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  1. It turns out that if we had hesitated about 25 minutes, Intolerable would have got the FTF instead, whew!
  2. wow, 75 FTFs! Jeez, now I really feel like a newbie. We haven't even hit double digits on our finds yet. But, tomorrow should be at least one find. Of course, we've only been geocaching for 10 days I think. We bought our GPS on the 25th of October.
  3. Stealthily moving through the night, we hunted down the cache. Lo and behold! The log was blank, we were the first to arrive! Man, what an awesome feeling, now I finally see why people get so excited about their FTFs. We cant' wait to get another one. Does everyone feel this good when they get their first FTF? Or are we just a little goofy for being sooo excited? -=[MaplessInSeattle]=-
  4. I know EXACTLY what you mean, and I hope someone with lots of experience and a good reputation in geocaching answers you. I'm facing a similar dilemma with a cache that I am planning(still in spotting and testing for muggle-proofness).Is muggle-proofness a word? It should be. Gonna have to watch this thread in hopes someone gives us the green light on this.
  5. With a 99.x% I would have thought the seller would have been much more helpful. Well, you have four options. 1) Negative feedback - last resort 2) Mediation - usually available through Ebay 3) Contact TPTB and see what they have to say about it 4) Track down the person and ... nevermind, that's a bad option So I guess you have three options. =)
  6. Just as a side note, GSAK was updated the other day, download the latest release and see if you still have issues.
  7. unfortunately I'm not familiar with YOUR GPSr, but I know that if I'm using the Navigator map, and I forget to turn off the Follow Road option, I can't find a cache for beans. Perhaps it's your settings?
  8. he's giving me trouble, says I need to deal with Groundspeak....he is the one who sold it to me. What's the seller's rating?
  9. Got containers, grabbed a cache on the way home, and still made it back in time to place the cache. Of course, nightfall hit, and then I realized why I put DO NOT ATTEMPT at night in my notes, lol. I'm off to log our dead squirrel find
  10. We're headed there, gonna hit two or three caches along the way. Hopefully we'll make it back in time to place.
  11. *sigh* and i thought FTF WAS the prize itself.
  12. Presumptuous aren't we? The silica gel pack is to tide it over until i can get to walmart
  13. I personally had a nightmare of a time with many of the programs out there. So I decided to go on the heels of rhouston's lead, and use his program. He created tinygpx, for free use and download. http://www.strawberryelectron.com/tinygpx It allows me(you, whoever) to print out everything i may need for the cache, AND it has a -teeny option which allows even more space saving on the paper. I also contacted him and asked about a feature, and he modified the code, and added it within a few hours. oh, and the price is right, FREE! =) -=[MaplessInSeattle]=-
  14. I'm placing it tomorrow, but I don't know how long the review process takes. Will be titled "Tired in North Seatac Park (NSP)."
  15. There are two in the park, but I've already checked the distances. Other users used the "popular" areas of the park, I'm using the more "rugged" areas. There is no park policy, nor municipal code governing geocaches, and i'm in good with the parks dept supervisor, since I alert them to problems in the park before they usually know they exist, like the 6 ft deep abandoned well I found by falling into it Cool, I wondered what the name was Ack! what kind of heathen would kill a perfectly good park tree. No, these trees are from my own property. However the wonderfully invasive Black locust tree, is on our statewide seek and destroy list, so thats why I kill them on my own property. Besides, they grow back like weeds. I've read the guidelines multiple times. As for the waterproof issue. I am including a silica gel packet, to keep moisture in check. As well, the cache will be monitored weekly by myself and rest of my team. Since the cache is extremely close to my house and family members homes as well.
  16. Ok, here is the scenario. I will soon be populating a 625 Acre park with caches. Yup, don't you wish you lived here. Anyways, the problem I've run into with my first cache is this. The hide location is under dense cover. PointB I have located a spot, that is 130 feet away. PointA Can I send users to PointA, telling them to walk 130 ft heading 168° true, at which point, a pun, will reveal they have arrived at the correct location. If this doesn't make sense, I'll actually post what I plan to use for the comments/notes in full, leaving out coordinates of course. Also. My microcache is custom made. It is actually a section of a Black Locust tree that has been spaded out to 1 1/8 inches on the bottom, and the 35mm film canister loaded inside of it. The container is a 35mm this would make it Micro, but the section of tree is bigger than hand-sized, this is still a micro right, because of the size of the log container? I can link to a picture of it, but it would be a spoiler for someone going after my find. Hope this made sense, and hope someone has advice/input. Peace, MaplessInSeattle
  17. *@#&$#*(@$@# Grr Of course, the moment I reported it... It works, we're off
  18. How about a little more info? Nothing in preview? Not being received? or ? Well, I got all excited about my new membership. So I wiped out my geocaches on my GPS, and sat down to make a pocket query and get all hooked up with the new goodies. Set up the query Previewed it Everything looked great I queued it, and then, poof. It said none were there, and sent me an empty gpx file =(
  19. Wow, I found my last cache faster than the page loaded. Hope you guys get up to your normal super fast load speed soon. Keep up the great work!
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