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  1. I hate Harry Potter and anything related to it with almost as much passion as I hate Furby's, Lord of the Rings, Barney the Purple Dinosaur, Beanie Babies, and Teletubbies.......


    Everyone is entitled to his/her opinion, but how can you group Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings with any of the other things you listed. That's like saying, "horses, cows, chickens, and Volcanoes." There is no relationship between them.


    Having said that, Barnstable, if you like coined words so much than come up with one for another part of geocaching that has yet to have a new-coined name. I think that it's going to be pretty tough to get a new word for muggles going. If only because people are now used to it and know what it means.



  2. McWeb Log Bug is mine! I just started it a couple of days ago. I wanted to track all of my previous caches, so I went back and entered a drop and receive to each for my bug(on the day and order they were found). I then consolidated all the previous info and wrote 2 notes in my bug's log telling total miles traveled and other info. I save the map (old style) and posted it with my note. Then I went back and deleted all logs. That way it didn't add up my cache find totals. From this point on I plan on taking it to each cache I go to. My plan is just to go from cache to cache, and not back home in between.


    McWeb :lol:

  3. I think some people care more about the numbers and less about the sport of caching. I have an uncle in Utah that does like to get as many TB as he can, but he also doesn't hold on to them. He moves them along as quickly as possible. He does have 417 TBs logged, but he also has 430 caches logged (over 2 years of caching). However, my dad told me the other day that my uncle was contacted by a lady who (at the time) held the record for most TBs logged. She had noticed he logged a lot of TBs and wanted him to collect all the TBs in the area to have ready on a certain day that she would be there. My uncle didn't think much of it, and gathered a few together; he even made dinner for the lady and figured he'd make a new friend through geocaching. The unfortunate thing was that when the lady arrived at his house, she wanted nothing to do with dinner, and just wanted to write down all the numbers from the bugs he had and get on her way. I couldn't believe anyone could find that fun. She had no interest in finding caches or making firneds. Her only concern was to keep her title. I don't even think there is a prize for have the most TBs logged. I wish there was a way to prevent this. :lol:



    P.S. I think this lady flew from somewhere in the East, but I'm not sure. I don't even know how you find out who the #1 person is.

  4. I have thought about doing this, but will probably never get around to it. I think geocaching.com/Groundspeak.com should make state geocoins that can be tracked on the webpage. It wouldn't be too hard to make if they kept one side the same and only made the other side different for each state. I think that any state coin would be much more popluar if you could track them the same as you track a TB. Or they could make a different page to track coins. It's just my suggestions, but it seems to me that the coins that are out there have become very popular.




    P.S. If geocaching.com takes my suggestion and runs with it I would like some props for suggesting it (and maybe even a few free coins :ph34r: )

  5. I read the distribution info and I'm wondering when individuals can request to have a jeep sent to them. I've been geocaching for almost a year, but I recently moved to a new area, and I don't think there is a geocaching organization within 2 hours of my location. I don't want my area to miss out on the jeeps. :mad:



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