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  1. Since the latest update was done last week, you can no longer look at the old map view of a TBs travels under a TB. This was the only way to acurately record mileage since in some instances the mileage isn't calculated on the main TB page, particularly if discover logs or sometimes notes are logged between retrievals and drops. This is the message received: The page cannot be displayed There is a problem with the page you are trying to reach and it cannot be displayed. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please try the following: Open the www.geocaching.com home page, and then look for links to the information you want. Click the Refresh button, or try again later. Click Search to look for information on the Internet. You can also see a list of related sites. HTTP 500 - Internal server error Internet Explorer Plesae bring this map feature back.
  2. The new code (if installed) seems to be really slow, trying to log 40 TBs today has taken me 5 hours to complete. Using HS cable Interent connection.
  3. Trying to access TBs through the trackables Page. When I enter a number in the correct box and hit Track button I get the following message Sorry, you haven't chosen a trackable item for me to look up. The several numbers I entered have been accessed by us this morning and last evening. Seems computers have gone down. Pages for caches and My Account didn't seem to be working. Finally went to home page and I had to relog back in.
  4. It seems after GC went down for mainteneance this evening/afternoon, email notifications have stopped coming again. Last one received was 5:14 pm EDT it is now 8:10 EDT. We should have been receiving them as we are logging TBs during this time. Please check and help get them started again.
  5. Thank you Elias, I didn't get a validation notice while on this morning, but did have something appear when I got on just now and then it disappeared. Perhaps that is why I received sporatic emails until you fixed the problem since this morning.
  6. We haven't received any watchlist notifications since 12:34 am 9/6/07. Looks like servers need to be resest again. This problem happens periodically and its cause is usually from GC and their servers. Hopefully we don't loose all the emails like has sometimes happened in the past.
  7. Just submitted new PQ's at 11:30am EDT. they both show has having never run. Generally it is immediate. Is the server down??? Sure would like them before tonight to prepare for leaving tomorrow.
  8. Looks Like emails restarted at about 12:05 pm 8/16. However it looks like my email test sent through never made it. Are all the emails lost between those 12 hours??
  9. It appears that since 11:04 pm EDT on 8/15/07, we haven't received any watchlist notifications or emails through GC. Just tested (20 minutes ago sent) with sending email from a different account and not received yet. Is the email servers and notification system down?? I know that the problem is not with my provider as we have never had any problems with comcast. This seems to be with mail not being sent out from GC.
  10. We moved several TBs into and logged others back out of the Midwest Geobash, then into another cache all dated July 21-22. Mileage has not been updated on many of them. Perhaps that function needs to be investigated again for problems. See TB's TB1D9RH, TBZ2TC, TBB3C9, TBXKMQ (these are 4 out of 5 TBs checked) This would be a feature that hopefully the new version of the DB can handle better. Thanks for looking into the problem.
  11. Please add back the feature on the printer friendly pages what country or state the cache is located in. It disappeared with the new format. when people are traveling, it helps to know which caches are in what state. I like the new format, especially being able to choose which blocks of info I want to send to the printer. I just have to remember to click on the decoder (decrypt link - on right side of printer friendlypage) in order to decrypt the hint before printing.
  12. No watchlist or bookmark or owner notifications here as well since 12:30 pm EDT.
  13. Last email notification of watchlist was Saturday June 30th at 9:11 pm EDT. It was slow all afternoon as well. Hope someon is looking into this.
  14. I really like the new format and being allowed to choose what section I want to print. I haven't had any problems at this time. Putting the distance from home back would be nice. One suggestion: Where the TB's are listed. Instead of a list across the page, we really liked the list down the page. The reason is we can then write notes to ourselves about TB's goals, possibly missing from cache, etc. With the list across the page, there is no room to write if there are lots of Tb's listed in the cache. Examples would be TB hotels. You can use our cache GCK8ZV as an example. Thanks for the great work and listening to our suggestions.
  15. With the new changes, if you print cache pages the listing of TB's in the cache are now found at the end of the description (before they were at the top right corner - beside the map). If you want to know that information you have to print all the pages (sometimes 4-5 pages) to have a copy. It seems with the changes, they could be listed under the current map and beside the cache coordinates box. At this time paperless is not an option. Thanks for all your work in making changes and listening to all of the suggestions.
  16. Can GC give a timeframe as to when the mileage issue with TB's is going to be rectified. Today is the 23rd, and we dropped TB's (with no discovery logs inbetween) on the 16 th, 18th, 19th, and 20th. Still no update in mileage. We created well over 100 logs in those dates. We keep track of TB mileage we move, having to go to the old map (2 extra mouse clicks per TB) and get the numbers is very frustrating. Just an answer to if someone is looking into the problem would be appreciated.
  17. We have moved several TB's since 5/15 until today. Many were dropped into several caches right before and after the server switch over on 5/16. There mileage does not appear on the main TB page with the drops. They were dropped on 5/17, 5/18 and 5/19. Here are 2 examples, but many more exist just in the TBs we have moved. TB1D6M3 - CoreyNJoey's Spinning Top coin and TB142E9 - Pumpkin geocoin. Please check into this error. It seems to be very erratic on the over 100 drops.
  18. Looks like email notifications have stopped again as of 9/10/07 - 3:33 am EDT.
  19. Checking TB pages again this morning, still not updated correctly with notes posted yesterday 4/25, back dated to 4/23 with photos attached. Yes I have cleared my Temp memory of pages to make sure I am getting the latest updates, but it is occuring with all the Tb's I posted on yesterday. Visit this link and you'll see that the note was posted, but not appearing on the TB page. I logged over 40 of these notes and none of them appear to be on the TB pages. http://www.geocaching.com/track/log.aspx?L...56-380d7e2421fe Is anyone checking out this problem. There have been others viewing this post, so I believe others are having the same problems.
  20. It has been a while since this problem has occurred, but it appears the TB servers are not replicating again. Logs we have received notifications of since 2:29 AM EDT 4/25/07 still don't appear on the TB pages. I just finished posting pictures for TB's all afternoon, but none appear in the TB logs for viewing. I know that it usually takes 20-30 minutes, but this has been all day. Hope someone checks out the problem.
  21. Seems we haven't received any emails of watchlist or owner notifications since Sunday night either (comcast account). Still not getting them as of 8:30 am EDT. Have gotten copies of emails posted through GC, just not notifications. Hope those have all not been lost and will start receiving soon.
  22. It appears the Database has failed to update the TB logs again. We posted Saturday 3/10 at 5 pm EST and they are still not updated as of 9AM EST on Sunday 3/11. Please reset the computers again. This seems to be a re-occurring problem over the last several weeks. Thanks
  23. Thank you the Tbs I was working with seem to be okay now.
  24. I dropped TBs this morning at 10 am EST, TB pages are still not updated as of 2:45 pm EST. Please reset the servers if this is what it takes to synch. Thanks
  25. We posted lots of logs and photos yesterday on travel bug pages. When we return today they do not appear on the TB page. We posted photos at the time of logs yesterday. When we want to back today and add additional photos - logs are NOT present. Were all our posts from yesterday lost?
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