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  1. ...I cant work out how to enter co-ordinates into my new (birthday present) Vista HCx. It looks great, have been hoping to use it saturday but cant work out how to enter co-ordinates which clearly makes geocaching for multicaches which you get clues for final co-ordinates a bit tricky...before asking I have read the instructions but doesnt seem to help.


    Also, whilst on, is it worth buying extra maps for it? or have people found the basemap supplied with the unit suficent ?


    I have downloaded geocache so am not being totally useless, any help much appreciated




    The above poster is spot on with adding waymarks on the go.


    Extra maps are personal preference really. I have a TomTom for the car, so didn't really need the extra map detail, but the base map on the etrex is so, so poor, it's untrue. However, a lot of folks don't even need a base map, just the direction arrow.

  2. Have had trouble logging in too. The computer says 'no'...


    I'll try a carrier pigeon next :P


    Try Edgemasters back door:






    This link works for me.

    To be honest lads (those that created the site etc..), it's a great addition, it is really. However, it "seems" to have been created by users of firefox/mac/othernonconforming/not-explorer users.


    Just my 02.



  3. Not how its changed me personally, but a rather interesting story that seems to fit.


    I first learned of geocaching when I was in Iraq. I had a girl in my unit with that seemed to have this uncanny ability to see hidden IEDs along the roads. Turns out she was a geocacher from Utah that was good at locating unnatural piles of rocks and other such things in the desert. :laughing:


    How cool is that!! :D Maybe it (geocaching) should become part of basic! ;)


    That is brilliant. I have also noticed a number of unfounds in Afghanistan, one of which is described as an IED lookalike. Not sure if I'd be unscrewing the top off that baby. :huh:

  4. You're first in the log book, so that makes you FTF.


    There is a post going on the US forums where the FTF signs the log book, then purposely fails to log it on-line just to wind up the second "FTF'rs", until they log on-line and bitch about it. You won it fair and square.


    There is a similar one near me (Burton On Trent), that was immediately suspended by Lactodorum, as he spotted it was on private land.

  5. Has anyone heard of something called QuickGPSFix that you can activate on a TomTom device to latch onto satellites quicker from cold? Just looking at the new maps that are available for TomTom and spotted that this is a feature on some of their units. I wondered if anyone is aware if you can run on a Pocket PC.

    Seems like it has been out for a while.


    The maps are half price aparently till Jan by the way (£29.99) if you aren't aware.


    Apologies if a bit off subject but I know a lot of cachers use TomTom to at least get near to the cache.


    try pocketgpsworld

  6. We found an unusual multi-cache that required a 9 volt battery to figure out the next stage. The container had what seemed like a gazillion wires sticking out of it plus a small eye piece to look through. When the correct two wires were hooked up to the battery, a light went on inside the container. You looked through the eye piece and could read the coordinates for the final part of the cache. Very clever!


    Oh I do like that one. Might have to "borrow" that idea. Very neat.

  7. I am hoping that somebody out there may be able to assist me as I am stuck. I just cannot get my PDA to communicate with my bluetooth GPS at all. It used to work, but I let the batteries go flat on my PDA and had to re-install TomTom, and it's not worked ever since... well, TT works but it does not see my GPS. It sees Tony's GPS (a bluetooth TT GPS) okay :huh:


    Here's what I am using


    PDA = Pocket Loox Running pocket windows 2003

    TomTom v6

    the gps is a Cellink BTG-7000 (manual is useless and doesn't tell me anything).


    I got the PDA to see the GPS and attempt to pair with it, but then it asks me for a security code. There is no code available in the manual for the GPS, so I assume you just type in any old thing. Well, nothing I type seems to help.


    If anybody has any tricks and wheezes for getting recalcitrant GPSs and PDAs to play nicely together, I would be pleased to give them a try....


    This is exactly why I got rid of my Ipaq about 18 months ago. I bought it thinking it would be


    1. Better than my paper diary.

    2. able to run TomTom.

    3. Allow me to do e-mails, albeit offline.

    4. Allow me to modify MS-Office docs on the run.


    2, 3 & 4 were ok.

    Trying to flick through a PPC diary is rubbish compared to a standard paper pocket diary.


    And to top it off, if the battery goes anywhere near flat, or if you dropped it from more than 2 inches, the bloody thing would hard reset.


    I just got so miffed off with having to restore from my backup.


    Sorry for the mini-hijack.

  8. Yup, google earth. Placed me at 72m above sea level, my garmin says about 220ft. So it's not bad as a general guide +/- 10-20 ft.


    Although you could probably use some long sticks and the sun..... (i'll get me coat)

  9. [/img]




    Ok, well I must admit that it had me fooled. When i click on the icon for uploading pics I get a box appear that has a http:// in it, so I put in the photobucket URL. When i view it on the forum it only uploads a bit of text called [/img]

    So I decided to just copy and paste the URL here in the reply window....BINGO !!

    So why cant I use the Insert Image button ? Strange ?

    Anyway, apologies to those of you that have put up with my feeble attempts at uploading a pic. And thanks for the help I have receivedfrom Keehotee and Paul.



    you don't have to use the image insert button. Just paste the url as text then add the IMG tags at the start and end. P.s. you can use the "preview post" tho. ;)

  10. We are the owners of a white 1971 Herald 13/60 Convertible. We do the odd caching trip as a family in it. Great in the Summer.


    Would add photo but cant fathom out how to do it.


    You can't upload a photo directly from your home PC, you need to host the picture somewhere else. For example photobucket. There are many others.


    Create your account, then upload your photo's from your home machine. On the host account you can then copy the image link. Then, on GC.com when replying to a post click on the "insert image" icon (looks like a tree), and follow the steps.


    Sorry if that sounded a bit simpleton.





  11. Ok,


    where do I find the league tables!!


    most caches found

    most caches put-out (not sure about the lingo?)

    most travelled bugs...




    just curious.


    That info is only available to the Platinum members. Sorry.........


    Quite frankly I'm appalled at the customer service level shown in this thread.


    Especially as an African based moderator took $1500 off me to ensure that I had in fact achieved GOLD+Member status. :D

  12. Ok,


    where do I find the league tables!!


    most caches found

    most caches put-out (not sure about the lingo?)

    most travelled bugs...




    just curious.

    There's a league? :D

    Wouldn't that mean there is a handicap system?


    Stop messin' and give me the the link...I need it.


    Like you say "don't let the bar stewards grind you down".

  13. I've seen a couple of posters with NE and SE caching.co.uk in their sig. Is there a link to show other regional forums?




    This is set up by one of the reviewers. Its pinned to the top of the forum under multiple pinned tpoics but here is the direct link for you.




    Many thanks for that. There doesn't appear to be one for the Midlands. Is there a way of searching for Midlands folks?



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