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  1. I cache with a 60CSx that I've used so much that the lettering has worn off of most of the buttons, but I do NOT consider moving to a newer GPS to be an upgrade. I dearly love my 60, and when it dies, it will be a sad day. I had a Colorado for about a month when they first came out. I hated it. I brought it back to REI and traded it for the 60 and haven't looked back.


    My 60CSx died a couple of months ago after 3 and a half years of hard use. When I went backto REI to get it replaced (thier return policy is incredible) they didn't carry the 60 anymore. Disappointed, I settled for an Oregon. It's different, I wouldn't call it better, and there are things about it that I don't like and miss from my 60CSx. The nicest thing about the Oregon is that it holds more geocaches. I don't have to worry when I travel about putting too many in as I have yet to come anywhere near the 5000 cache maximum.

  2. Ugh, I was the victim of cut-and-paste logging today. I didn't think it bothered me, but it does.


    I hid an interesting cache container on a gorgeous beach and I get the same log as a nano someone stuck to a park bench.



    For what it's worth... Interesting people write interesting logs. (You may read into that all that you want!) :ph34r:

    people get lazy when they're logging from a phone in the field.

    I have to disagree. I was a phoner for my first year. I always took the time to write a few sentences about each cache and if your cache impressed me or made me smile I took extra time to thank you with a good size log. If you take the time to put out a well thought out interesting cache in an interesting place you will be rewarded, But if you have a pill bottle in a guardrail and are expecting a fancy log...good luck,


    While I commend you for your actions in field logging good cache reviews, I think you are the exception rather than the rule. I'm bettng that you would find that most TFTC only logs are sent from iPhones.

  3. I've some some of the Therapak canisters. How are you removing the labels?

    I don't. I just scuff them up and paint over them. You can see in the picture of the cache the bear gnawed on that, other than the lid, the area where the decal is, is the only area that retained the paint.

    What's a Therapack container?

  4. Just wondering if the same downward trend in Washington is across the board or specific to some states.

    Fizzymagic's data (Post #16) show that the trend across the board is upward.

    No, actually it doesn't. What Fizzymagics data shows is that the overall number of caches, members and logs continues to go up. That can be the case even if placements are dropping, which is what I was asking to begin with.


    I think overall, worldwide and probably even in the US placements continue to rise, an analysis like th one moun10bike did would be necessary to know for sure and he is implying that he is able to do that because he has access to data the rest of us don't.


    In Washingotn State it is apparent that placments have dropped significanlty this year. I think I might have an explanation for that. In 2010 Geowoodstock, the 10 year anniversary of geochaching and the first Grounspeak Block Party were all held in the Seattle area. People came from all over the world to particiapte in those events and locals here were encourage to and did place caches like crazy in anticipation of that. The Peace Sign Series and dozens of new caches around Carnation and in Downtown Seattle where the events were taking place probably contributed to the spike in plascments. Once those events were over, local cachers returned to their previous levels of cache placements. You can see from moun10bike's data that we ARE ahead of placements from 2009 and that 2010 might have just been a spike.

  5. My expectation is that Moun10Bike is able to provide those numbers...because as Lackey, he can work with database in ways that aren't available to users.

    Ding ding ding ding ding! :)


    The criticism of my analysis, that it does not show rates, is a valid one. I have been working to try to get rates; it is not a problem for membership or logs, but it is very tricky for cache placements since the "date" of a placement is not the same as the date the waypoint was created.


    I can probably get the average cache placement rate for a period of about 2 months, but anything shorter than that is problematic. I'm trying some tricks (1.5/1.5 caches seem more likely to be placed on the same day) but there is still work to do.


    I would call it more a critique, than a criticism. :)

  6. If you're the first person to find the cache then you are FTF. There are no rules.


    and sign the physical log.




    If you found it you found it. It's a fact. It's not something one decides or votes on. It just is.


    So much for no rules and no opinions :lol:


    I agree with signing the log. If you don't sign the log (or rather, if you don't look at it), how do you know that you were first? And if you don't sign it, how would the next cacher know that they were not first? Signing the log is essential for the FTF game, which is also why I find FTFs on earthcaches and the likes kinda silly.


    If I find something first, I found it first. If you found it first but didn't sign the log and then I found it, I may think I am FTF but you are still FTF regardless. I may get "credit" for FTF, but it doesn't change the fact that you were FTF.


