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  1. Congrats and good luck! Although I have never met you in person, your caches in the eastern Sierra have been a joy. PS BTW the photos from CA on the wedding website look like a cache maintenance trip.
  2. How did you get the GPS planted in your head like that?
  3. Maybe NOT a sockpuppet! Her back story sounds pretty good! I used to live in Eugene OR (Just south of Junction City) -- maybe I can quiz her... Dun is also a certain type of coloration on a horse.
  4. Curious, are these cherry-stemmed routes to mining claims/private land or are the claim owners allowed to travel across Wilderness Areas? When the California Desert Protection Act was passed, a few of the new Wilderness Areas and some areas of the newly created Death Valley NP had cherry-stem routes created to allow access to mining claims/private property. One of those routes (Suprise Canyon in the Panamint Mountains) has now been closed and is now focal point of the federal v. local authority battle.
  5. Yes, hunting and fishing are allowed in WA's. As long as the access is by foot or horseback. No bicycles, you can't even bring in a game cart to take out your kill.
  6. Driving my Jeep is the experience for me. Every year more and more lands are designated as Wilderness. Every year the OHV enthusiast has fewer and fewer places to enjoy their hobby. I know of no new areas that have been opened to OHV recreation, but can cite millions of acres of newly created Wilderness. There are plenty of areas for you to enjoy your pursuits. I see mine diminish every year.
  7. briansnat I'm surprised John Wesley Powell didn't make your list He's definately a 5/5 cacher, with one arm to boot!
  8. I'm a geologist, my work takes me all over southern California. You, that are teachers, are working too hard. My wife works from 730-230 on contract of what 187 days of the year. IF she works summer school, its 730-1230 for a few weeks. Last year, for "school," we went to Ecuador/Galapagos Is., Florida, and San Francisco allowing for finds in each area.
  9. Yup I married her She likes the 4 wheelin' and hiking caches.
  10. Mexico and Ecuador (including the Galapagos Is.). Hope to add Peru in a few months.
  11. Akmed, the cache in a tin can has been done so many times before...
  12. Thats what I'm Talking about. Hella 500 foglights and a Currie dana30 diff cover for the cachemobile.
  13. Or sunny SoCal 80 degrees on Christmas Day
  14. Did this on my third anniversary. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?LU...3d-e114fa1f25c4 Even dropped a TB
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