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  1. I use a flyfishing vest - The pockets are great! I also have velcro on my hydration pack strap so I can slap the GPS on it. works well for me
  2. Another you can try www.trailqwest.com Coverage is mostly in the greater Cincinnati, Ohio and Deep Creek, MD areas but is expanding rapidly so check back often.
  3. Greetings, I believe I can help add to this discussion. For printing your own area maps I like and have used NG's topo - don't expect any significant level of detail though. and as has been mentioned earlier they can be pricey. I find that the DeLorme gazetters have the resolution I like but generally do not have trails listed. This may or may not be an issue. I prefer to use existing trails as much as possible. Alternatively, you may be able to find regional trail maps online. I'm a partner in a mapping endeavor (www.trailqwest.com) that currently has trails in several midwest and east coast states listed. We use survey grade equipment and are creating recreational trail maps for hiking, mountain biking, bridle trail trails etc. All of our maps are free as opposed to other providers. Check the site often as we're continually adding new maps. GPS downloads are available for some trails as well. Here's a direct link to a trail in the greater Cincinnati area so you can see what the maps look like. You can use standard paper and coat with thompson waterseal for a cheap waterproofer (it beats a buck a page from REI for waterproof paper) Again, hope this info helps! Let me know. Robert at TrailQwest
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