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  1. -GPS, PN-40

    -Plastic Bag full of Swag. Mostly little trinkets from imported Tomica vending machines like this http://img.search.com/thumb/2/23/Tomica_71_1.jpg/180px-Tomica_71_1.jpg

    -cell phone


    -Eye protection, one time while lowering a geocach on a rope from a tree, some debris got into my eye and I had to stragger o agas station 4 blocks away to rinse it out.



    I don't need much but I'm always armed when I am out


    I always wear long cargo pants and have a jacket with me. Being in eastern ND there really no place to go far away from the cities. so most caches I have picked up have been in town or while on Vacation. though my cache count is low I have found many more with a friend

  2. You should at least carry some pepper spray if you can legally do so. Never know what kind of persons you will run into both on the street or wilderness.

    Personally I carry I firearm, and I dont understand why you are grateful for not living i the USA

  3. OH NOES! THERE'S A CONTAINER! CALL THE POLICE! this kind of pisses me off. people need to stop freaking out over such stupid things. Just a little investigation on the caller of bomb squad would have been enough to know what it was. But EOD just needs to roll on the counter explosives right away. People cant drop their wallet or forget their backpack at school anymore without EOD being called.

  4. I Geocach with a friend of mine (IcedPenguin) and have just bought a GPS of my own to start doing it on my own.


    That begin said. I just got POST certified and hope to get a job as a police officer soon. I also almost always carry a handgun with me when I am out (geocaching or not). I can also understand how a cacher may look suspicious or even a cach itself (though they need to stop rolling in EOD for every un attended bag). If a cop gives you crap or attitude about your hobby just tell him to lighten up and understand that everyone enjoys doing different things.

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