    I find the situation where someone goes out, is the first to find a new cache and does not sign the log (on purpose) but logs it online a highly improbable circumstance. I don't imagine too many of those that are not log signers are also FTF hounds, it would bring too much attention to their style which most cache owners find a questionable practice.


    As for those that don't sign logs or log online, I don't imagine those people are FTF hounds. What would be the point?

  7. Sorry.


    Nice, is there a place where this can be filtered by states, etc.?


    Perhaps jholly wasn't clear, let me expound upon it. The stats that moun10bike provided ARE ALREADY filtered stats for the State of Washington.


    Perhaps you are asking if there is a way to filter caches in othr states the same way?

  8. I think it's probably because you're clearing out your area.

    Maybe, I do have to drive farther to cache the way I like to which is to be able to find at least 10 or more caches every time I go out. But wouldn't going to new areas result in finding more 2011 caches too?

    When you traveled farther out on 31 Jan. 2011, you could find all the 2010 active hides but very few 2011 active hides (i.e., only those that were placed in Jan.). When you traveled farther out on 28 Feb. 2011, you could find all the 2010 active hides but still relatively few 2011 active hides. Etc. Etc.


    Unless you have recently cleaned out all the farther away areas, it wouldn't surprise me if you've found more 2010 hides than 2011 hides in those areas.


    Agreed to a point, as I said in my OP. But this year is way behind, not even 50% of what I found up to this point in the last few years. It's so far behind I don't think it will ever catch up. Moun10Bike's data seems to agree with what I am observing. In our area at least cache placements are down and so are the numbers overall despite there being more cachers and it doens't appear that we will even be close to what was placed last year. I doubt we will get 1300 caches placed in the next 3 weeks.

  9. There are no FTF rules. FTF is a figment of your imagination. :)




    Have you ever seen any (official) stats regarding it? NO? Well, that is why.


    The rudeness here no longer surprises me like it used to. Pathetic.


    I didn't find the post you quoted very rude at all. Yours, I did.

    My point has been proven once again.

    So in ohter words, it's rude to call somebody rude when they say you're rude... :blink:

  10. I posted the new graph today here. No change that I can see in membership growth or cache placement rate. Both follow long-term trends nicely.


    Here is the graph:



    while this is a great graph and I appriciate you posting, it doesn't really answer my question as it gives total number of caches available rather than how many are actually being placed. If the number of caches placed is higher than those that are being archived than the trend will remain upward even if the pace has slowed. This is almost certainly the case around here becasue a lot of times as soon as a cache is archived a new one is put in place to replace that. Add that to the ones that are being placed in new locations and the net will be an increase in the number of caches but not necessarily in the number of plasemnents per year...


    As Keystone points out, in some areas caches are being placed at record levels but I still think that fewer caches are being placed in my area than in years past.


    thanks to all that replied.


    Sometimes, cache owners will give coordinates for an unpublished cache to some friends. These people might find the cache before it was published. They are the FTF on the cache. But sometimes, those who want to make it a competition think this is unfair. Some people will count the first to find a cache after it is published as the FTF (particularly if they are competitive about getting FTF).


    I, and some others that I regularly cache with will allow people to log a cache as a "beta tester" prior to cache publication, that way they don't have to go back to the spot to log the cache once published if they were with me when I placed it or I asked them to check the location for me.


    It only seems fair to allow the "official" FTF (whatever that is, to the person that is first to find the cache without prior knowledge of wherer the cache is placed after it has been published for all to find. I owuld never claim FTF on a cache that I had prior knowledge of it's location and would not care for it much if someone esle claimed FTF with the same prior knowledge, although there would not be much I could do about it if they did.


    Not sure if that makes sense but it's what I do...

  12. I wonder if it has anything to do with new cachers coming in to the game. We had a large influx in mid 2008 and through 2009 and then it dropped off quite a bit. We've had a few more come in this year and it tends to be the newbies that place the most caches. Usually they go out and find 10 or 20 and then start hiding like crazy in every available lamp skirt, vacant lot and rock wall in the area. It's starting up agian with a couple of new cachers, I've noticed we've had 10 in the last month from one guy and another group of newer cachers is placing some out in the more remote areas. Maybe once I push out into those reaches a little more forcefully I'll pick up on the 2011 caches...

  13. I live in a highly cache saturated area

    This could be the issue. Is there a distinct lack of .1 miles to place a cache?


    while there is plenty of room to place caches by the strict sense of the word, I wouldn't say it's easy to find places unless you want to put a cache in every lamp post, bus stop and gaurdrail around. It is fairly urbanized with not a lot of open spaces left.

