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  1. We haven't recieved notifications for emails either. We have 4 accounts watching travel bugs (~20,000) and stopped receiving notifications on those movements and new cache hides in area yesterday and continues today. Our accounts are through Comcast. Has GC gotten notification that those accounts have been blocked in mass? We have received a couple of emails today, but usually get 100's everyday. Please check on the issue. I have verified that our accounts have not been unverified by GC. Thanks, MaxB
  2. We have been working with the owner of geocoin: TB5QQWR for 2 weeks trying to log his proxy geocoin into our possession. At first Owner had it set as a collectible. He changed this so the coin page lists it as not a collectible and in his possession. However when we try to log with the correct coin number (brings up the page, etc), the only types of logs we can do is Write Note and Discover It. There is not a grab from holder. We have logged over 24,000 trackables, so understand how to complete the log. We have tried this on 2 different PC machines, cleared the temp files, etc.. Browsers: IE 8, IE 9 and Google Chrome, with the same result. Can geocaching please explain the problem. The owner wants the proxy to travel, but it can't be tracked from cache to cache. Screen shot included.
  3. Magellan Sport Trak Pro did not have Street Mapping, so "as the bird flies" is all you get. You could load only up to 6 MB of local street maps for display purposes only. You needed to get the Magellan series and the higher end mapping progam for that one. Both GPS and mapping programs are no longer produced. Our 2nd Sport Trak just quit and Mr. MaxB isn't happy. He doesn't like change. We had purchased a Garmin NUVI, that allows us to upload cache coordinates as POI's and hand enter coords if necessary. We used this for turn by turn street directions, then used our Sport Trak for finding the cache.
  4. We received only 10 watchlist email notifications for travel bugs from 10:25 am (EST) until not 6:00 pm (EST). We normally recieve 300 or more during that time period. Sounds like others haven't been getting them or other emails either. In the past, email servers needed to be rebooted to solve the problem. Hope all emails are not lost in cyberspace. Thanks for checking this problem out. MaxB on the River
  5. Still no emails as of 6:30 am EDT and no email notification for posts to this forum either that I asked for. Checked with other GC friends and they haven't gotten anything either. Sure hope someone lets us know what is happening and the problem gets fixed soon.
  6. It seems email notifications are not being sent out at least for TB watchlist. Is the email server down? They stopped at 1:30 pm EDT.
  7. The idea sounds very good, but Problems The problem I see is if you drop multiple (20-40) TBs into an event or cache will you then get multiple additonal popup boxes to enter a note for each TB log. This doesn't seem to be an achievable outcome or very frustrating for those logging TBs into caches.
  8. I have IE8 and have had this problem for quite a while as well. I believe it has to do with my home page being "My Profile" page. When GC has logged me out of the server because of GC server reboots or I have logged into another computer. My computer is setup to maintain cookies and keeps me logged in normally. When I return, My IE8 "home page" is My Profile. In the upper right corner is a log in screen (where the icon to identify me is located and to click to go to my public profile). However when I log into that location and press enter. I get kicked to another log in screen (location of user name, ect) is now located on the left side of the screen and I have to do the process again. I then get logged in correctly, but it is a frustration to not have the 1st log in screen accomplish the task.
  9. Another addition to the TB upload photo problem. Keep getting the 500 Internal Server error. Been the smae problem since yesterday.
  10. TB problems! When we try to pull up a TB using the TB page and tag number, the logs listed on the TB page are for a different TB completely. If you refresh the page, it may even change the logs to a different TB, but not the correct TB. The TB is correctly listed in the hand of or cache page on the top ortion of the TB page. Just the logs are all messed up. When we log it - it does correct the problem for that viewing of the TB page. This needs to be looked at asap. People may get really confused about what is happening. The process happens when either entering the tag number or TBID (see TB222QA). This update sure messed up the TB pages last night and today. Using IE8 on Vista/XP. EVen happening with Win 7 & IE8. I know that supposedly asking for all the logs on a TB is a load for the DB, it sure is frustrating to have to view 10 logs at a time, to check past history. Why is this anymore load than being able to ask for all the logs on cache pages?
  11. For the last 2 evenings and for the last hour, we have had a problem with the maps on the cache page suddenly not appearing any more. We have 2 different machines working with Windows XP, and Vista, both are using IE8. The link appears broken and won't display the map, however if you click the bottom map at the end of the descritpion, it will take you to the new window with the additional map with nearby caches. I have cleared out my temp files, history, restarted and still the same problems.
  12. Using IE 8 (just installed and updated) Windows XP machine. When logging TB the page setup displays the left column (site links) at the bottom of the page below the table section for the log.
