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  1. Look to see if the owner uses a pronoun in the description of the TB. That is if the name of the bug isn't obviously one gender. Another option is to write your post as if you are the TB. That way you can refer to the TB in first person. Tell a story about the bugs journey from the bugs point of view. I do this sometimes, and see it quite often.


    McWeb :D

  2. I've found lots of great stuff in the year and a half that I've been at this. But the thing that really gets me going are the Moun10bike Geocoins. I once did one cache in Idaho, one in Washington, and one in Montana (Tri State Multi) each of which had a portion of the coordinates to the final. The final contained a Moun10bike Geocoin. I've been priveleged to find three of these and I always keep one until I find another. There are, it seems, never very many of these "in the wild."

    I'm jealous! I would love to find one of these, but I don't think any have ever made it to Texas. I used to live in Idaho, but wasn't as avid a geocacher at that time. I probably missed my chance.



  3. First off, THANK YOU to all people who have served in whatever capacity (and that includes the dependents). I am proud to be a USAF veteran, USAF 1998-2003. I loved it and would still be in the service if my husband and I could have been stationed together. We served almost an entire year at different bases, and that was too much. I'm dedicated to my country, but I'm more dedicated to my husband.


    Served as an F-15 Avionics Systems Technician (backshop) at Seymour Johnson AFB (North Carolina), RAF Lakenheath (UK), and Mountain Home AFB (Idaho), and deployed once to Prince Sultan Air Base (Saudi Arabia).


    To all the veterans and active members of the armed forces, you have my respect, gratitude, and prayers!!



  4. We went caching today to a cache we had tried last summer, but gave up on. I think there was a reason we were supposed to come back. I was looking through the usual stuff... cars, happy meal type toys, etc... and saw what looked like a gift card (from GAP). I borrowed one of the cell phones to check the balance, and got the shock of my life when it said the balance was $100 !!!! :P:P I think my daughter nearly fell off the cliff, too. Well, we left as much from our caching bag as we could.

    That's awesome!! I wish I could leave something that cool in every cache I found. It would sure make someone's day, like it did yours. I bet that person had just that idea in mind when they left it.


    McWeb :lol:

  5. TBs are optional. No one has to buy them, or send them out. Also, the alert is just a reminder. It is not meant to imply that you have not done what you are obligated to do. If you have made previous arrangements with the owner, or have not gone caching but plan to soon, it is okay. People do grab and hold TBs and sometimes they keep them way too long (I've been guilty of this when I first started caching, but not any more) and there is nothing anyone can do to stop this from happening completely. I agree that it is frustrating when someone takes your bug and doesn't move it, but TPTB is not to blame for this. You can e-mail the person holding your bug, and hopefully it will motivate them to move it along, but it's not a guarantee. I think that educating people is a good option; it will possibly increase awareness that TB are not collectors items; however, there's no way to completely prevent missing TBs.


    Okay, that's enough ranting from me,

    McWeb :lol:

  6. Ahhhh yes...her name was


    What? Oh! Geocached? Sure do, our very first was a virtual, then while doing our 3rd one later on we ran into not 1 or 2 but about 5 other cachers while finding it (an individual and a group of 4)! We had a good time talking to and getting pointers from them.

    Most guy's firsts are virtuals. :D



  7. My dad got a GPS for his job, and he's the one that found the site and started the family in on it. I now have probably 8 relatives who actively geocache (cousins, uncle, siblings) and I got my husband hooked. Too bad he's not as addicted as me, or at least doesn't have as much time to be addicted. My husband and I have 3 GPSr for the 2 of us.



  8. My first cache was a virtual Red Canyon Cache. I went with my family while my husband and I were home for a visit; that trip was actually the first time they met my husband. Our 2nd cache (first traditional cache) wasVista. I left a deck of cards and took Bumbling Bee TB. I still watch that TB and it's still going strong. I was just thinking that when I'm home in a couple of weeks that maybe I'd stop by that cache, and just post a note. It would be cool if it could be on my 1st anniversary of caching, but I'll miss that by one day. Too bad I'm starting classes on my 1st anniversary.



  9. I would love to see a geocoin per state option as well. They could even sell collector sets with one of each state. Wouldn't that make a great FTF prize for a killer multicache!


    Anybody else want a coin per state?


    There would probably have to be a lot of pre orders to get that one rolling.

    Yeah! Someone else thinks it's a good idea! I would love to see it happen, so if you like the idea please respond favorably!!


    McWeb :D

  10. 7 caches in 7 states is pretty impressive. Must be somewhere on the East coast. I live in Texas and it would take me a whole day just to get to four states, maybe five (in any direction, except South). My goal is to cache in every state, but currently I only have four. I will be getting two more states soon. I wish I would have started caching earlier. I could have had a lot more states and a few foreign countries under my belt, but oh well. I guess that just gives me a reason to go back to Europe.


    McWeb :unsure:

  11. It looks like your trip is taking you through Vernal, UT. I'm originally from there and my family still lives there. I haven't done much caching the area, but my dad and uncle are avid cachers. I think that a cache by either of them would be a great cache find. Especially my uncle, who is retired and puts a lot of time and effort into caching. There geocaching IDs are Spidertracks (uncle) and Candlemand (dad). Hope this helps a little.


