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  1. There is already one and it's going great guns - you really must try it - you will have to be scrapped off the ceiling afterwards .... GC1GH4C
  2. Last year - a 'similar' situation arose = http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=220605 in a Manchester park. All members of the geocaching community responded quickly and amicably. back to topic real -- When the Anti Terror laws were amended .. very wide ranging powers were given to MANY organisations, including the police.. IMHO , and many others, they went well beyond our normally accepted civil liberties -- but -- in the interests of public safety ! they were passed. We also seem to be getting used to the "in the opinion of the officer" (police) ... and the period of detention without charge, and without adequate evidence, sufficient to convict under this law, is VERY scarry. I supose we will just have to get used to the "big hammer - small nut to crack" that they use . Maybe - Groundspeak and its local representatives should ENSURE that "critical information" , like this case, is circulate not only to individuals, but all the community. I know Deci posted it on our local NW forum, and sent appropriate emails, but I feel that the system SHOULD be more robust. Most email systems have a 'check back' method, surely that is not outside Groundspeak's capacity to employ this to ENSURE that all recipients have indeed GOT IT. It ain't rocket science I would also like to see such a method extended to all mail - so we all know if a member has GOT IT . not just the 'confirm we sent' mail
  3. Yeh, I know HH .. I'm sure Badger realised he was getting his ribs tickled - not a poke in the eye - from me - Deci is TOOOOO nice a guy .. he goes to excessive lengths to satify cachers .. some of whom, fail to recipricate in a like manner. I was interested in this thread, for several reasons / local caches / professional involment when I was working - and being on the 'receiving end' very recently ! The massive changes in these Laws since I was involved, are quite scarry for members of the public. (sorry) I my day, we were trained to give three clear and separate verbal warnings, if not, a 'double tap' ... Seems today, you grab an innocent passenger on a train, and put 7 rounds into their head at zero range ! ! So, back to caching SAFELY ........ and SENSIBLY .... and RESPONSIBLY .. and heeding the reviewer's guidance ...... and walk over bridges quietly ... LOL As far as I can tell, there's been no castigating of reviewers in this thread; in fact, quite a bit of support. There was some grumbling by Badger, who for reasons unknown did not appear to have received the warning e-mail and so was justifiably indignant to have a cache seemingly archived without consultation. The aggressive and castigating posts were directed at him, and only served to increase his indignation: although we seem to have got over that dispute. Hopefully. So I don't know how you get the impression that you're being castigated or that people think that the response to the GMP request was "wrong". There are a few questions about the future of such exclusion zones, and their legal standing, but that's for later.
  4. May I once again dare to suggest - EVIDENCE = typical ? egh ? where ? and why you don't post on forums is maybe because you antagonise quite mild mannered forum members with your comments about your silly actions and reasons, that are bound to get slapped down ..... trip trap trip trap .......... get real and grow up .......... trip trap trip trap
  5. Being of the genous 'blunt speaker' - may I respectfully suggest it's not the words "lack of communication" that are in question - but your total inability to comprehend the gravity of your rather immature actions; or in reallity, your non actions. Just put your hands up (pun intended) and admit - your response was totally unjustified and does put geocaching members of the public , in a very embarrassing , if not DANGEROUS situation. Beside that - the more you protest - the bigger twit you are seen to be ..... Move on - Nice one Rutson .. Badger needs all the friends he can get at the moment
  6. Badger (and maybe others - I do not know you -- BUT - I had a Police AR Unit decend on the wood I was shooting pigeons in - they were waving guns about at me - shouting all maner of things through megaphones - had the compele afternoon ****ed up because some bl33din idiot RANG the Police about a suspicious person in camoflage clothing with a gun was hiding in the woods FFS ! ! IT'S REAL - it's 2010 - like it or not - the countryside is NOT a Police free zone !!! They ARE ARMED and MEAN IT -- You 'appear' to have your head so far up your backside you can see the daylight between your tonsils ! GET REAL -- and don't be so SELFISH and SELFCENTRED -- and ???? Oh - do I care what you think of me ?? Just ask yourself the obvious question ? ? ? ? ?
  7. He does -- usually to take a "power nap" --- just when it's his turn to "get them in"
  8. If you have a Dell Inspiron, and get a "hung up" WELCOME page - on boot up -- (or similar) - especially after the SP2 update == Go to Dell Support - download their 'loader' - then download and install the latest WIFI Drivers .. Don't ask - I don't know -- but mine is now "cured" after 3 months of hair tearing out !!!
  9. Now I'm confused .... PLEASE NOTE - this is NOT personal - just part of this debate ...... Theta's activities / ethics may not be in question here. Their cache was in the SAME tree as the cache our friend Boggymarsh logged on the 26 Oct 2009. "Just a thought" .. or two ... Boggymarsh joined Groundspeak as = boggymarsh and has been Member Since: Monday, October 22, 2007 ?? It has only taken him two years to find his first AND ONLY cache ... that has to be a UK if not a WORLD record ! I'm so please for him and that it was one of Ken's caches - the whole series is great --- If Boggymarsh would like to complete it - I for one would take him for a meal and pint afterwards .... The local cachers are VERY friendly and get-together at least once a month and anyone is more than welcome to join in. PLease feel free to join a few local cachers at this event = GC23THX - Wobblin in Wiggin.CAMRA. Flash Mob on Friday evening next week ............ hic hic ........ over 60 real ales will be "available" within yards of this event ... OH - the cacher's name; heronmar....... is the same as that of the 'local' business they run .... hhmmm ... seems it pays to advertise for free !
