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  1. I've been to three frisbee courses looking for caches. I've yet to find a single person with a frisbee. At ours they're very nice. And quite a few know me and know about the caches. They're usually the funny ones too, saying some smart comment every time I check on a cache. [Edited by moderator. Don't rely on the forum software to make your post family-friendly!]
  2. I haven't forgot my pen since this happened to me.
  3. Sounds awesome! We'd love to but being poor kinda sucks. I plan to get sponsorship for the next event, because it should be much larger in scale, and will be located in the main part of the park, which may attract a bit of attention. This is like the beta test for that cache event. If this goes smoothly, then we'll make sure the next one is super cool.
  4. We could use some more people at this event =)
  5. To All: Sorry, I was talking to a new geocacher in IMs when I made the original post. It should have read Level 5 Terrain. If I get permission from land owner, I will just make it a 5, mention rope, and leave it at that. I was gonna leave one of my poly ropes there, but since I cannot guard it 24/7 and make sure no one cuts it, I'm probably gonna just take it with me. Thank you for input
  6. Yes, where is that? GCR5PH I Triple Dog Dare You if i ever can afford Hawaii, i'll do it.
  7. Well, they wouldn't have to rappel, but they'd have to go down, using the rope, and come up using it.
  8. Bash yourself with a rock for forgetting a pen, and then sign in blood. Whoa! where did that bit of madness come from? Seriously though. I'd claim it as a find, and let the owner know you'll sign it as soon as you are back in the area. Then I'd make it a point to get to that area as soon as convenient.
  9. If a rope is needed to complete the cache, this would make the cache a 5 correct? If so, and the rope is provided for you, does this still qualify as a level 5?
  10. tentatively planned for 12 January, 2008. Published cache for review, just waiting for the ok from TPTB
  11. If the stump is large enough in diameter to hold a small container or a regular container. You could use the quartering method. You cut it in half lengthwise, then again lengthwise. Cut out the mid section. Then you can dowel/nail/bolt/screw/glue+tie it back together It will look like a log again, but have a perfect square shaped middle. Make sure you cut a piece off for the lid and base first of course. =) I believe there are plans for such a task in the CCC forum. Cool Cache Containers(CCC) Thread
  12. Yeah, but I have an almost unfair advantage. I live in Seattle. =) I have five kinds of moss growing in different areas around the yard. I like to bury them in high acid soil for a few weeks, then get them wet with rainwater, add some moss pieces, and leave them alone. However, there are some tips to growing moss. You can read a million things that will say use this or that. The following will all work: yogurt, buttermilk, beer. mix with: moss also add some: Potters clay The potters clay is a step that would really help many people that seem to not have success. its purpose? it just makes stuff stick better. =) Do NOT use tap water. The chlorine will kill your efforts. Use Rainwater, even better. use rainwater with pine needles soaking in it. (moss loves high acid, infertile soil/items) Also lime will kill your moss as well. hope that helps, if you need more info/help, shoot me a PM and I'll see what I can come up with.
  13. I've made about 7, various sizes, three of them are still growing their moss, the others already have moss on them. I lost one though, cause I dropped it. It's somewhere by my pile of tree branches, but heck if I can tell where.
  14. Hmmn, you've given me a good idea. I'll set up a website with the pics. If someone logs a DNF I'll send them the link to the website. =)
  15. Wow, you guys are sadistic. I hope I get a chance to hunt some of your caches, they must be plain evil. The good kind of evil of course.
  16. heh well, it's ok, cause no one who will go for my cache actually reads these forums.
  17. I originally made this container for a micro cache. It is now about to be implemented for waypoint on a multicache. See if you can spot the cache. The following links are the same container. Leading to the picture that shadows/highlights the container. View2 View3 SpoilerPic
  18. Well, since my wife won't let me cache without her, I'm starting to like hiding more. She doesn't care if I do that alone.
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