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  1. About 5 months. Regular cache, about half a mile to the GZ, pleasant stroll near the river, no other caches about, it just suited my series for it to be at that place. Archived due to lack of interest.
  2. Have patience my friend. This happens from time to time. I certainly felt spoilt when I went through a period of getting caches published the very same evening, sometimes within a few hours, it kinda felt odd the first time I had to wait a whole 36 hours! Without any inside knowledge, they are volunteer reviewers who I guess sometimes have real life to deal with, or take a few days off. Normal service will be resumed at some point.
  3. Oh the irony. I've bought bagfulls of pre-decimal coins off fleabay and I put a small selection into money bags and use this as a swap item. Y'know a couple of pennies h'pennies, thruppny bits, shillings, etc. Last log I got was "x took bag of old coins, left TB"
  4. I'm not quite at that stage yet, but I feel your pain. I purposely include this banner on most of my caches.. And I still get people actually admiting to "took garmin cable, left old eraser" type logs.
  5. I can appreciate your frustration, but you can still waymark your way through the places you want people to see. I know it means a multi or a puzzle or such like, which might diminish interest a tad (might depend on the length of the walk and complexity of the waypoints), but I suspect I'm not telling you something you don't already know. It's something I've done in the past as I couldn't be bothered with the effort of seeking the relevant permissions for the sake of a trad at the site.
  6. About £60 brand new, less for a previously loved one off fleabay. Use the TT to get to the final mile, and the etrex for the last mile.
  7. It's not the you want to worry about, it's the blinkin' 'orses.
  8. Can somebody stick this in a regional forum, as no-one else knows what you're talking about. :shrug:
  9. The one I quoted was a premium cache....which is a bit odd?? and raises many questions.
  10. Another very informative topic. I can't really use these maps on my Hc, but I do have them on my PDA (unfortunatley, not the freebie ones.). I might well have chosen a HcX or above if I knew better at the time.
  11. Thanks for the tips, good and bad, I'm going in the summer. Sort of a Cairo/cruise/seaside jobby. Will probably stick to the earth caches.
  12. I'm really sorry you feel forced out of your position, I can imagine it's a (lot) of workload on top of your normal daily life. Thanks for giving it a go.
  13. That's a much better effort. My work here is done.
  14. Well he's bloody retired now, so he has a distinct advantage....referee!! Seriously, well done Steve, and I look forward to seeing you before the end of the year.
  15. Thanks for making that clear mongers. I wasn't being too serious, but it's worth knowing the details. And while I'm here, I'll tut at uk89camaro: <tut> This brings a recent event to mind... I have a major retail account that I deal with, worth many English Pounds to my business. That's not a brag, it's a fact that is useful in making this analogy. I went into the local co-op today and the cashier was having a dickey fit over the fact that the Lottery machine was playing up..."too much stress". SP, if you wish to state some facts, then please do. But to only give me stress over a <tut>, or even a double <tut><tut>, is reprehensible in it's failure to provoke a response of even the mildest of "Chubby Brown" repsonses. So, let's not get stressed over something that does not significantly affect our lives. You really must try harder.
  16. Well consider me for the moment, to not be a genius, as it appears you are proporting yourself to be. Please say what you think rather than attempting to elucidate your thoughts. Make's it a bit simpler that way. Small minded people like you who clearly have had some extremely minor issues with reviewers, not moderaters per se, want to create a huge mountain out of a molehill in order to fill a hole in your life, that you appear not to be able to fill with something a bit more useful. Like family, like charity work, or even a CITO event. I was going to say it's "just plastic boxes in the woods", but clearly you have a disproportionate life/hobby balance, and you should take advice from a professional. You, and your crew have sucessfully managed to drive out two moderators. Well done mate, I mean you must feel so proud, and this is what you will teach your children? Now I'm off to fix up some shelves for a charity in the morning, at the expense of a FTF..It's a hobby FFS Happy to help.
  17. Seconded, Deci, many thanks for all your hard work in these forums. I'm sure life as a volunteer reviewer (minus the forum role) will be considerably less stressful if not more rewarding. Don't let the bar stewards get you down Thirded. Hope nobody "gobby" turns up on this thread. I'm sorry that you've had to make this decision.
  18. Charming. I think if you read the post once again, maybe a little slower this time, you'll realise my comment was about the use of the 'I do it for free' phrase. As the reviewer in question has never dealt with any of my caches I have no opinion on the quality of his work. Gosh, I'm sorry, I've just re-read your post, really slowly, 'cos ah is slow innit. I apologise for my "<remark deleted>" comment, as it was clearly not up to your normal standard of rhetoric in every day life, you must receive worse from your workmates on a daily basis. I hope. What is your problem with "I do it for free".... The reviewers do it for free, on top of a full time job...go hide in a hole mate, before I get banned.
  19. Why on earth does this phrase get trotted out so often by reviewers, both in the distant past and now? What on earth does the payment status have to do with whether a job is considered to be done well or not? If reviewers find that they are not being appriciated when working for free, don't do the job. Please don't ask everyone to applaud your role and decisions just because you do it for free. Doing something for free is no excuse for doing a poor job. I'm not for one minute suggesting you are doing a poor job, I have no opinion on that. " "I'm not for one minute suggesting you are doing a poor job, I have no opinion on that." Doesn't sound like that to me mate. If you have a specific problem with a reviewer/cache, then post it. Otherwise <remark deleted>. Happy to help.
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