    McWeb :lol:

  12. Wow! I wish more people cached in my area. I checked the stats on my zip code (76310-Wichita Falls, TX) and they are:

    5 mile radius: 3

    10 mile radius: 13

    50 mile radius: 25

    100 mile radius: 322


    I only have 3 that I haven't found in the 50 mile radius. Yesterday I drove 70.5 (as the crow flies) to find 3 caches. I probably would have found more, but my husband wanted to head for home :lol: . I live about 2 hours from Dallas/Ft. Worth, so I could take a longer trip and have more caches than I could ever find.



  13. I'm originally from a town about a 45 minute drive from this cache. I haven't been to this cache, but I know my uncle often takes travel bugs by this cache to take a picture of them with the view. He usually meets a few people from Rocksprings, WY up there and they trade TBs. From reading the post it looks like there are a couple of people meeting there tonight. In fact the posts that mention this from WagonWheel (lives in Utah) and TH&G (lives in Wyoming), so they are probably exchanging TBs. I've met both of these geocachers and they are not the types to leave your bug in limbo. My guess is that one of them made it home to log the bugs first. That person probably dropped off the bugs that they were exchanging so the other could pick them up when they got home. Just wait till tomorrow to make sure and if your bug is still there, try e-mailing the person who dropped it there and politely ask what's up. To ease your mind in the mean time, I know for a fact that "A Dam Scenic View" is not a TB prison. I hope this helps.


    McWeb :lol:


    P.S. I'm going up to Utah in a few weeks and if your bug is still there I'll personally ask them what's up. Just e-mail me (around the 24th of May) if you need me to find out.

  14. I made my own geotoken recently. I have started leaving them in caches, but I didn't know if others would think they were a cool find or not. I always liked to find someone's signature item, and that's why I made my own. I wanted to make my own geocoin, but don't have the money to do that right now. I would love to find a moun10bike coin, and although I would be tempted to keep it, I don't think I would. Maybe one of these days I will make my own coin.



  15. I was just wondering what you (any geocacher reading this post) consider to be the best thing to find or leave in a cache. I usually leave a deck of cards, but I want some other ideas of cool things to leave in a cache.


    McWeb :lol:

  16. My take on it:

    My husband and I were going to use the same name in geocaching(McWeb). However, when we first started geocaching, I was stationed in Idaho and he was stationed in Texas (for almost a year), and if we had the same name then we would both get credit for caches that only he found, or caches that only I found. I know some groups/couples who do it this way, but we decided to get different names. (Especially since it could potentially look like we were in Texas and Idaho at the same time; might look a little funny) Anyway, I am still McWeb, and he is Umac13. My husband and I both log the find if we are both there for it, the same as if we were caching under the same name, but now we only both get credit for a find if we are both there participating. Mostly, it's up to the person/people participating. Whatever you feel comfortable with is what you should do.


    McWeb :lol:

  17. I have a etrex Legend and like it a lot. I shows maps, so it's not too confusing when hunting a cache in cities. In fact, my husband bought me the new Rino110 for Christmas (he got the Rino120, go figure), but it doesn't show maps, so I still use the Legend unless I need a walkie-talkie for any reason. As far as I can tell, the 110 is a lower model in GPS, but has walkie-talkie capabilities. The 120 is comparible with the Legend, and has walkie-talkie capapbilities also.


    McWeb :lol:


    P.S. For everyone who likes the 110, I like my 110, I just wish I had maps on it.

  18. First of all, it's McDonald's not MacDonald's... geesh.... I thought it was M.C.Web coming at me live from the geo-turntable...

    It's not MCWeb, it just may have appeared the both the M and the c were capitalized because I increased their size to draw attention to them, but the c was a lower case c.



  19. The relationship to those things is the fact that I hate them. Why must they be related any other way? There are many, many other things I hate also, that are not at all related, so is it wrong to hate anything that isn't related to anything else? I hated my ex-wife when we were related, and I hate her now. I hate it when people don't have a clue about anything and try to put their beliefs on what I say as if their way is correct. And I hate stupid questions, too. :lol:

    Point well made, and well taken.

  20. :lol: Started mine 3 weeks ago,did not go back and log it into all my previous caches as it would take too much time,I have almost 300 finds.

    Yeah, there's no way I would have done my past caches with that many under my belt. I only have 30 finds, and I almost gave up in the middle of logging those.

  21. It's like putting the prefix "Mac" in front of something to connote corporate soullessness (MacHomes, MacJobs, etc.).

    I hope you're not also referring to Mc (i.e McWeb). Which by the way, is a mix of part of my married name and part of my maiden name. Originally my husband and I were going to be one team, and I thought it was a good name that applied to both of us. He ended up making his own account and I've just kept the name.


    McWeb :lol:

  22. Everyone is entitled to his/her opinion, but how can you group Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings with any of the other things you listed.  That's like saying, "horses, cows, chickens, and Volcanoes."  There is no relationship between them.

    The same way you group books/movies like Lord of the Rings in with crap books/movies like Harry Potter, I guess. :lol:


    You can group them simply by the fact they were a book then a movie, and they made millions of dollars. I do like Harry Potter, but I have to agree that Lord of the Rings awesome, and not in the same league.

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