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  1. I can verify that one... Every single time we've done a cache that has the Poisonous plants attribute. I'm the one that always finds the nettles.
  2. Question: Since some of us will be doing a bit of back and forthing to retrieve/restock, would it be wise to bring my bike along?
  3. So, this appears to be on the edge of the curb on 8th st? is that correct?
  4. Well, I asked my friend who's Jewish, and he said Jew or Gentile, the TB probably would have broke all the same. Only difference is he would have said "מזל טוב".
  5. I'd have to agree on this. I CITO fishing line, hooks, and bobbers when i see them
  6. How do I use that javascript? There are instructions on the website. For Firefox you make a new bookmark, and edit the properties and copy/paste it in. For IE, similar, just more of a pain considering it's IE Then anytime you see coordinates, just highlight them, and click the bookmark, it will convert, and map it for you, on the majority of the mapping sites.
  7. Also there is: http://boulter.com/gps/ Which can also be accessed by highlighting any text, and clicking the following javascript as a bookmark: java script:function f(){var d=document; var w=window;t=d.selection?d.selection.createRange().text:w.getSelection(); i = 0; while (i<window.length && (t==null || t=='')){w=frames; d=w.document; t=d.selection?d.selection.createRange().text:w.getSelection(); i++;} return t;} window.location = 'http://boulter.com/gps/?c=' + escape(f());
  8. The washing machine is a joke, correct !?! Well, although it would make a poor choice for a cache container, you COULD place one in a hiding spot i found up there. It's big enough to hold one, without being seen. But yah, even if I were crazy enough to decide to do that, I would never lug a washing machine up that terrain. LOL Plus i'm sure that would violate my CITO clause somehow
  9. Perhaps I'll be fortunate enough to talk someone out of the FTF by having them go with me. In return I could easily give up one of the nearby spaces, there is enough sq footage for more than three caches, although I'd only put one or two in the area, it is incredibly untouched, when you get there, it's like cacher heaven. Hollowed out tree stumps galore, and everywhere looks like a potential hide location. Anyone want a good hiding spot, with a crazy terrain? I'll beta-test yours, and you can beta-test mine. Oh, but I get the slope. LOL the areas in question could easily hide ammo cans, 5 gallon buckets, and I even found one location that could hold a washer machine without being detected.
  10. yes, but clayjar gives me the 2/4.25
  11. Probably. You might consider a 4.5 as well. Here is the Image
  12. would a terrain map be beneficial to post here?
  13. Yes, definitely need to use hands. Well, I mean, If you had a walking stick, and a keen sense of balance, you might not have too. I stupidly ventured out, without a stick, just intending to scout the area, not realizing the goldmine I was going to find. I was nearing the top, when I started to slide, and couldn't regain balance for the life of me. Without much to grab onto, I had to resort to punching into the ground, with my fingers extended, to quickly make hand and footholds. Once I had some stability, I jumped to the edges(where it has more vegetation) and was able to navigate safely to the future GZ.
  14. I'm about to place a few caches. One of which falls into a unique category of terrain. The slope of land, where it is to be placed and that many would take to get to it is very steep. I don't want to say it's vertical, but if you try to stand up straight, you would fall down it. I had to hug the hill, and lost my footing a few times getting there. Mostly mud, weeds and nature debris along the way, until you are at the cache location. Then the ground levels out, and you're presented with an unexpected viewpoint of the city. I'm not a superb climber/hiker, although I used to be in my twenties. I don't want to set the terrain too high, and scare away people that could get this cache. But on the other hand, I'd hate to set it too low, and have someone get hurt. What is most misleading is it is located in the middle of a city. The elevation is a 75ft gain, in a distance of 116ft. Any ideas?
  15. Often times I'm dressed up rather grubby, since many caches in our parts involved trekking through woods, parks and blackberries(not the cool phone type either). So most people assume I'm homeless, or looking for cans. Of course the other day while seeking an FTF. I was just hanging around near a corner and someone gave me a dollar. Not too bad, got the FTF and a buck.
  16. by_3xtort@msn.com hacked it Sad. Well, maybe they'll turn it back over to keenpeople after they show their friends what they did.
  17. I had an issue on the 2nd, getting initial satellite reception, but after that it was fine. I've noticed for the past two days that i have to stand still while getting my initial lock, then i'm free to move about the cabin. 76CSx
  18. Already have it marked on the calendar. Will be myself, wife and Mother in Law
  19. Ok, that sooo wins. You officially have the best excuse.
  20. $0.08 a day. And will you be expecting a refund on this? If I'm not mistaken, your "premium membership" entitles you to specific features and access that normal users don't have. Ability to access member only caches, ability to run pocket queries. Yes it does kinda suck that this happened, and even more so that it happened on a weekend. If you are a paying member, make use of that 8 cents a day you are paying, and run some pocket queries on the area you wish to cache in. I don't like the fact that I can't get to the /my features, but I'm certainly not going to "flee the overcrowded sinking ship" as you call it. In fact, I'm tempted to push some people overboard, just so the rest of us can have more fun on the ship, while we ride out the storm, and enjoy the waves.
  21. Hmmn, since I guess I won't be caching tomorrow due to site issues, who's playing in this superbowl thing I keep hearing about?
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