  10. and a few miles away >>> What's going on round here ? This got posted tonight = GC24865 = http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...4d-e149be60a74d and suprise suprise - yards away is the cache owner = heronmarketing = http://www.heronmarketing.co.uk/index.html Surely it's against GC.COM's rules to use such DIRECT MARKETING so obviously ?????
  11. I started reading this tread in the hope of understanding "Waymarking" ... I am totally confused ..... Just what is wrong with "complaining" to a fellow cacher about their "lack of consideration" for a Cache Owners reasonable requests ? I personally have mailed and or deleted logs that "are not sympathetic" to my wishes - -- like logging that they climbed over fences when the Landowner objects to that practice. -- like using non-child friendly language in the log ... -- like elluding to the fact the cache was "rubbish" when it was their ineptitude with a map / GPS / compass / comprehension of cache notes etc . etc .===== I wish the moderators had been a BIT MORE ENTHUSIASTIC with their chopping out of the DROSS from this thread ....
  12. It is now OVER a year since I posted my comments ..... Why has NOTHING been done ? Let us call "a spade , a spade" !! Garmin produce a 'device' with Wherigo = QED = Groundspeak take "their cut" = the PAYING GC.COM members 'sponsored' the DEATH of the PDA/smartphone based Wherigo player ..... Let us face it == we were the 'mugs' who road-tested it - wrote the caches for it - and now are tossed aside while someone else takes home the bacon
  13. 'mtn-man' == REALLY ?? == Volunteer cache reviewer since 1891 -- I know you write like an old phart .. but are you REALLY over 118 years old ???
  14. It's almost 24 hours and I've had no PQ's , notifications or Emails from GC.COM -- and I'm not on my own .. many of the NWcachers forum are in the same boat .......... but hey -- chin up -- we're BRITISH
  15. Please - where is this build that works with Vista to be found ?
  16. Hi - Jeremy Just got the UK O2 version of the HTC Touch Diamond = XDA ignito. The screen resolution is not compatible with Wherigo .... I just about managed the Tutorial but with difficulty. I suppose that makes using Wherigo a Dead Duck .. The lack of the Windows Mobile 6.1 support e.g. - GPS acquisition / sreen format makes it very unlikely that many, like myself, will bother to "revisit" the Cache type ... I find that a great shame, as it has very good prospects of being useful in an educational environment etc. I personally see this screen problem as a real barrier to the mode taking off, as far more devices WILL be high res. and far fewer VGA devices surviving ... 12 to 18 months ... maybe ????? I respectfully suggest that this NEEDS to be a PRIORITY task if this mode is to survive.
  17. Isn't it amazing how fast companies react when they've got a fire under their botty! I have three domains + hosting due up at the end of this month -- so far I have had 27 emails "reminding me" . . . . they want me dosh . . . so they got me dosh ... let's hope I get me bandwidth without interuption ...
  18. Thanks Lianne, waiting with bated breath for NWests return to normal banter mode ....
  19. Well, it's nice to know that some people still think it's more important to leave your "anonymous" nickname on a website as a memorial to a failed relationship than getting your life sorted out and back on track to lifelong happiness .......
  20. D U M P all the baggage ..................... I mean ALL ............ leave ALL the past --- in the past... get a life of your own ......................
  21. Your wish granted === 70 == yeritiz = = http://www.pendle.gov.uk/downloads/pendle_...ogram_08_1_.pdf
  22. As part of the Pendle Walking Festival in Lancashire, four Geocaching Events have been organised during the week of the feastival. It has 70, yes seventy walks organiased, ALL of which are FREE , during the week of 30th August thro 7th September 2008. There is a very colourful and informative 20 page A5 leaflet with details of all the walks etc. for the festival. If you would like a copy, or info on where to stay, transport etc. please ring the Tourist Unit at Pendle Borough on 01282 661 981. There are four Geocaching EVENTS organised as part of the festival's seventy walks and activities during the week 30 August thro 7 September. Pendle Walking Festival - Geocaching Introduction Pendle Walking Festival - Geocache & Letterboxing Pendle Walking Festival - Pendle Caches and as a NWCaching Forum Monthy meeting Keep an eye out for Nelson You can of course, go on any of the feastival's walks, they are all FREE and 70 - yes - seventy to choose from Leaflet here = http://www.pendle.gov.uk/downloads/pendle_...ogram_08_1_.pdf
  23. For ages now we have used a Scottish product = SHOO very very little needed on , totally no smell or oily feel .. and ...... MIDGES HATE IT !!!! There used to be a 'diluted' spray-on product with the same ingredient called BUG-OFF , but not seen it for years ... Hope that helps
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