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  1. When your out caching, fall over a log and break two ribs but still manage to find 6 more caches before going to the doctor !
  2. I not only want it for free.....but I want my AARP discount too !!!
  3. OK, I got you all beat. Lost footing climbing over a downed tree and fell hard to the ground. Unfortunatly I was wearing my GPSr on a lanyard around my neck. The GPSr ended up between me and the ground fracturing two of my ribs. Took ten minutes to get my breath back. What was weird I didn't have a lot of pain untill two days later. (GPSr still working)
  4. I made my logo on a photo editing program. It has my geocache name, e-mail address, a neat picture of an eagle and a spot to write in the date. I print these on return address lables. When I find a cache I just stick one in the log book and write in the date of the find. Just use your imagination.
  5. I went to Target too.....it is a great price...they didn't have any more so I went next door to Dicks Sporting goods because they will match prices. I told them what I wanted and they said they will only match the price if the other store has it in stock (well if the other store had it in stock I wouldn't be here, Duh !!!) Told them another store on the other side of town had them so they gave it to me for the $88 price. Mad me kind of mad. Great little unit. Read the manual several times to be sure you get it. And be sure to make a waypoint of where you park.
  6. That is a tuff one. Mabe the kids could pool their money and get a baby sitter for mom and dad while they go caching till they drop !
  7. Are we trying to find out where the point of total addiction is ????? Having just started I can't seem to get enough time to go hunting. Since I travel to job sites during the work week I have been searching cache locations near the jobsites. There goes my lunch hour. Skipping lunch and hiking all over the place may pay off with a slimmer waistline.
  8. I have an etrx too. I found that the easiest thing to do is make up some of the most common waypoints you will use and give them names and symbols such as....... CACHE - Where the cache is. (I used a dollar sign) CAR - Where you park (this is important.... it would be very embarassing to get lost while carrying a GPSr around) Scenic Point - cache may have a place listed nearby to get a nice view and picture. Once these are in the waypoints you can call them up and modify as needed. Did you get a good deal?, found mine at Target for 88 bucks. saved enough to by a case too.
  9. GrandpaTom

    GPS r?

    So then would it be fair to say that that bird in orbit is a GPSt .....!?
  10. I found a cache on a state map and printed out the details. Could not find the cache and when I logged into the cache page and read the previous logs it was reported as a missing cache. I didn't read the logs when I first looked at the cache info page because it contained spoilers. How can a missing cache be removed from the list? Apparentle the owner is not aware its gone.
  11. Sound like you got it bad !!!! Good news, I heard the other day that congress is working on a "Cachers Leave" bill that will require employers to give you time off if you show signs of being completely absorbed by the adventure. (wearing your GPS around your neck at work qualifies) Thanks for sharing !!
  12. Try this....Get someone to go along next time. Even if they don't have a GPS, the extra set of eyes will help. I found a couple of caches the other day. Went with a co-worker. Having two GPS's makes it a little easier and provides an easy check of your data entry. (unless you both enter it wrong)
  13. I recently joined into caching. Purchased a low priced unit, Garmin eTrex. (got a good deal at 88 bucks) As stated in the manual, I can lose signal when there is a lot of trees blocking the view. My questions is....Do more expensive units have better receiving capability?
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