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  1. US Army - Active Duty - USASOC Served from 94-98 Sill>Bragg>Benning>Bragg (Other assignments:CID-Unlisted) Tactical Airborne Psychological Operations Specialist , 37F1P Languages:Arabic
  2. WOW quite the adventurer, Hope they all turn out ok.
  3. Well that could be your issue right there =) check for TBs, if there are none, then your PQ is accurate, it can only do what you tell it to do =)
  4. Glad I didn't read this thread before placing our micro. It was a test cache, to see if we could do an urban style cache with success. Originally I thought it was just going to be a sign and go thing, but I planned for more just in case. Now it has a TB and a Geocoin in it. Bright Idea For those that actually want to look it up without the hassle of chasing around our profile.
  5. Sorry bout that, we're still new, didn't know where to post it. =)
  6. The problem is that only part of the waypoints are this style. There are two others that are different. One is a waterproof match container, the other is this.
  7. I'm currently setting up a multi-cache. It is rather large. The attached image is of the markers for 6 of the points. Two questions. 1) Should I post a pic on the cache page, so that people know what they are looking for? 2) I plan to drill a small hole into the disc, to run a wire, so i can hang them at their location. I figure if they're in plain(ish) site to a geocacher, they won't need to tear up the place, and at the same time, it's not like a container that someone would find the need to steal. Good idea? or should I just hide them in cracks/crevices etc.?
  8. Well I figured it might, so it's in decrypted form on the page. The description has all you need to solve it. But you can't put a good enough hint in the hint section for that cache. On the plus side, most of the people around here know to read my descriptions before they head out.
  9. Wow, you guys certainly know how to make a newbie's find list seem insignificant. LOL We don't even have 100 finds yet, and now I learn that people have done that many in one day!?!
  10. Just so you know ahead of time. One of my hints is (decrypted) "Read Cache Description" Because everything is explained in the description, including a picture of the drowning hazard nearby.
  11. Got nettles twice, attempted to jump/fly/climb my way off of a hillside, and ended up falling a good 20 feet landing on my side which caused bruised ribs, minor cuts and abrasions. Oh, and that was all on the same day. Within the span of three caches. Worst of all, two of the three were DNFs.
  12. I wish we could get away with half of these excuses. LOL We have to use the "We're geocaching" line. I always laugh when I hear people say "wow, that was tough with all the muggles around." Tough?!?! Try being a muslim couple, with a GPSr and backpack, searching for an ammo box. Yeah, go ahead and explain yourself. LOL. Everyone at the last event that we told this to thought it was hysterical, and they agreed that we had it the most difficult. Every time we seek a cache that has a high difficulty because of Muggles, we're like, oh man, here's another level 6 cache. But then again, that's all part of the fun of it. Although we're not able to search for certain caches, and we avoid night caches altogether. Too much to explain to folks Although, when I was out placing a cache, and was wearing my coveralls, someone asked what I was doing, and I did say, "Oh, just running some tests, do you hang out here a lot?" Response: "Yeah, I'm here quite a bit" Me: "Have you noticed any rashes? or unexplained itching sensations after you've left the park?" Response: "OMG is there toxic stuff here?!" Me: "Heh, nah, i'm just pulling your leg man, I'm setting up a geocache..." Then I explained Geocaching to the guy, and he told me he's gonna buy a GPSr so he can do it too.
  13. Whew, didn't see any of my hints in this forum. LOL But, I did learn some valuable things from reading this.
  14. yeah, it was interesting. I whispered to his dad, "Oooh, I think he found it" He replied, "nope, watch... he's just picking up the GPS unit"
  15. Well it's not as impressive as some of the ones in this thread. But the camo that I got the most compliments on was this one. Spoiler pic for one of my caches. A great deal of it has to do with the location. It is the same type of tree that it is placed on. While on a walk along with a cacher, I watched as his son actually SET the GPS on the cache, while he was searching around. It was very hard to contain ourselves. He did eventually find it, which was impressive, since he'd not seen the spoiler pic.
  16. YAY, that's the one. Thank you so much! I just got my friend in Cali into geocaching. So I've been wanting to do this cache. Now I just have to hope all of the waypoints are in place.
  17. I found a payphone that had been kidnapped, taken to the woods and ripped open for the money. I was going to use it for a cache. But then I tried to lift it. OMG those things are sooo heavy. On the flip side, I was glad I didn't, since the super eco-cachers would have probably had a fit about turning trash into a cache.
  18. Much of what I would say has already been said. Re-read guidelines, and when you do, pretend like you are a reviewer, and think of any possible reason why you couldn't publish the cache. On the flip side, think like a cacher, and look at other caches in the area, is there a particular cache that your local cachers don't like? If so, avoid placing that type of cache. Really think about that location part. Our first placement we had to archive much too quickly because of the bad location, and lack of forethought. Be creative, and think outside the box. Just because everyone is doing a particular thing, doesn't mean you can't do something totally different, or with your own spin on it. When in doubt, ask a popular cacher for advice. Many of them are really helpful and will assist you and give you their honest(sometimes brutal) opinion on the matter. Having said all of that, enjoy, and make your cache something that you will be proud of, no matter what.
  19. We're still newbies, (less than 100 finds and only a month of caching) but our most extreme was Sentinel Gap View. The wind, plus other elements, caught me off guard. If I had read the logs, I could have saved myself a ton of misery. It was very fun and exciting though. And I had never been so happy to find a cache. I tried to place a 4/5 cache, but in the end, the property owners didn't want a liability issue. But we're still searching.
  20. I've got a few other cachers on the list. We're up to about 5 now that have agreed this is a good idea. To give you an idea of the scale of the problem. You can see the trash in this park from google satellite photos.
  21. I was talking with a geocacher, I cannot recall which one, or I would ask them, and they told me of a cache. The cache starts in Washington, has a point in California, and then returns to Washington. There is also a sister cache in Cali that does the opposite. They said you are allowed to have a california cacher get the other waypoint for you, or you can fly down yourself and get it. Has anyone heard of this cache? Or was this cacher pulling my leg.
  22. Just don't get dizzy and head right off. I almost fell once from doing that. Looks pretty silly.
  23. Unfortunately the google maps are way off for the area, since it's new development. Today I went out with another cacher to some of our other caches, and they said the coords were dead on. So it's just something about that building. I'm guessing it's this "multipathing" that I keep hearing. When I head back to the area I'm going to just measure the distance to the cache from what everyone is saying the coordinates point to now, and then adjust on the computer for the difference, and place the new coordinates there. =) Thank you to all that responded.
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