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  1. Agreed. NG magazine had an interesting article on recycling in the last year or so...
  2. Ironic, no. Just another option. What kind of resources were used to manufacture your iPhone. Let's see mining, petrolem extraction, pretty nasty chemicals to manufacture circuit boards and rechargeable batteries. What did you do with the phone that was replaced w/ the iPhone? Paper can be recycled, composted, second side reused. Maybe it was recycled paper. How much recycled material was used in making your iPhone?
  3. Maybe he needs to know the airspeed velocity of an unladed swallow.
  4. Regardless of what caches you do, you have to stop at the Whoa Nellie Deli and have some eats. MMMmmmm lobster taquitos.
  5. You could get one of those large, plastic concrete mixing tubs fron Home Depot and tow it behind the kayak... J/K kudos on the trash p/u (the Jeep usually ends up with a bag o' trash after a trail run)
  6. All of them. Whats your poison, LPC, off-road adventures, puzzles to rattle the brain, micro in a rock pile? We got them all.
  7. I've done it twice. It definately can be done in one day. Won't leave much time for sightseeing. If you're not bringing a bunch of camping gear that'll make it easier (quicker). My next trip may be a through trip, at night, with a full moon.
  8. I'd like to hear more about this "cherokar".
  9. Seems like a nice ride on a bike - and you can hire one there - so thats ago. We will have a car. Highyl condensed areas. Been told Palm springs is a nice place to go, and up to the No Clue series in Palmdale I think. Any help would be grand. Will hold an event also - a meet and greet in Anehiem. TWS When will you be in Anaheim?
  10. Nevada did/does http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...74-19c86c42ccef
  11. GS did away with virtuals awhile ago or did I just get taken for April Fools?
  12. Are you sure they weren't for paleomag studies?
  13. sure, i just uploaded a code retrieval page two days ago: http://www.ingwer.ch/geo/coins/activationcode.html thanks and regards, ernie. Danke schoen
  14. Ernie I bought an edelweiss coin from you through eBay. I lost the activation code. Can you help me? Stephan
  15. Not necessarily, google-catellus You should see the size of the lawnmower.
  16. Cache the way you want to cache. It sounds like you are getting enjoyment out of the game the way your are playing.
  17. How was the interval set to take the photographs? By time or altitude?
  18. Did you guys record any other data such as air tempature or air pressure? That seems like it would be something cool to do for a HS science class.
  19. Cliff I would love to help you out. Not sure when I'll be out there next but I frequent the Mojave during the fall and winter, hunting and off-roading. I hope your K isn't in the expansion area of Fort Irwin. I forwarded this to a couple of cachers who are active in the Barstow area.
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