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  1. i will help get some out in the denver area in colorado
  2. that is a cool coin i would like to know when you are going to sell them
  3. i could not get it to work i am going to try again sometime i have a friend who sad he would help he builds websites for a living so he knows the code
  4. doing some jeeping and geocaching during a 4x4 geocaching event
  5. i hope you dont mind if i ask what this mailing address list is?
  6. i am also having the same problem with the mileage not calculating
  7. i have done that with tbs and geocoins that i have moved i would say it is ok to do
  8. what is the longest you have seen a cache go with out getting fund for first time i have one that is at about a week
  9. i know you can buy geocoin tracking codes buti would like to know how many i need to buy to get an icon and how much they are
  10. i would like to know the name of it and where it is
  11. i dont do it and i dont like it when outers do but it is up to who ever
  12. where can i find geosphere
  13. do you have a link where i can find it
  14. what i would like to see is someway i could put cache pages on my ipod touch
  15. FTF, first to find FTF, fourth to find FTF, fifth to find FTF, fourteenth to find FTF, fifteenth to find FTF, fortieth - fifty ninth to find FTF, four hundredth - five hundred and ninety ninth to find Should I keep going? That is already 225 FTFs. I can quickly add another 2k to it. If there should only be one then that means no cache should have more than three finds. FTF as in first to find
  16. Can you please point me to Groundspeak's official rules about FTF? there are no official rules about this i joist don't think it is right
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