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  1. If some of the existing geocaches are multi's why not just put them on the sign with a reference to their www.geocaching.com GCxxxxx id. Then anyone would have to be patient enough to visit multiple sites (areas of interest within your park perhaps) before coming upon the cache. You could print out the cache page for the multi(s) and make that available when they register. Just some thoughts...
  2. Way cool! What's Ben short for? Bengarmin?
  3. A beautiful coin Jeff! If you get any more done let me know please. Dr Dumbass, He da man! If he can find it, Anyone can!
  4. By the way... apparently Mr. Wisearse is a PhD candidate... soon to be Dr. Wisearse? Is this community big enough for Dr. Wisearse AND Dr. DumbAss??? (There's gonna be a gum fight!)
  5. Hey... there's some pretty crazy/weird/silly login IDs for www.geocaching.com! There's ... Mr.and Mrs. Wisearse Gumby&Pokey Mad Scientist Secret Sqirrel Giggles&Goofy MrPeabody Poopinthewoods and, of course, DrDumbAss... What prompted you to choose 'em? Peer pressure? Temporary insanity? Do ya really want 'em any more? Let's talk it up.... I'll go first... How'd ya get your login ID? ================== Joined www.geocaching.com while I was in the livingroom with my two boys (11 and 13) in 2003. Me:"Hey guys... looks like I need a login ID for this thing... Any ideas?" 13-yr-old(watching 'That Seventies Show'): "How about Dumbass?" Me(with one rasied eyebrow): "Hmmm... well... I don't know... it doesn't sound very official..." 11-yr-old(without missing a beat): "How about Dr. Dumbass?" Me: "Yah... that's a WHOLE lot better..." How do you feel about being stuck with it now? ============================== I don't really mind it as long as it never get's put in the paper with my picture. Might start caching with a mask.
  6. Well... I'm stuck with DrDumbAss... it was fun for a short while
  7. Shameless plug for some free advertising!
  8. Great... I wasn't necessarily thinking of April anyway. Late May to early June suits me just fine. Never really go on holidays until later in the warm season. Please spread the word to any of your military (or non-military) caching friends/acquaintances in the area and point 'em to the forum discussion. Good Hunting DrDumbAss
  9. Hi... I've been geocaching in the area for around 3 years and have only had the opportunity to meet a few of the other geocachers in the Upper Ottawa Valley. I thought that I'd like to get a caching event organized similar to the Spring Cache Challenge going on in Thunder Bay (April 21 - April 22). Interested parties place a few new caches in the area and we spend a day or so trying to find them and then get together at a local restaurant to meet, greet and possibly set up a mailing list or area caching association. It would be really nice to put some faces to many of the areas cachers. Pembroke would probably be best for a restaurant but that is definitely something we can discuss. I'd be willing to travel from Petawawa as far as Cobden down Hwy 17 and as far up Hwy 17 as Rolphton. And similar distances towards Eganville, etc. Talk it up people! It can only be good for geocaching in the area... Yours in the spirit of the hunt, Dr. Dumbass (Is there anywhere he WON'T look?) Martin Thompson
  10. Anybody adopted any of these yet? I volunteered for "Boardwalk" "Kingquad 1st" and sent an email to Kingquad on March 25.
  11. Is there any place that he WON'T look?
  12. Hi... although rather new to geocaching I'd like to make a suggestion for improvement to www.geocaching.com. I noticed when I signed on that I provided my Postal Code ... I can't remember whether the submit form stated this as mandatory or not... I'd like to have a "Cachers Bache" in my area and would like to determine how much interest there is within 120 km of a proposed gathering site... I'd like to invite all cachers (registered with www.geocaching.com ) within a 120km range to comment and discuss the idea... However, I have no way of getting a member list of members within a certain distance of a "point on the map". This, I think, would be quite useful... the postal codes, coordinates or whatever of each geocacher in that circle wouldn't need to be made public... just a list of their Login IDs and email links would be great... I think that this would be useful to a lot of people without violating your privacy policies... Whaddya think? Please comment... DrDumbAss "... he da man... if he can find it... anyone can!"
  13. Some good ideas here. I know that some closeby Scouting groups have done a wee bit of GeoCaching and I'm very much interested in getting some Cubs/Scouts out next Season. Might even get them looking for one that I hide! A great way to "Keep the 'OUT' in ScOUTing!" "Dr. DumbAss, he da man! If he can find it... anyone can!"
  14. Nice activity to do with 10-14 yr old kids too. They don't seem to like to go trekking through the bush as much as we did when we were kids (makeshift spears, bow and arrows, etc.)... One way to get 'em out and about on, as my brother calls 'em, our "disfunctional family outings"... "Dr. DumbAss, he da man! If he can find it... anyone can!"
  15. Any hints from experience garnered in creating this league?
  16. If anyone figures this out let me know!
  17. Hi... Great idea! I just found my first cache last night. I'm trying out paintball for the first time on June 21. I think I'll ask the proprietor if anyone's ever done this... adds a new twist for sure... [This message was edited by DrDumbAss on June 12, 2003 at 03:50 PM.]
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