  14. AS many do, I have used the GSAK Macro FindStatsGen to look at my Caching Stats longer than Groundspeak offered it as a feature. One of the stats that is trackable by that Macro is the Finds by Year of Cache Placement. I'm just strating my 5th year of caching and in all the years I have been, I have found more caches placed that year than the year before. The same can be said of caches placed before I started caching, it's been a steady increase.


    This year however there is a noticeable decrease in the number of caches that I have found that have been placed this year. I know that the year is not yet over and that I will continue to find more that have been placed this year as time goes on but the drop is siginificant. So much so that I don't think it will go past any of the more recent years unless I move somewhere else.


    I also tend to clear my area of all avaialable caches. I live in a highly cache saturated area and usually don't have more than 50 or so caches to find witin 10 miles of my house. Even fewer if you leave out the ones that I can't get to becasue I don't own a boat. To be clear, I have found just as many TOTAL caches as I have in years past.


    So I guess my question is, am I finding fewer caches placed recently because of my tendancy to keep my area clear, or are cache placements really trending lower? Have we reached a point where we will start to see fewer placements with caches only being placed as older ones are archived? I am sure this will be variable depending on where you live so feel free to share what you are seeing in your area.

  15. Like he said you either remove or replace the .gpx files in the GPX folder on the unit. If the PQ you are loading has the same name as the one already in the unit then the new PQ will overwrite the existing one.


    When using GSAK it basically clears the existing PQ and replaces it.


    I just needed a little more clarification to get what he meant. I understand now. Thanks

  16. You cannot delete a cache on an Garmin with papeless geocaching.


    Reload the GPS with a fresh PQ. Or you can use GSAK. But you need to replace the PQs on your GPS. You must remove or replace the gpx on your GPS and GSAK is the best option to do this.


    So are you saying that if I load the Oregon from GSAK, and I have removed an archived cache from my GSAK database, that the cache that is already loaded in my Oregon will be removed and not reloaded?


    In otherworeds, it sounds like all Geocaches are purged from the GPSr and then new ones are loaded in. Is this essentially correct?

  17. A former GPSmap 60CSx user, I am still learning to use my new gadget. Sorry if this is an obvious question to some, it has not been for me.


    How do you purge all (or single ones for that matter) geocaches from the Oregon 550t . On my old device I would just push the Find Button-> select Geocaches--> Press menu and then select delete. It is not so obvious on the Oregon with the touch screen. Do you do it on the device or do you need to hook it in to a computer to delete caches?


    The reason I want to do this is to delete the caches that are in my device that have been disabled or archived since I loaded them in. When in the field I don't always know that a cache is no longer there...


    I also like to purge caches from my device that I have found so that I am not bumping up against the cache capacity limit. It's not so bad now that I have a 5000 cache limit as opposed to the 1000 I used to have in my 60CSx. I assume, that like the 60CSx, that found caches count against your geocache limit on teh Oregon as well.


    Any help or advice would be appriciated.



  18. As yet undecided on our attendance or not but anyone interested (especially our frineds from Holland) might like to know that the Argosy Christmas Ships will be making an appearance at Olympic Sculpture Park on the Seattle Waterfront not far from Seattle Center the same night as the event. The ships are scheduled to be there from 9:15-9:45, so plenty of time to get there after the event is over at 8. I am in no way affiliated with the Christmas Ship program so I am not telling you this as a plug or anything, besides, if you watch from the beach, it is free. To learn more about the Christmas Ships and see their schedule follow this link.

  19. I prefer some sort of physical camo,




    Essentially, it involves using paint, natural floral moss and/or camo burlap. with the end results looking like these:




    And what about the fork and the kibble, or is that part of the swag? :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: (joking)

  20. My longest slump was 31 days in May/June of 2010 which is somewhat surprising because I wasn't trying NOT to cache. I coach Little League in the Spring and it must have been a busy time with regular games, make up games, and practices. I had previous slump in August-September 2009 that was 25 days that felt longer, mostly because I could've gone cacheing but had no desire to do so. It was actually part of a longer period of time that lasted closer to two months where I hadly went caching at all and just about every caching experience I had was completely unenjoyable.

  21. I don't know for sure but I believe it is illegal to stop alongside a US Interstate except for emergency situations.


    Regardless I wouldn't stop on the side of an interstate for a cache. It is much to dangerous.


    Hmmm...yeah, good point. I was thinking more along the lines of a highway, not an interstate. Is there a frontage road that parallels the interstate? That would be a better choice...

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