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  1. I'm happy to help around North Shropshire, Mid Wales and North Wales borders.
  2. Got myself a Garmin Satnav and registered it for the free updates, maps and speed camera data base on Garmin's site and saw a link, Geocaching. I thought what the heck is that? Looked into it and registered a few days later. Next day i loaded the coords to my sat nav and went searching for my first cache on a Hill Fort. I was immediately hooked!
  3. Now been published, http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...g=&numlogs=
  4. Nearest 500 caches from me is 24.1 mile radius and most are in North Wales.
  5. Update, i have settled for Thursday October 15th for 6pm start. Just need to finish of the cache page and get it published by Deci.
  6. Yes and further afield, the more the merrier Your more and welcome Hazel. Im hoping to get as many from as far as they want to travel. Its not just for cachers in the areas i have mentioned. Just edited my first post.
  7. Sadly i normally go out to Tenerife June and November and i have my own cache out there called Montana Amarilla. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...98-e509597fdaa1
  8. Hi everyone, im hoping to hold a cache meet near Oswestry, Shropshire to attract people from around Shropshire, Powys, Wrexham and further afield. If anyone is interested i would be holding it either on a Wednesday or Thursday around 6pm. I was wondering whats the best day for most people? It would be held at a very nice pub restaurant called Oswalds Cross on the A5, Mile End services. It is part of the Table Table chain and its only been open since April this year. Food is 2 dine for £10 before 6.30pm. Most other meals are around £6-8. There is also a kids menu. 7.30pm, just edited this post to attract more people from further afield.
  9. Rutson's list please, I'm fed up of not knowing which area to place my caches as i hardly think that Oswestry is West Midlands. I would like to see all the counties so i can say its Shropshire. For now i have been saying North Wales as its right on the border.
  10. Found out from Deci there was a bug in the system last week and it wouldnt let me update the coodinates, even by 1ft! Everything ok now.
  11. I want to update and relocate one of my caches, but its tells me each time the coordinates are to far away from the original. Is there a guideline for maximum distance a cache can be moved? (The opposite to cache saturation)
  12. Did a few caches in Tenerife back last November and i had only just started getting into it back then. I just did a search by clicking on "Hide and Seek a Cache", then by keyword and typed Tenerife. Since then i have found out its much easier to use Geocaching Google Maps. I missed out loads to find and hope to go back later in the year.
  13. I think your right Hazel, and i have now done my TB Hotel with no restrictions with TB or Geocoins. If i find that TB are not moving quickly i will move them on myself plus i will then change the name of my cache. Here is my new cache, GC19C4E http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...36-46772354580e
  14. OK thanks for the help everyone. If i was to make mine as a TB Hotel i think my only rule would be is to have 1 TB or Geocoin in there at all times, then if it did get muggled there isn't so many TBs to go missing, stolen. I totally agree with some of the rules i have come across that there should always be at least 2,4 in there. It does make them rather slow to move on. The hiding place i have found is totally out the way in a wooded area but still close to paths, but you would have to really look and search hard to find if you didn't know the coords. If i find it doesn't work as a TB Hotel i can always change the name as someone suggested.
  15. I'm thinking of doing a TB Hotel around where i live but I'm not sure if it would be suitable or not as its not near a main road or motorway. The place I'm thinking of putting one is on a hill not far away from The Hill Fort in Oswestry. Should i make it in to one or not?
  16. I tried that link the last few days and it doesn't work. Keeps saying it wont connect.
  17. Thanks Hazel, i have picked up a hell of a lot since i was last at your home doing Home Sweet Home and having a very nice chat with you. I'm now coming up to my 90th cache and i have been caching every wkend now since January 2008. May be up your way again soon do so some more caches around the Wirral. Look forward to seeing at the next cache event at the Cheshire Cat.
  18. I go caching on my Gilera Runner 125 Scooter and my Marin Palisades Trail Mountain Bike. Gets me a lot of the times much nearer to to the cache with less walking.
  19. There's GC196EE It's Winter... I need a Cheshire Cat Cache Event! & GC18ETW Let's Go Camping In Cheshire #3 For the camping event Saturday Evening is open to all including Non Campers you'll receive a warm welcome to both events [even Reviewers get welcomed with a smile ] That's great i will try and make it to both events
  20. I would like to know is there any Cache Events held in pubs around North Shropshire or Cheshire?
  21. I would say that it does, and the different nuvi models have different features. As I pointed out in a similar thread the nuvi 750 has direct coordinate entry and can download Pocket Query data with hints through GSAK. Does the Nuvi 660 have this capability? My Nuvi 200 does but im not sure on that model.
  22. I'm using my Nuvi 200 at the moment for Geocaching and it works fine for me. I upload my caches with a usb cable. At first you need the plug in from the site for it to work but i have had no problems doing it this way. You just need to click on, send to GPS. If it doesnt work, try installing the latest plugin. http://www8.garmin.com/products/communicator/
  23. Yes i have your coin and i will hopefully find a good cache over the weekend when I'm around Barmouth, Porthmadog and Beddgelert. The mad thing about it, when i found your coin, i went back at night to collect it as at first i wasn't sure if to take it or not, but now i know a bit more about the rules of the game and how to log a trackable geo coin or travel bug.
  24. Thanks for your help, it now makes sense and i had to change my log from Discovered it, to Retrieve it
  25. Hi everyone, I'm new to this and only been doing it the last 2 days. Need some help lease on how to log your visit? I have found a geocoin and took it with me to take to the next cache, which option should i have gone for? At the moment i went for found it, but what do i do to tell people i have it and want to put it into another cache? This is where i found the geocoin, http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...2b-829f1da32858
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