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  1. Has the method for calculating TB mileage changed? It had been working just fine 2 days ago when we dropped TBs, it calculated mileage immediately. I just finished dropping 7 TBs - 30 minutes ago and still no mileage calculation. Examples are TB11nkp and TB18pyp. Thanks for the response.
  2. We are not receiveing watchlist notificaitons by email either. Started on Satruday afternoon with a few coming, but nothing recieved since then and we have logged well over 50 TB logs that should be coming in. Looks like it is a GC mail server problem. Sure hope it gets fixed and we don't loose all the emails during this downtime.
  3. Watch list email notifications stopped coming in aruond 1:30 pm EST. It is now 6:30 pm. Thought I'd let someone know.
  4. Thank you GC for repairing the problem, working fine the last hour.
  5. We only found the problems on TB pages earlier this morning, but now it is on every page. It is taking us 5-8 minutes to log each travel bug we are trying to log. Sure hope the problems gets found soon.
  6. We noticed the same thing last night and this morning we are trying to post photos, the TB page takes a long time to upload. Once there photos go in very quickly. Did the roll back update have something to do with indexing of the requests to the TB server DB. This occurs whether from the Trackables Items page or from a cache, clicking on the TB.
  7. Thanks Nate, seems to be working now, we estimated that we have over 1700 logs in the last 30 days if that helps.
  8. Thanks ShowStop for the links to get by for now.
  9. Dear GC, Any ideas on when or what the problem is with the My Account Page. Since this is unavailable, we can't create PQ's, get to our bookmarks or to our profile page, can't do closest to home caches unless we put in our zip code, and can't see what TBs we have in our possession. Please help soon. Thanks, MaxB on the River
  10. We have been trying for over an hour to get our My Account page to display. Either nothing happens, or we get Untitled page - report this problem or retry. Just wanted to make sure someone knew about the problem. I have deleted all temporary files and rebooted the computer several times, still no solution.
  11. Elias, Thanks for the note and we did receive many of the email updates around 4 pm EDT. However, since that time we have received no emails through GC at all and it is now 9:20 pm EDT. We use Comcast for our ISP. Thanks for your prompt attention earlier, hopefully the problem hasn't resurfaced.
  12. I see the email problem has been reported for PQ's, but we are not receiving emial watchlist notifications or emails from cachers via GC on a consistent basis either. Thought I'd just let someone know the problem is greater than PQs.
  13. We found the same problem with no mileage being posted yesterday and then today noticed that no mileage for any logs old or new is being displayed. Based on the layout display for each log, the field to display the miles seems to be missing completely. This is occurring with both IE 6 and IE 7. Sure hope it gets fixed.
  14. Just noticed a problem with viewing TB's that have photos associated with it. Example is Mommy Mac TB1F1PY. The problem occurs in IE 6, but not IE 7. When you choose View All to display all the logs - the pictures force the page to display at the far right and cuts off the left side of the information. A Scroll bar appears, but doesn't allow you to scroll back to the left side. Seems to occur when at least 5 photos are posted and the more photos posted per log, the worse if gets. The left side bar is moved to display at the bottom of the page if you scroll beyond the original 1st log.
  15. QUOTE(MaxB on the River @ Jul 23 2008, 05:38 PM) What an absolute Inconvenience to have to move the bottom of 1 months worth of logs (several thousand for some of us) to find the My Inventory of travel bugs. Please move it back up to the top side panel where it was before!! TB's are going to get forgotten by many users. Also this was posted in reply to my first forum post: Markwell: Your Moderator replied in the My Inventory thread about this problem in the following manner. "I have an "end" key on my keyboard. Does that take you to the bottom?" This seems to be completely unnecessary when many others are complaining about this same feature on this thread. He didn't post that smart remark here. Some type of appoligy should be forwarded.
  16. What an absolute Inconvenience to have to move the bottom of 1 months worth of logs (several thousand for some of us) to find the My Inventory of travel bugs. Please move it back up to the top side panel where it was before!!
  17. We have noticed the same thing, we are receiving all watchlist notifications if others move TBs, but not when we log a TB. This is only occuring when we are logged into our GC master account of our 3 accounts. We have compared notes with other geofriends, and we recieved all of their log email pick up notifications of the same TBs that we dropped and got no notifications for our drops. Is GC filtering out those emails from being processed. Sure is frustrating when you are trying to keep track of your own items, if you don't receive the notifications. It seemed to start around the 15-16th. We just haven't been able to investigate until now.
  18. I continue to have the problem particularly with my vista and IE 7 machine. By closing the map portion at the bottom of the page (click the arrow to the left of the work map), it will print the top correctly. It has to do with the map trying to print over 2 pages. We don't seem to have the problem with our XP machine. Each computer is using different laser printers as well.
  19. We appreciate the new TB maps as well. Thanks for listening.
  20. Just wanted to go in and check on caches I had completed on a previous date. In the past, I have just clicked on the date in the calendar in the top right and the cache completed appear. The dates don't seem to be functioning correctly as hyperlinks. It only displays a limited number of caches I had logged today and can't change the date. Just checked out the TB tab as well and the calendar isn't functioning there either. IE7 is my browser. Looks like a coding problem.
  21. We noticed the same problem starting on the 13th. The email information is present only if you download on to your computer into an email program (outlook, Outlook express, etc). The problem is viewing the messages through Comcasts webmail service.
  22. I had run into this problem before, but have finally figured out what triggers the printing error. Due to printing numerous caches for a road trip. When a printer friendly page prints the map on a second page because of length. The top graphic with the information above the Short Description doesn't print at all. ie GC info, cache name, Coordinates, size, D/T, etc. Using IE 7, laser printer. Example caches are: GCF1BC GCJ2RF Happens everytime the map prints on a sceond page. The cache page prints just fine if you close the map or descriptions enough to pull the map back onto page 1. Sure hope someones looks into this. It is really frustrating when you don't go paperless.
  23. We haven't received any email notifications since 7:26 pm EST and it is now 9:15 pm. Looks like a problem may have reappeared.
  24. Every since last January/February when the TB log pages went into effect there have been numerous times that TB mileage has not been calculated correctly. PARTICULARLY when there is a discover log inbetween retrievals and drops. It also is a problem when drops are backdated a couple of days or longer perhpas due to cachers being unable to log for several days. I believe part of the problem is when the TB mileage update program is run nightly, it looks for the date of the last drop based on the last 24 hours or so. We had a TB that we backdated a drop into a cache where if was found a week earlier to correct its location. Mileage was never correctly calculated, so it has lost that mileage. It finally has been recaluctated after we performed the recalculate mileage as the owner. Owners shouldn't have to do this function constantly. It sure would be nice if this problem can be remedied. There have been many posts complaining of this problem and GC has commented that they know there is a problem. It just doesn't seem to be on their list of things to fix. There use to be a work around by checking the old map, but even that has been removed. Can we move this up on the FIx LIST.
  25. We haven't received any watchlist notifications since 1:41 pm EST and it is now 5pm. Looks like a server problem again.
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