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  1. Kind of depends on what pc software, what GPS unit you have/and what mapping features you display.


    The suggested google map method works great. In that you can download the entire (up to 500 I think) range of caches around the location you specify. This download file can then be uploaded to your GPS. If you have a palm or similar, often the encrypted help can be downloaded, along with parking co-ords. (This is paperless caching.)


    However, if like me you have an e-trex with a 25mb internal memory map, I tend to download the map areas I am likely to visit in the not to distant future (additional mapsource navigator europemap. The basemap is pants.), download these to the etrex first. It has to be said this is more than enough for most of central England!


    I've then taken to downloading a waypoint .loc file at 1 page increments (approx 7 miles in my case), and creating a route on mapsource for each. This also downloads all the waypoints for all routes, overlayed on each other.


    To go paperless you do in my case have to edit the location text with the help text. Which can be a bit of pain, but it's doable.


    Having read that back it sounds complicated, if anyone has a quicker way round using the hardware/software I'm using, please shout.



  2. Happened to us once, so we waited a bit nearby ... and a bit more ... and then put a quick 1 km loop on to the walk, to let them finish. When we got back they were still cackling in the undergrowth. Another 1k loop and they were gone, cache re-hidden and log signed. Quite why the cache necessitated so much thrashing around in the undergrowth I don't know!


    So, you can take the chance to get in a bit more exercise as ordered by the doc!


    Thanks for the suggestions folks. Many thanks for your support.

    Now that I'm almost in double figures, I'm gagging to put one of my own out. :rolleyes:

  3. Hi folks.


    Only been doing this a couple of weeks..doctors orders to get more exercise, plus two new dogs, plus a 10 year old who doesn't recognise "the outdoor world".


    We did a week near Cardigan bay, at some resonably remote spots, and two of our finds had been discovered in the same day.


    I assume in the spring and summer months you'd want to avoid the very busy cache areas (don't know where but could guess a couple).


    But what happens if you end up at the cache point and someone's sitting on the cache writing in the log book. Ignore/carry on, and come back. Or strike up a conversation and sit waiting. I actually can't imagine it being a problem, but maybe I should carry a "I'm not a muggle" flag just in case.


    Excellent hobby, glad I found it.

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