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  1. The average of ages, between myself and the wife, is 27. And we're always looking for other Seattle or nearby geocachers to cache with. We live in the Boulevard Park area. Email us if you want to cache together sometime. We'll also be at the WWFM on the 10th.
  2. you know, I'm pretty sure I'd have to agree with ya on that one.
  3. When choosing a rating for one's multi-cache, what does one do about seasonal variances? If some of the points will go up and down in difficulty as the seasons pass, do you alter the rating as the seasons change, or pick what it will be at its worst, and set the rating to that level? What is the general consensus or rule-of-thumb about such matters. We are planning on releasing a large multi-cache this weekend. The cache has locations, that based on the time of year could be: Covered in low, but non-moving water, no more than 3 inches. Surrounded by brambles, about 6 ft tall, with canes that are approximately 1 1/2 in. thick. Or surrounded by ice, not to exceed 1 inch depth. I plan to rate this a 3.5/3.5. Based on Clayjar, and the associated notes/remarks that come with it. It said to rate it a 3/4, however, last time complaints arose about the gentle terrain being rated too high. There are 2 trees to climb, and a swamp to navigate, but the swamp doesn't currently have water in it. Just some nice spongy ground =). There is also a circular path to follow to one of the points, which leads you through a massive amount of brambles to safely arrive with minor scrapes from thorns if you were very fast and clumsy with your walking. Any advice for what to do would be appreciated. Still learning, -=[MaplessInSeattle]=-
  4. So far I've been loving these two points. And the bugs. Lots less of them too. =)
  5. Hmmn, If your information is correct. This would be an excellent solution. Solving all of the problems involved. We can clean the park, keep the cache, hide it better, and even increase the container size to allow people to exchange items if they wish. I'll have to ask TPTB. Thank you. We archived it, there were just too many variables that wouldn't mesh. What a crappy way to learn our lesson about proper planning.
  6. Yes thank you Hindsight is 20/20 The location used to be a home, a very long time ago. As are many of the locations in the park. So there are tons of random objects that don't belong in a PacNorthWest Scenario. However as the topic stated, I am curious about removal/archiving of the cache, not my mistake at choosing a bad spot as an inexperienced geocacher. The next two geocaches we have planned are in much more typical PacNortWest areas. But thank you for the random input.
  7. Well, it's called Tired in NSP for a reason and the tires are part of the clues once I remove them, the clues and the whole scenario becomes moot. Re other poster: I spoke to local admin, who mentioned archiving may be my only solution. They were aware of the age of the cache. I guess better to get it when it only has one find, and no one is seeking it. Than to wait until it's an established point. On the plus side, I could take lots of pictures and make it a waymark or something. "Here used to lie the great tire mountain. Removed by Geocachers."
  8. I recently set up our first cache. It is located in a pile of tires in the middle of a heavily wooded park. However, I am considering archiving it. (it is less than a week old) Two reasons: 1) To get the area cleaned up. I've talked to parks dept, and if i can haul out the tires, battery, metal and other trash, they will haul them away and dispose of them. 2) If I do remove/archive this cache, I can do a very nice multi, using a nearby waypoint, that I would not be able to otherwise use, due to saturation rules. Can I get some opinions on this?
  9. wow, I agree. considering the FTF prize for our first difficult hide is going to be a digital camera. I'd hate someone to just leave it there.
  10. Along the topic lines. If I place a cache in a tree, about 50 ft off the ground or so. And if the tree is difficult to climb(but not dangerous to the skilled climber). Would I rate that a 4 or a 5. Since no specialized equipment is required, it shouldn't be a 5, but, 50ft up scares many people.
  11. wow 3am geocaching?!? some of you people scare me. LOL j/k I would probably do that to if the wife let me
  12. Unless you can do DHTML in notepad with your eyes closed. =)
  13. So yelling out, "You're looking in the wrong side of the park!" would be inappropriate?
  14. Prime already mentioned the Xpost, so I won't. However I use Metroguide. You can get autorouting out of the maps as well. We use Metroguide maps and autorouting isn't a problem for us.
  15. re: poohstickz comment Oh we definitely don't ignore our surroundings ever. My wife and I are bird watchers and nature lovers. It just happened that this cache was placed somewhere that I was familiar with, and we grabbed it. I don't think we'll become FTF hounds ever, but we sure wouldn't mind getting a few more under our belt, because of the whole "undiscovered" aspect is very cool.
  16. If you do place it, with the permissions all set from landowners of course. I would break the spring with your torch/arcwelder first. so that no matter what it's inactive. Spot welds can do funny things in the elements. I've watched a piece of metal get launched about 100ft at very high speed because my friend had welded something that was under tension as "art", well his art couldn't handle the -5 degree mark, and turned into a weapon.
  17. Yah, I was sad to hear he's sick, but good thing, don't think we could have beat him if he was at 100% and actively seeking both. LOL We're gonna be out in that neck of the woods again tomorrow hunting some caches. you should come out here and find mine. =) It's our first hide, not tough, but still fun, I hope.
  18. Wolves have much more respect for the environment
  19. I found a dead squirrel with maggots all over it. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...2c-b016c35b0c89
  20. on our next two caches, which should be pretty extensive multi caches. Our FTF is an olympus600 digital camera, older, but still works and comes with two memory cards. And the other will be a PalmIII =)
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