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  1. Congrats Squealy!!! Remind me avoid caching with JMBella, especially when he does the driving... O||o||o||O New grill work on the red Jeep???
  2. It sure wasn't about rainbow colors! I resemble that remark!
  3. Happy Birthday Mopar. I understand that really outstanding people are born on 02/10!!! I too am Celebrating the 12th anniversary of my 35th birthday on Tuesday. Congrats on yours. GeoHo Armed and ready!!
  4. NOOOOO... rent a helicopter or hot air balloon! Geoho, whatca getting MO for his birthday???
  5. Happy Birthday BLUE DUDE! MOPAR...My B-bay is in 4 days also.
  6. Way to go, JOE! Congrats on your milestone. Outstanding photos on the cache log. Ice on the bridge, Ice 65 feet below....ICE WATER in his veins!
  7. The Staff might say... "NOT JUST COOL, It is COLD in this SNOW. Take me inside close to the fireplace...Just not too close!" Devine ~ Good looking Geocaching staff!
  8. While walking behind the pond at our home (seen in the photo), I spotted a Yellow Popular that was being choked by a Honey Suckle vine. Turned in into my geocaching staff last summer. Stong, flexible and less than 12 ounces. Photo on right show the detail of the twist made by the honey suckle...isn't nature wonderful?!?!?
  9. Within 50 miles = 18 Of those I own 7, with one archived due to muggles. Do I get a prize for having the fewest???
  10. Oh yea, forgot about that one... SAX, when did you move to Georgia???? GGA
  11. Whatca going to do?? It is all they have to offer!!!
  12. Sparky, From your avatar, you are in a state of constant BATH. Just stay away from that 110 outlet! It might not kill ya, but it will make your hair stand on end.
  13. Woody33 - I have been in your shoes...8 months ago a search from my zip code was even worst than yours. The 20 closest caches were 17 to 75 miles away. It is a little better now. With the help of btouch & ckreef, 20 caches = only ~53 miles. And using Dublin, GA as our local center starting point 20 caches = 40 miles. Several newbies are logging finds, as well as "powercachers" being lured into the area as the cache density increases.
  14. Smurfy Avatar: So what are we going to do tomorrow????
  15. So January 14 is the First Annual Smurf for a Day.... For forum Posterity:
  16. On the Blue Imp Website was the Highest Price Smurfs on ebay... WOW!
  17. But at least you changed your avatar! THANK GOD!!!
  18. Rainbow Cache = Hoochie Smurf...ain't making this up. Try it yourself!! I thought so, but now I know, Smurfette was a HOTTIE!
  19. Aaaaahhhh! The taste of Smurf Berries in the Morning! It doesn't get any Smurfier than this!
  20. I got that one Guilty as Charge. I would smurf them with my own little Smurfette, when she was a wee little Smurf. Is there some where I can watch the RE-Smurfs. Cartoon Network or the something. THAT WOULD BE SMURFY!!
  21. I always like JOKEY SMURF!! As the class clown, I was even called Jokey Smurf in High School... Wait for the BOOM!
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