  13. In the last couple of weeks we have noticed that when discover logs are being created they are attaching them to the last cache the TB was seen in. Even if the TB no longer is present in that cache, they discovered it in some else's hands. Dates and logs are getting very confusing because of this change. Please check it out and fix the problem, even the old way where it just stated Discovered was better than this.
  14. The problem has just begun in the last week. When you click on the simple (or any log types) Print option for a page, the travel bugs listed in the cache no longer appear under their section. Just a TB icon. All the travel bugs used to be listed that appeared in the cache. Please check and return this feature. Thank you
  15. GC staff, Looks like the email server is not sending mail. We have recieved no watchlist notifications since 6:44 am EDT. Might want to check it out. Thanks
  16. Thanks to all the GC staff who managed to overcome the problem. Thanks Elias for coming back from vacation. thanks Jeremy for all the twitter and FB updates. Enjoy the rest of the holiday.
  17. It appears that the TB log server is down. We can't do any kind of TB retrieve or log. Get the "Error has occurred" web page. Retrying does nothing. This has been going on for 20 minutes. Occurs on both Windows XP & Vista machine. IE 6 and IE 8.
  18. I have tried numerous times to locate caches by either putting in the city name and state in the address box, or by putting in the zip code in the zip code box. This was attempted on both a Windows XP and Windows Vista machine. XP running IE 6, Vista running IE7. I have cleared all temp files on both machines, no fix to the problem. The page loads just fine, when I enter the info and press the GO button, the bottom status bar gives error on page and goes no where. Entering the GC number works just fine. I'm trying to find caches across the US in another state and don't have a GC code to go by. Can some one look into this.
  19. Additional info on mileage problem. IF a travel bug has been released since 2/26/09 (when the problem first appeared) no mileage, map or recalculate button is created. It is almost as if the TB's movement for mileage has never existed. When a TB is dropped, is there a 2nd or linked table that the information is supposed to be added to for mileage calculation? We know that at least in the logging table the information is being correctly recorded as the log appears on the page. However, if a link to a secondary table is supposed to be created that then starts a calculate mileage subroutine - this dosn't seem to be taking place. Hopefully this question will have the programming group maybe look at the problem in a different manner and find a solution.
  20. I posted the original problem, that started happening over a month ago. there have been 2,838 views (the 4th highest total on page 1 of the Website problems) of this topic and 90 posts. Is Groundspeak doing anything to work on the problem? It would be nice to know with an update as to possible progress. We are seeing more and more problems, especially, with newly released TBs and coins. If their logging started after 2/26/09 the map and mileage is not being calculated at all. In many cases the logging trail now extends over 2 or more pages. When the problem first occured when TB logs were shifted to multiple pages, the mileage problem first appeared and took 6 weeks to figure out. Is mulitple pages going to cause even further problems? The old correction included having to wait up to 24 hours to get mileage posted, and backdated logs weren't always calculated. I know that TB owners can try to recalculate mileage, IF they know to try it and where, but that leaves the majority of TB's without correct mileage updated. Please GC, give us some type of answer as to progress on correcting this problem. Thank you.
  21. The problem has occurred with IE7 and WinXP/Vista for a while, I have reported before. The pages print correctly if the header and map print on the first page completely. If the map graphic or cache text is pushed to a second page, the header won't print. The copy looks just fine in print preview, but refuses to print the header. IE 6 doesn't exhibit the problem, as we have to print on the older machine to get all the info.
  22. We dropped 10 TBs early this morning (11 hours ago), expected the mileage to update as that was what was supposed to happen by the forum posts earlier. No mileage has been calculated on any of them. Many of these have had 10 - 12 logs since the problem first appeared 2/26. Here are some of the numbers for reference. TBKCKF TB12ZRK TB1F3Q9 TB2777ZB TB1RTA8 Sure hope the bug gets found and repaired soon. Many owners of TB's may not realized they need to recalulate the mileage since many gc's don't get in to the forums.
  23. Same problem here, we also were having problems loading our travel bug list from our profile page. Seems to be an indexing problem again or timing out with large numbers of logs or logo coin downloads. We were also experienceing problem with loading our Big Orange TB CC cache. Keeps telling us it isn't published. After 4 or 5 attempts, it finally loads.
  24. Just to let you know, seems the mileage is still not updating - notices received today haven't updated either. Since it used to work immediately when drop was recorded, will it go back and update the last 2 days drops? My guess is no. The map feature does calculate correctly, but is clumsy to have to check that route and it doesn't add it to the total mileage on the main TB page.
  25. Based on our watchlist notifications, anything that was dropped on 2/26 (at least from 10pm EST) and today hasn't had mileage update completed at all. Those we did on Wed 2/25 worked just fine.
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