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  1. Thank you WRASTRO. I was going to try that but I didn't know if it worked for fixing the numbers or if there was something special. Because a log on one of our caches was deleted, but the numbers for the cache didn't change. Good to know it does change the personal user's stats at least, thanks for the info. I promise to be more careful with my clickin in the future. LOL
  2. Also you will appear to be traveling sideways or backwards on the mapview screen
  3. I was using GSAK to log our finds, and I accidentally logged the wrong spot. I meant to log the cache next to it. Is there a way to undo a find? Or should I just not log the find I did made, until I can find the one I accidentally logged, and then call it even? GSAK hates me. =(
  4. This was the original intent of this post, to get those who need help checking on their caches to get it. =) yay!
  5. Ditto on this. I also do this, per unit instructions, any time I've gone through any of the changes it mentions; temperature, distance, altitude. Helps sooo much. We also found some cachers in downtown, their gps was acting up, and it was the same model as ours 76CSx. I showed him the calibration tip, and they were back in business, and much happier. ps. if you don't want to turn in a circle, you can just grasp the lanyard in your hand, and using your fist as a pivot point, slowly turn the unity manually. this keeps you from looking silly doing the "calibration dance" as my wife calls it. lol Any time I need to calibrate she says, "Yay, calibration dance time!"
  6. Well the coords for this particular cache... GC17PZE are the problem. Every time I go, I get different coords, and some very good(and nice) cachers have reported different things. Some say middle of road, others say it's the fire hydrant. The hydrant is about 100ft away from the building that the cache is located next to. The majority of people have stated that the clues enough were able to lead them, in spite of coordinates. Should I just leave them, or should I change the coordinates to something that my GPS says is wrong?? This is a new problem for me, so I'm lost as to what protocol is. Sorry if I sound like a newbie but, oh, I am.
  7. Ref: 2nd poster. I didn't mean to imply at all that caching should be a priority for those affected by the floods. Obviously there are much more important things than caching. I just hope that everyone, and everyone's caches come out ok. In that order. =)
  8. I'd love to meet the responsible party at waypoint #4 of my next cache. Just sayin...
  9. So far, after placing a few caches, I have people telling me my coordinates in the woods are spot on. I just recently placed my first urban cache, and a few people said my coordinates are off. I went back to check them again, and perform cache maintenance, and my coordinates still showed as being spot on, off by about 4 feet. Is there a reason for this? I'm using a 76CSx, if that matters.
  10. Not living near FunnyNose, or Nolenator helps.
  11. Has anyone thought about this? I know of at least two caches that probably no longer exist now. I'm sure you more experienced local cachers know of a lot more that are gonna be in a bad way after the waters subside a bit. Are cache owners going to head out and check on caches? Or will it be up to users to find/dnf and then message owners, etc. Are the people who own a lot of caches going to need help checking on their caches? Just curious.
  12. Uhm, mine is pretty self-explanatory. But I've had some very nice comments about it. At the events I've attended, someone always walks up and says, "MaplessInSeattle, I Love that name!"
  13. Thanks. I'll add a Wading attribute to all of them, until i can get closer to them. My gear is still all wet, so i'll check on all the local area caches soon as it dries.
  14. So, some of my caches, are now surrounded by water, but still accessible, just not easy. What do you guys do if this occurs? Add a wading attribute temporarily? Just curious as to the general consensus for this occurrence.
  15. We're new as well, and we completely empathize with you. Our first two finds came quickly. Then, we sought out a cache that was muggled. Spent a lot of time looking for something that didn't exist. However, now that we have over ten DNFs under our belt, they don't bother us as much anymore. We just try to find something else cool or unique in the area. Our last DNF resulted in us acquiring a frozen salamander, who is chomping a cricket as we speak in his new vivarium next to our other exotic pets. And if you can't find anything, you can always just take pictures. We've also found the pictures helpful, you can email the picture of the "cache area" to the owner, and ask if you are searching the right area. We've done this before, only to find, we had transposed two coordinates and were searching the wrong place. LOL
  16. I use the 76CSx. I get poor reception in the back bedroom, but the other rooms are pretty good. Oh, and trees don't seem to present much of a problem if I had a good signal before going into them.
  17. Cool, once the snow melts, and the floodwaters subside, I'll talk have a meeting with the parks people. Anyone want to volunteer to come with me when I sit with them? It would be at the Maintenance office, on 136th St. in SeaTac. I'm sure they'd love to see someone besides the same guy they always see.
  18. This is off topic, but, we now have those here in North SeaTac Park, very aggressive.
  19. I hate to say it but this may be one of the best ways to remedy this type of situation. I clean up trash, collect cans, and regularly clear invasive species away from native ones, in the local park. When you see just how much these parks workers have to accomplish, it's incredible. Consequently this is the only park I've placed a cache in. I also do completely agree with the sentiment that if you work WITH the parks dept, they are usually very excited to learn about Geocaching. I've found that many of them think it's really "cool". Also, just some of the stuff these parks workers are forced to deal with: Article in Times
  20. I find this odd. I'm only an amateur bird watcher, so I may not be 100% on this. Asio Otus (long eared owl) is far from a rare bird. However, it's nest is comprised of sticks and branches, typically from a Raven/Crow, or other larger bird, and sometimes squirrel nests, that have been abandoned, or taken over. In order for one to place a nest, there has to be a nest of the type it likes to be occupied. As well, they determine their nesting according to feeding patterns, if there is no food, they will not nest in an area. If the parks dept is controlling the rodent population in discovery park, then that is the reason that the owl would leave, not due to an inadvertently placed object in it's nest. If it found such an object it would toss it out. They are not a helpless type of owl, quite the contrary. I've seen these birds seriously put the hurt on other animals. As well, they also prefer to feed in open areas, but nest in densely forested, or at least somewhat thicketed areas. They also prefer softwoods to hardwoods. Anyways, we can't be sure that was a gc.com geocacher anyway. The quoted letter references a "geocaching project". who knows what that is supposed to mean. </rant>
  21. 4 blocks North of the SeaTac Airport in North Seatac Park The park is 165+ acres way too much park to manage for the small crew they have. The parks operations lead proposed the idea to his bosses and they loved it. Now it is just a matter of getting bodies, and scheduling the event. I'm wanting to have more than one event here of course, because there is no way to do it all in one day, or even one weekend.
  22. My biggest concern with waiting until spring is that there is just too much trash. By my estimates, it's at around three Garbage trucks full, and i'm not done searching. I've been waypointing the major trash areas. I'm wondering if I post pics if that would help to encourage some people to help?
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