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  1. THANKS.... the coin #56 arrived in GERMANY

    Glückwunsch! :lol:

    We are still waiting for our #11... :rolleyes:

    Glückwunsch an Manituela und Balla & Silly. Möglicherweise werde ich auf meine #213 noch etwas warten müssen?


    Congratulations to Manituela and Balla & Silly. May be i have to wait for my #213 for some time?


    Regards from Neu-Ulm, Germany

    Sister-City of New-Ulm, Minnesota


    Peter aka Schnuffel from Schnuffel & Spürnase

  2. Just payed for 5 :unsure:

    One thing to say:

    My hometown is Neu-Ulm, Germany. It is the Sister-City of New-Ulm, Minnesota.

    Is it good for:

    2. Buyers with Minnesota mailing addresses will receive second priority? :P

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