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  1. I’m only about two hours away, but too far to provide decent maintenance.
  2. Yeah, would’ve done that except in the process of hunting for a house and the terrible task of moving, I completely forgot them until afterward.
  3. I recently moved to a new city so therefore I am unable to maintain the two caches I have out near my former hometown. What options are available for these caches other than archiving them? Can other geocachers adopt them? I still pass through the area on occasion, but would not have time to maintain them them since they require a fair hike to get to. If I cant adopt them out, I will remove them and archive them. Thanks for your helpful tips.
  4. More to the point, if you don't want to have to go through this exercise again down the road, it's critical that you don't have the original type adhesive! Very good point.
  5. Sounds like a plan to me. I wasn't sure how critical it was to have the original type adhesive, but I guess its not a big deal. I guess it would be a good idea to keep the silicone or RTV off the button thingies. Thanks for the advice!
  6. The rubber rand around my Legend HCx is coming loose. I know this has been a problem on the eTrex units. I searched but didn't find a suitable post. I am curious how others got this resolved on their units. I have contacted Garmin and they want me to send in the unit for the exchange of a refurbished unit at a cost of about 50 bucks. This seems a little excessive just for a freaking rubber band. What have you done? Thanks in advance.
  7. xImage! Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks a ton!
  8. I remember that a screenshot from a Garmin GPSr can be saved as a jpg file on your computer, but for the life of me I cannot remember how it is done. Would someone be kind enough to provide instructions. I searched and was unable to find it. Thanks in advance.
  9. I own the Hennesy A-Sym Ultralight (I beleive thats the name). I love the hammock. The one main drawback to me is that I am not comfortable in colder temps. I have tried pads and other suggestions but still get cold below 45 degrees. It is great for warmer temps......and comfy. I have set up the hammock on the ground using hiking poles and it can be done. I have never actually slept in it this way but it certainly is possible. Of course you would want a pad. Be sure to protect the bottom of the hammock. Go here to learn more about Hennesy hammocks>>>>> http://hennessyhammock.com/
  10. Yes you can and the cable required to do so should come with the unit. It came with mine in the box.
  11. My username came from the type of metal detector I use for treasure hunting....... a Garrett Groundhog. The 123 represents me (1), my wife (2) and our daughter (3).
  12. I could care less if I am FTF or not. I have had 1 FTF purely by accident and cannot even remember the cache now. If others are into it, thats great. Its not a race to me. Its all about the hunt.
  13. I have had the Garmin Legend HCx for a year and have never had a problem. Its almost dead on all the time and does not "bounce". I love it.
  14. The local DOT or material test agency are most likely studying the different grades of sign sheeting. Whether it be by public input or close to an area where there is an engineering office or material test division, who knows. The green signs give it away. They are various grades of reflective sign sheeting.
  15. Welome to the sport from a NE Texas geocacher! I would first recommend learning all the varieties of snakes, their habitats and habits in your area. There are only 5 poisonous snakes around Tyler. 1. Copperhead (most prevalent and in wooded areas) 2. Timber rattler AKA Canebreak 3. Water moccasin 4. Coral (very colorful and very poisonous but would have a hard time biting you) 5. Pygmy rattler You will most likely encounter few poisonous snakes (unless your around W Texas). Most will be a non-poisonous variety. Remember, all snakes serve a useful purpose and should not be killed. Happy caching Oh, and don't go pokin' your hands in places they shouldn't be. Thats what sticks are made for.
  16. I visit both stores and REI is by far my favorite. I am more of a backpacker, paddler, bicycle type.
  17. You might try Lake Goodwater trail. It is a nice trail along Lake Georgetown with some geocaches along the way as well. I think it is about 16 miles long and was being extended the last time we were there. Goodwater trail
  18. Thats exactly how I got into geocaching. Sat down near one to take a breather on a trail Arkansas and there it was. We signed the logbook, logged it online and the rest is history.
  19. Hey Loraine, Welcome to the game of geocaching. I think once you get it figured out, you will have a blast. Sorry, but I can not help you with the Magellan Triton. I know nothing about them. BTW, I am just down the road from you in Lindale.
  20. HA! Looks like I fall in the largest group! My daughter would say OLD.
  21. Overall, I enjoyed watching the video and would most likely watch a geocaching based television program. I think it would have to also include other adventures and much traveling to extrordinary locales. I really don't understand why people were turned off by the snake scene. There are quite a few snake oriented shows on Discovery and other channels which I thouroughly enjoy as well. I am not sure how well a geocaching oriented show would appeal to the general public. Afterall. what percentage of the population truly understands or even cares about the game of geocaching. At any rate, my vote is....go for it.
  22. Same on my Legend HCx. From "Map setup" select the map screen. From that screen press the Menu button. You should see "Hide (or Show) City Navigator and Hide (or Show) Topo 2008. If you want to hide CN just highlight it and press enter. It should then indicate Show City Navigator at which point Topo 2008 will be the mapset displayed on the unit. There is no reason to select each region and uncheck it. I think that is the way at any rate on the Legend.
  23. This is a slightly different method using the auto routing feature of CNNA NT 2008. With a route enabled.......from the "turn-by-turn" screen select profile and the elevation profile of the route Not sure how useful the elevation profile will be in real world conditions, but its kinda cool to look at.
  24. One way to the profile screen: Main Menu Saved route Route Select Profile In this case, I used Off Road Data and here is the profile page for the selected route I have CNNA NT 2008 and TOPO 2008 installed on my device
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