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  1. I wouldn't trust the gc.com google maps either. I know of a few instances where the Google maps are innacurate in regards to managing agency/management status.
  2. *Definitely* over the top and an over reaction.4x4's create much more damage than an ammo can hidden in a pile of rocks IMO. Although it could be argued that poeple use the 4x4's to get to the caches which may be off trail. Really...What evidence do you have of that? Any vehicle operating on the 4wd roads within ABDSP MUST be street licensed AND operating on existing roads. If they are not, then they are breaking the law.
  3. I usually combine it with off-roading and camping and travel in general.
  4. Yup sounds like fun. Paved roads or dirt?
  5. Got any interior shots? As requested here's some interior shots Awesome! Specs on the cockpit electronics? Self-contained or just lotsa storage? How long is that Hi-Lift
  6. It strikes me that this reasoning (which is sound, IMO) outweighs, or at least counters, the reasoning that by not showing archived caches at all people will stay out of sensitive areas. Here's an example... Maybe that's a better example for why not to show archived caches. That cache brought people to the site of a plane wreck that the forest service considered "a protected historic site". In general, the forest service does not like letting the general public know where these sites are - whether they are on planewrecks.com or geocaching.com - because they see any additional traffic as potentially damaging to the site. By allowing one to search for archived caches it might be possible to find the site of the wreck. Even if all you got was the link to the archived cache, that could encourage additional traffic. So what if you can't place another cache there - wouldn't you be interested in visiting the "forbidden" site. You might even place a cache nearby and encourage people to visit the wreck when they go to your cache. By making it hard to search for such caches GC.com may help prevent more damage. Of course, the reviewers still have access to the nearest archived caches, so if another cache was placed there they could deny that placement under the current guidelines. There may be other examples where knowing that a landowner/manager objected to a previous cache would be useful to someone contemplating placing a cache. Not every instance should the locations be hidden. But you picked a bad example to make your point. Maybe that's why the "Archived Search" should be allowed. Our public land managers are using the tool of closure and exclusion more and more instead of actual management. Don't want to deal with the public on public lands? Just lock 'em out. Want to create a new Wilderness Area. Just erase the 4wd tracks and minng ruins from the map. Voila an area untrammeled by man suitable for a new Wilderness Area. Geocaching is a historical part of our public lands, albeit a very brief and most likely insignificant part, along with all the other human uses of our public lands. Some of us a very interested in what WAS there, even if it was only a few years ago. Another VOTE for the archived search.
  7. Yup would do it, seeing that I used a map and compass before I used a GPS.
  8. Oakley needs to make a pair of sunglasses with an integrated GPSr and HUD in one of the lenses, kinda like the Terminator.
  9. We would kill for public transportation like yours.
  10. If this was on BLM or USFS land, report it to the agency. The land agencies are starting to prosecute trash dumper because of the increased cost in cleaning up dumped trash. If you see a vehicle dumping trash try to get a description of the vehicle and occupants.
  11. Now, that's a Jeep! I admit to being a wuss--I drive a red Cherokee, which I'm getting ready to trade in for a four-door Wrangler Ulimited (moving from Chicago to Southern California). But when I was a kid, I used to drive a jeep exactly like yours all over the hunting preserve at Fort Knox, Kentucky. We'd occasionally stray onto the military reservation, and the MPs would take ten minutes admiring the Jeep before they ran us off. Keep the Cherokee!!!
  12. My 60CSx in the National Aquarium in Baltimore. Luckily someone turned it in.
  13. Do it, just don't tell my wife, she's been trying to get me on a horse ever since we met.
  14. Place one at 'X' Wife's at 4th level and Pas de Deux
  15. Got one going on next weekend. C'mon out! http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...4b-24ebb6f60c42
  16. 1992 XJ w/stuff Poughkeepsie Gulch, San Juan Mountains, CO Monach Meadows, Sierra Nevada mountains, CA The Squeeze, Anza Borrego Desert State Park, CA Heart Attack Hill, Anza Borrego Desert State Park, CA
  17. Planning on this http://www.kifaru.net/MG_XTL.htm To be someday added to this http://www.kifaru.net/MGzulu.htm#
  18. What was Jeep thinking?!? Don't they know about the red Jeep curse!
  19. Check out the So Cal 4x4 Geocachers So far we've done trips to Ocotillo Wells, Anza Borrego, Bradshaw Trail, Mojave Road, Big Bear, just to name a few. A couple of us are going up to Monache Meadows over Memorial Day weekend. Currently have a trip planned up in Big Bear in August.
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