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    Error 500

    Thank you searcherdog.
  2. Dicksontwo

    Error 500

    Perhaps I should elaborate. I was going to cache pages from the map, clicking on the cache name. After it happened with one cache and I vented my frustration I went back and had a think. What if I try clicking on 'Log Visit'/ It's working. Hopefully, that narrows down where the issue is and provides others with a solution. BTW, what do you do if you don't have a Twitter account? I don't like 'social media'.
  3. Dicksontwo

    Error 500

    Me too, but I'm in Australia and the time in H Q is 2.48 am. Hope someone checks this when the get in!!
  4. Good gracious, it just started working again! I went back to the map after posting and took the scale back to 500 metres to continue looking around. Up came the usual window and the cache page was opened! I didn't change anything, so far as I am aware. I'll still be interested in a reply, in case of recurrence.
  5. Hovering the mouse over the cache icon no longer brings up the cache details , therefore I can't go to the cache page, like I have always done before today. I tried taking the scale to 50 metres (which, of course, would be a pain anyway) but that didn't work. I'm totally non-technical so don't understand a word of this post. Can anyone help in plain English please?
  6. Thank you for your contributions, on4bam and Canadian Rockies. I am feeling a bit silly for totally overlooked searching by type (although in my case I didn't add them manually to GSAK at the time and now can't get hold of the data) or even looked at my public profile. To confirm for the benefit of others (a) lab caches are not included in My Finds queries but ( they are included in Finds in Profile and © that can be confirmed in GSAK by comparing My Finds with Profile Finds and any lab caches appearing there.
  7. Hopefully this Topic is still being watched because I have a problem in the same area. My problem is that the number of Finds generated by My Finds is less than the number of Finds shown in my Profile. I've picked up references to fixing glitches such as duplicated logs but but without specific methods for fixing. Can anyone suggest actual ways I can find the discrepancy, please? Amendment - I've been reminded by the 'better half' of Dicksontwo that we had lab caches finds more than two years ago (I have problems with last week!). Rechecking Forums, it seems pretty clear that they are not included when My Finds is generated but they are included in the Profile number of Finds. Also, they have to be added to GSAK, which will be possible only if the Finder is aware of the need and retains the requisite information. It would be a comfort if all this could be confirmed or corrected - someone - please.
  8. Brilliant, luvvinbird, at least it is to me as an almost tech-illiterate. Followed your advice and it all worked as before. Begs the question of what went wrong when Communicator Plugin 4.1 was downloaded??
  9. It's a common problem experienced by many on this forum including myself. I also use Windows 8.1 but it's IE 11 that caused the problem for me. You have two choices; use another browser like Chrome or Firefox or, if you wish to stay with IE 11, go to geocaching.com and, using the browser tools, enter that website onto the compatibility view list. That should do it for you. Good luck!
  10. Are we really the first team to place an Intent? Or are we in the wrong place? Wouldn't miss it for quids, sure, we'll be there - two in the team, adults arguably, and we'll be in our caravan, no power needed. The First Mega was so terrific, undoubtedly everyone will return plus all those who have heard what they missed. Great work, guys.
  11. Hello folks, if any are still watching this thread. We have been very remiss in not acknowledging contributions, time seems to slip by so quickly for retirees, especially coming home from an eleven weeks trip four weeks before Christmas, celebrated at home with three children, wives/partner and grandchildren We had a terrific time in southern Africa. The two expeditions we were on took us through Zambia, Namibia, South Africa, Mozambique and Lesotho. We were in parties so didn't divert for caches. In the end we didn't get to Chobe, sadly, but did have some days meandering from Pretoria to Cape Town. During the latter trip we picked up a few and, as always with this game, were taken to places we might not have visited otherwise. I won't bore you with lists but I'll give a special mention for Nieu Bethesda and the Swartberg Pass. Going that way meant we missed the Karoo N P, we just wish we could go everywhere! While in Livingstone we managed a couple round Victoria Falls. Aside from caches, we found some great B & Bs. Wonderful time and, again, sorry for not thanking you earlier.
  12. We are a couple who geocache visiting southern Africa from late September to late November. We will be on a couple of 4x4 expeditions but have "free" time in Chobe and while we meander from Pretoria to Cape Town via The Karoo. What advice and suggestions does anyone care to give?
  13. Thank you Pickles 4601. Now I'm really going to show what a novice I am! I've looked for the # unsuccessfully. Can it be deleted retrospectively? If so, the steps would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, too, BlueDeuce. I'm happy with the string being left open.
  14. Thanks to all your responses, I can now do it! I'm grateful to you. I suppose this ought to close the string but I don't know ow to do that either!
  15. Help! Great instructions for uploading photos to Profile Gallery/geocache pages in the latest Groundspeak Weekly Notification. The Groundspeak Forum has instructions for Avatar creation (I think Avatar means one's own image on one's Profile). But nowhere can I find instructions for uploading a TB photo to it's main page. Every time I try the photo goes into the Gallery. Can someone please give me the instructions or tell me where I can find them. We have released our first TBs, they are models of unique Australian animals, so we think the photos are interesting and go with a bit of text info.
  16. Many thanks Just Roger, La Fifi and mouse, you have all encouraged us. Just Roger, you prompted us to get on with Google Earth (we're novices, trying one step at a time) and we might have the hang of it.. Thanks for the advice, La Fifi. mouse, we probably won't have much time, we're just hoping the ship docks in Kirkwall, it's a very flexible, weather-driven itinerary. Our aim is to get Joshua's dragon to a cache as close to Joshua's grandfather's birthplace as possible. If any of you are attending the Mega Event at Harrogate, hope we meet up. Thanks again, all.
  17. Many thanks, paganleaf and Maple Frog. One showed on the map, paganfrog, but it looks the nearest to Kirkwall (An Orkney View). Our next tasks will be to get the ship to wait long enough for us and to find transport. Begs the question of why they didn't come up when I searched the UK site for caches within a radius of Kirkwall, shows we have a lot to learn.
  18. We are visiting from Australia and bringing with us a Travel Bug Joshua's Saphire Dragon. As part of our trip we are taking an adventure cruise around Scotland from Oban to Aberdeen. Joshua's grandfather was born near Kirkwall and our aim is to leave the Dragon as close to there as possible. However, we have been unsuccessful in tracing any cache in the Orkneys. Also, we notice the Orkneys and Shetlands are not on the UK map on the UK site. Can anyone help, please? If we have missed anything obvious, bear with us, we're still novices.
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