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  1. I'm getting better at reading sarcasm. Yea, me! It would be good if the event host made it clear if it's an a.m. or p.m. event though. I've gone back a little and found that in my area, folks held events at their homes in the past and more events were held outdoors in parks back then. It was more personal, and now I understand why some people here don't like the change in this hobby.
  2. So confusing. Don't put two cache containers in the same GZ. Weird!
  3. Yesterday, a girl found one of mine and said she didn't have a pen....said she'd come back and sign later. I'm not going to tell her I'm deleting her log and she can claim a find when she goes back. That would be like treating this adult woman like a child.
  4. First time I heard them called "mossies" was after we started caching. "Skeeters" is pretty common here.
  5. Here's one online log I got a thanks from the owner for: Rode the trail to GZ with KR and immediately spotted the notorious "honey hole" then rigged our line and got to fishing. I was trying the cane pole method but KR wanted to cast and reel, cast and reel. Then, I thought, "why not just catfish and see if anything swims its way over to our bait" but it seems our bait wasn't smelly enough. Guess who caught the fish? ...The cast and reel guy did. A nice sized red, too! We punched our tag on him then I wanted to see if I could catch a trout, but had no luck there so I gently placed the red back into the "honey hole" for someone else to wrestle with on another day. BBQ chicken and sausage is on the menu tonight. Thanks for a fun one (cache owner) ! I believe this is the first interactive cache we've found in a TSP! Sorry if it is too full of irrelevant info for some owners and unhelpful to other searchers. How the heck is everyone supposed to know what EVERYBODY else wants in an online log ???
  6. Yeah, the HEB part was about the only possible truth to his story and the part that I thought most hilarious after all the creative nonsense.
  7. Here's a log written by a guy who searched for this one after a friend and I got the coveted FTF. I thought it was hilarious and had a conversation with the cache owner, who's a friend of ours, about it at an event. He just thought the guy was loopy, which made it even funnier to me. I have this on my watchlist. 03/14/2017 No joy. Pulled up the manhole cover, got my wife to belay the rope while I went down into the underground tunnels. Got lost. Ran across some dude in a clown costume who offered to sell me some watches, but I didn't have any cash. He said he'd show me the way out, but that it would cost me an arm and a leg. Declined his offer. Followed some rats and found this crypt-like area. Thought maybe the cache was inside one of the skulls, but no luck. Floor fell out when I pulled one of them, booby trapped, I guess, and was swept away by the current. Fortunately, it dumped me out by an HEB, so I grabbed some marinated beef while waiting for my wife to pick me up. Don't recommend anybody taking a left after leaving the main shaft of light when you get down to the floor level of the sewer. That clown dude freaked me out. The guy couldn't find the cache but wrote a funny (or scary, ha!) online log.
  8. Haha! Yep, I'm raising my hand as one who has forgotten or lost a pen. I signed with a leaf once (claimed that as a find) and another time I didn't bother to walk the 120ft back to my truck or post a "found it" log online.
  9. Maybe things were different 4 years ago, but I still see no use for this yesterday or today.
  10. You know, I just don't understand how much some people need recognition. I DO, however, know several people who've done, and continue to do a whole lot more for their community/ies that deserve a hell of a lot more than this kind of recognition. Stop the sour grapes over a hobby. And, who cares about the algorithm, really? Jeez Louise...
  11. That's the way it works, plain & simple. I'd like to think the VOLUNTEER REVIEWERS in my area (hopefully) aren't annoyed with my NAs because I log them when common sense says they should be.
  12. There are 2 couples in my area, plus a few other cachers that I feel the same way about, but if they aren't chosen to participate....I will make it a priority to see any cache they have (past or present) published anyway.
  13. I'm great with this, thanks Groundspeak! Those that don't get the opportunity to have a new virtual published, well, I hope you can just be thankful that others can!
  14. Yep, and we have seen some very neat containers that took a lot of time and $ to create. There's also the folks who hide those micro containers in a very clever way. Found many by one guy in particular in our state and they always make me either laugh or think, now how on earth did he think to do THAT?
  15. A soda tube hidden at the back of a parking lot sure is more memorable when the original log is still inside, isn't it!? I always take a picture of the first few finders signatures when we come across one.
  16. +1 There are hobbies that actually care about other's total lack of appreciation for the importance of history?
  17. An old church in my town was purchased a couple of years ago by a couple who decided to change it into a wedding venue. I was told no to placing a cache container on the property but if virtuals were allowed, I might be able to get the land owner to agree to having folks drive by and have a look. It's the only remaining historic structure there (except for a few private residences) because the city tore down all the rest.
  18. Heartworm prevention drugs don't stop skeeters from biting.
  19. Yes, we do have an awful problem with wild hogs. Please tell your friends to come back so they can shoot them and make good use out of their meat. However (ha), no, I don't think more placed caches by a single owner equals more expense for that owner. But, I'm comparing those that have 2 time consuming, neat caches to build to those that have 1000 pill bottles.
  20. I hate DEET and must be allergic. The chemical actually makes me ticked off and I know this after several experiences when out doing yard work (woodsy area behind our home in skeeterville). As for these "natural solutions", I'd just Iike for The Almighty to tell me what to use on my dog to keep mosquitos off. I can, as a human, figure out what works for me by myself (oh dear, experiments, experiments!) but he can only depend on me to keep the devil of this planet off him. Scientists, naturalists, they're the same. One source always says one thing while another says something different and yet another also says something different. Hogwash to all of it, most of the time.
  21. Thank you, I had a good laugh!
  22. What irks me most is inconsiderate, self absorbed, sloppy human beings.
  23. And that helps a whole lot when I'm not familiar with an area. Proper footwear, proper clothing, bug spray, oh wait...a boat ? climbing gear ? no dogs allowed ? I need to pay money to access this location (state parks are in some kind of guideline violation aren't they?) Oh gawd......let's call the whole thing off! This is funny to me because people seem to want things to be so ridiculously easy. But okay, if it makes the particular PQ user happy to weed out/add PTs ...live and let live, yes? Just don't set ALL attributes in stone for those who like/dislike PTs.
  24. I've only purchased Geocache related items online one time. Happened to be from them, and I was so surprised/impressed with everything! Why would you wonder if your OPINION would be a guideline violation as long as it's just that?
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