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  1. Enjoyed your GIFF film "Got a pen?" by the way! It was my favorite one!
  2. Those may be counted by Groundspeak as "countries", but they are not independent nations recognized by the UN. Cocos (Keeling) Islands and Heard Island and McDonald Islands belong to Australia, and Bouvet Island belongs to Norway. The latter 2 are completely uninhabited. West Island in the Cocos Islands, on the other hand, has an airport and a population of about 100. There is also another inhabited island about 8 kilometers to the northeast called Home Island that has a population of about 500 and can be reached by ferry. The airport has regular flights to and from Perth and Christmas Island, so it's pretty accessible for Australian tourists at least. I suppose someone who lives on the island would have to maintain any caches placed, and it's unlikely that anyone there has even heard of geocaching. But it is possible that there will be caches there someday just like in many other island nations. So, in terms of what countries are internationally recognized as actual, independent nations, there are still only 2 of those that remain cache-less: North Korea and Nauru.
  3. Haha yeah, for some reason when you zoom out all the way on the map, it doesn't load in the cache icons in that map tile. If you look at the URL while browsing the map around Eastern Australia, you'll notice the caches don't show up once z=3 or less.
  4. Wow, it's been 11 years since the last activity on this thread. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the only two countries remaining in the world that do not have any caches are North Korea and Nauru. The other "countries" on the list above are just territories of other countries. There used to be a cache on Nauru - it was active from 11/06/2010 to 12/12/2015 (GC2HWY5), but got archived because the site where it was hidden was closed to the public. I think it's definitely possible for another cache to be placed on the island eventually. As for North Korea...no. Not for a very long time, if ever. There would probably have to be a second Korean war to reunite both Koreas or something. Geocaching might not even be a thing anymore by the time that happens. People aren't exactly taking vacations to that country anyway. I'd say it's still quite an achievement to have a cache in every country in the world except for one or two.
  5. That requires a subscription (albeit a very small fee), and you can't do it on desktop, only mobile, so it would be cool if they had that on geocaching.com or some other website.
  6. Will there ever be a filter added to the map for Community Celebration Events? I would like to be able to filter those out and view just regular events or Mega and Giga events.
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