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  1. As we pray the into the New Year at my church tonight, Lucy will be in my thoughts and in our prayers.
  2. Mopar and GeoHo! Happy 15th Month Anniversary (+ 2 days)!
  3. I too would cast my ballot to KA for the reasons already stated. Always level headed (even with the those three girls flying around him all the time)
  4. Price Alert! It is now $8.00 U.S. (Still it won't break the bank, and is cheaper than the two bottles of OTC pain reliever you will need - if you try to hand enter all the info!)
  5. Ditto! I recently did not find a 3 step multi-cache. It was newly listed and had a problem with the last step (was off by one minute)! I met the cache owner at a event cache that same afternoon and was able to get a update. I posted a noted letting them know how great an idea the cache is and that I will be back! If there is no problem with a cache, then the owner knows that they have stumped a fellow cacher...isn't that why some folks make their hides so devious? If there is a problem with the cache, then the owner should check on the cache and resolve it. There is no shame in a purple fown!
  6. Check out Today's Cacher! The Travel Bug dedicated to this forum thread and Mopar and GeoHo, tells his side of the story!
  7. I hear it on NPR! National Public Radio - Morning Edition in the Spring of 2003
  8. Would the one year Anniversary of Mopar and GeoHo be today? This little Travel Bug is on a mission. Congrats!!!!
  9. 4 and 1/2 years so far and no problems with PayPal... Paid for Premium here in less than 2 minutes from click to comfirm!
  10. And I will buy ya the Black Paint! (I remember playing 4-SQUARE)
  11. What Carleen says (which means I also agree with Brian, but Carleen's avatar is cuter then Brian's). Ditto!
  12. Welcome Greasy Rocker! I own a Legend and a Magellan Gold. (and love both of them for different reasons...shhhh, don't tell either about the other!!! ) Hey, you don't have to be crazy, be it seems to help!
  13. I own a Yellow Extrex (currently on loan to a recent convert - a co-worker) and a Legend for my backup... My main unit is a Maggie Gold.
  14. YES... For what the Legend will do versus the YELLOW Maps, Menu options, Clik Stick, 8 mg of memory, backlight, trip computer, much easier input of info...I own both (the yellow is on loan to a newbie) as well as a Maggie Gold. Learning curve on the Legend would be shorter also because it is easier to use. $75 + would still be a bargin!
  15. Zack and Donna, So sorry to hear that Frances was a bad girl at your house. Hope you were able to stay dry with the regular non-tropic rain we have been getting in Middle GA!
  16. And considering that 10 of the 13 were my hides.... YOU and DONNA DID GOOD! Congrats on a great day of Caching, but I told you that already. When I was in your "neck of the woods" 7/18 - I was 15 for 15! Now you and the other Middle GA folks have new ones for me to hunt. Can't wait to get back!
  17. O.K. Let me think.... A southern boy in the most northern tip of the U.S. Work related? Sound like fun!!!! Ain't ya glad you went in August instead of December????
  18. It worked (for a while) for the guy that was selling his ex-wife's wedding dress a few months ago. eBay cancelled the inflated bids. The Wedding Dress guy got his 15 minutes. brazzlebooks does not desire the same! But then, Wedding Dress Guy's auction was the funniest thing I read in some time. YJTB auction is just sad!
  19. Jeremy, do you still have your Super Simon game?
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