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  1. Delete the .gpx file from the unit. one more question how do i go about deleting the .gpx from my unit?
  2. i uploaded a cache and found it now how do i delete from the unit now that i am done with it
  3. if you want to get a bunch of caches in a run country cross trail is a good one
  4. i dont think i could go that long without a find thank you for all for the info i got a new GPS
  5. my old gps is getting to the end of its life and i am looking for suggestions for a good place to look for a new one
  6. looks like you all had a fun weekend
  7. that is the same thing that i have been getting
  8. i did not know where else to post this in the forums and i and i also cant log in to the feedback site to post it there. i tried getting on geocaching.com this morning and all i keep getting is The connection has timed out The server at www.geocaching.com is taking too long to respond. and i was wondering if it was a bug in last nights upgrades
  9. any word one when the Colorado one will be out? They're coming out in order in which the state entered into Statehood and so far they've come out about two a week (7 states so far). Colorado is #38 on the list. It'll probably be at least a couple of months before you see Colorado unless GS changes the frequency of their releases. ok thank you
  10. any word one when the Colorado one will be out?
  11. looks like the souvenirs is have its glitch again this time it gave the Delaware one again but it also gave me the Baden-Württemburg one
  12. yes it was the Delaware one thank you for the info
  13. i found a Souvenir this afternoon and now it is gone does anyone know what is going on?
  14. what you want to do is archive it if you dont want to replace it
  15. i got a World Travel Geocoin and a Celtic Circle of Life Geocoin and if it counts for any thing i also got a nano cache container
  16. you should come to geochat November 6th GC2EZFR just start talking to people and you will find someone who will help you. i am going to be at that event and i would be willing help you get your gps working that is the same unit that i use
  17. i would be interested in it with the spinning ring
  18. i liked the you "know you are a geocacher if" contest
  19. my favorite is my 2006 colorado geocoin it was my first coin and the other two i like are my 2007 colorado and my 10 Years of Geocaching Multi Event Geocoin
  20. first i would email the owner of the coin and see if it is ok with them for it to go in the mail i know some coin owners dont like there coins being mailed
  21. there is a new cache not to far from but i cant figure out what i need to find this type of cache GC2G604
  22. got my 10 10 10 Powers of Ten Multi Event Geocoin in today
  23. i have been getting some good caching i am up to 26 days with a find
  24. i have also been having that same issue on and off for the last few days
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