.
  20. I recently loaded all the map segments from City Navigator North America NT 2008 onto a 2 GB card in my Garmin Legend HCx. I was under the impression that the map would show as "City Navigator North America NT 2008" or some such on the unit, so that when I add the topos I can select which of the 2 maps I want to use by highlighting the appropriate one in map setup. After loading CNNA NT, I select "setup map" from the map screen, then select "map setup - information" and I see each and every segment of CNNA with a checkmark loaded onto the unit (each individual state and province). Shouldn't I see only CNNA NT 2008 with a checkmark? Did I do something wrong in the loading process? I would hate to know that I had to uncheck each and every segment of CNNA NT to use Topo 2008. Thanks, Walter
  21. I have loaded the states near me from CNNT 2008 in Mapsource into my Legend HCx. I decided to go back and reload all the maps from City Navigator North America NT 2008. I am unable to select the box at bottom left in Mapsource that reads "Include route calculation data". If I load the maps, will it calculate routes if I do not check this box or am I doing something wrong? I almost remember checking this box the first time I loaded maps and the unit does auto route with the segments I have loaded thus far, but now the box is grayed out. Thanks
  22. Ditto on what Starbrand wrote. I love my Legend HCx and found it on Amazon for 188.00 with free shipping. Shipped quick as well.
  23. I just called Garmin last week and was told I would not get a free upgrade to CNNT 2009 if I purchased CNNT 2008 at this time.
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