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  1. Ok. So the rules I plead for do not help to the opinion of many of you. But what may help? Mentoring may help, but cannot be made compulsory. Live and let live, don't know if that helps. Also, I am not sure whether or not areas in the States are so full that there is a cache every corner of the street. In NL, these areas exist. Of course, having all kind of micro-hit-and-run caches have admirers as well and I respect that if the purpose was hit and run. Just want to discuss possibilities for the quality of caches without dealing with the personal opinion of approvers. To have a few more rules, I do not care. Rules like 'no fire-arms in caches' do not apply here. Neither does 'no drugs in caches'; why would anyone put drugs in a cache here while you can get them more easily than a cache (oops ) So, iso yelling NO, help me with thinking possibilities, please
  2. including the garbage and rubbish not worth naming it a geocache. There goes a beautiful hobby down the drain...
  3. Not sure I am in the right thread, but at least I searched the forum In the Netherlands, the number of cachers are growing very fast. Therefore, the number of caches is growing rapidly as well. As such, nothing wrong with it. At this moment, anyone can place a cache; you have found 1 cache ever (or less)? You are allowed to place as many caches as you want. The big drawback here is that many of those caches are not too good or worse than they could have been (personal opinion). But they do apply to the approval rules. Also, approval rules at this moment make it not too easy to place a nice cache because you have to arrange approval from landowners. This can be of great pain because there is only one owner, but more that one trustee. What we can see now, is that people throw in micro's on every corner of the street. Nothing special with that corner; no history, no landmark, no nice view, just a corner. I might well be that in the neighborhood might be something more interesting, or, if the placer of the cache would have taken more time or would have had more geocaching-experience, he might have found a better place where a traditional cache could have been placed. Approvers can do nothing. The micro on the corner of the street placed by 'John' with 1 found or less does agree to the approval rules, so approval is oke. However, most of the cachers feel this is cache is a real pain and just a cache to own a cache. My feeling is that this poor quality of caches is also maintained by the rules for caches as they are now. Why bother to arrange approval with the landlord/trustees with formal contracts etc etc while at the same time a micro 100 yards further is easy? The approvalrules as they are now bring discredit to geocaching easily. Of course, there are numerous cachers who make the best of it! And although I very much dislike micro's, sometimes it is the only solution. I would plead for additional approval rules: A cacher is only allowed to place a cache after 50 founds For every 10 founds, a cache can be placed To my opinion, this prevents proliferation and brings more quality to caches.
  4. For all dutch geocachers, this thread is a must to follow . Afrikaans and dutch are too much related. I really can smile when I read 'reistor' which is a word which should be introduced in the dutch community too. And a better Afrikaans/Dutch word voor geocaching is very welcome. Afrikaanse woorden are relatively simple to read for dutch with some exceptions. Grammar is far more difficult. But when I read out loud, I manage to understand quite well.
  5. Because a cache's type is supposed to be what type of cache it is. If its more than one the approvers may want it broken apart into more than one cache (and if one of those parts is a locationless, it isn't going to get listed anyways). The approver in NL can see the fun of the cache. Therefore it is approved as it is. The cache, a regular ammo-box is in my frontgarden. You may exchange goodies and write the logbook. Since time is short before their wedding, I decided that a different log method should be possible. I know that this changes the cache to a different type, so what. It is the fun of geocaching and this one is specifically for them who get married. The cache disappears after 20 august since I am not keen on having people in my garden throughout the years. If you stick too close to the rules on caches, geocaching in NL gets almost impossible. And a hobby is a hobby because of the fun; as soon as the fun is over, the hobby is over.
  6. Cache is only available for another 3 weeks. There are not yet any cards received from the USA. Too bad as the roots of geocaching is from the USA. It is not so hard to get the address, is it? If you are not sure about the address, mail me.
  7. Yeah, sorry. Wasn't aware. Well, there is not yet a logbook; therefore it is disabled. Will be enabled in a few hours since I will get a new (and nice) logbook right NOW.
  8. I know it is not done, to promote your own cache, but this is an exception (I hope). Please look at my cache S&B Wedding cache. It is a normal cache, but can be done from the states. I do hope this couple gets some cards. You may also drop off TB's here
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