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  1. Does the site owner have the necessary permissions to replicate the cache data. I would like my data removed from the site without delay, or discussion.
  2. I have found that a partial post code works just fine. E.g. LE12 9 as opposed to LE12 9DG.
  3. The data received is from Groundspeak, and is used under their terms & conditions that you signed up to. So, no, unless the site admin decides in the best interests to do so.
  4. Er.... says something about signing in? Is it suddenly only for your chronies? If you want to see the data then sign in, if you don't, then don't. It's all freeview, what's your problem?
  5. Some people call it a caching "bingo card". If you want to find a list of caches by diff/terr have a look here...http://www.icache.co.uk/charts/difficulty-terrain/
  6. I don't think it's arrogant, just a statement of facts. However, I do think your response is ill thought out, bereft of intelligence, logic, and in any way useful. Thanks for trying anyway. (At least spell check your posts if you want to take the high ground mate.)
  7. ...which is why you were denied an emcache account today trying to register as mouse** as a sock puppet account. Coward. Icache is the the only site licenced to use the GC data. GAGB do not have that licence. Simple. Cut and paste actual posts or e-mails, or simply shut up. Groundspeak may have a different opinion. I've just choked on my pudding. Private facebook, no such thing. It happens that the idiot in question did not have his privacy filters set, and the whole world could see the vitriolic diartribe evolve as it happened.
  8. It appears "what kicked it off" was a request from GAGB to stream event cache pages/data from the icache site. As you are aware the data agreement with Groundspeak is for the icache.co.uk domain only, and icache would be breaking that agreement by sharing the data with the GAGB. So, back on topic, does the OP have the correct permissions (which took a long time for icache to obtain), to list the events calender?
  9. But no events calendar, unless I'm missing something. You are indeed missing something...... http://www.icache.co.uk/events/ Sorry, but I think I must have a problem with my browser! I take it that it does support IE8, as all I can see is a list of events. Incidentally. I'm a little puzzled as to why you are hijacking this thread highlighting helpful facility on GAGB? Why not just start a new thread to promote your site? Variation on a theme, but not in a true calender format. Very useful to see list of events in date order, and a map so you can browse by geography. Sorry if you felt it was a hijack, I was being helpful to users who may not know that the icache database exists. I don't see it as a competition by the way, nor do I see the need to be sarcastic. Carry on.
  10. But no events calendar, unless I'm missing something. You are indeed missing something...... http://www.icache.co.uk/events/
  11. Did you know there is a ready made site that shows all sort of stats, including events....www.icache.co.uk. It's uses GC supplied data, and is updated twice a week.
  12. Don't want to cause any ructions, but if I were you I'd disable it for a few days and get over to www.emcache.com where Derby members will be able to give you a quick 1-2-1 on the basics of cache setting. It just seems you may have been a bit previous with your first hide. Just a thought.
  13. Couldn't agree more with the above. I am prone to a drive-by or three, so wouldn't want to be "ultra hard core" and make everything either "big tin in the woods", or "somewhere or something nice to see", but certainly the majority. Word of caution. I have been flamed for this speech before as being "anti disabled cachers", as when people moan about 35mm power trails it spoils the fun for those unfortunate enough to be handicached. So I'd like to say now, it's not. Plenty of handicache caches (well disguised micros as well), in nice parks and walks, not at the side of roads in a power trail, or down dog shyte alley ways. To the OP, I think your general locale is a bit unlucky in % of micros. The England average is about a third micros, unless you live in the South East where it's nearer 40 odd %, and if you pick the right spot, double that!!!! http://www.icache.co.uk/region/
  14. A TB or geocoin is not a swap, you can pick them up and do not have to leave anything in it's place (but yo're kind, so you did anyway.). Equally you should not be logging "took nice pen, left geocoin", as you're depleting the cache contents. On the other hand, if it's a TB hotel, sometimes the cache owners prefer you not to take out more TB's that you leave, or at the very least leave one in it, otherwise it would a Norman Bates motel.
  15. If your preview is showing caches that's a good thing. Co-ords or postcode shouldn't make a difference to the quantity of caches. You can't run any more than 5 PQ's in one day, you might look in your inbox at about 08:00 in the morning.
  16. You can create and download PQ's (pocket queries, files that contain 500 caches and data), if you are a premium member.
  17. I've seen folks at events issuing lists of coin numbers, and some people happily gobble them up. Personally I wouldn't discover a coin unless I'd actually fondled it in person.
  18. You have to generate your own PQ's, and as the above says, use something like GSAK to export them to your TomTom. The latest TomTom macro allows you to show different icons by cache type (although it would be even better if it showed a different one for "unknown"). I use (%name %con1 %hint), which is normall enough to pick of drive bys without breaking out the extrex. www.icache.co.uk can show you where ALL the UK caches are, but as yet you can't download it.
  19. http://www.movable-type.co.uk/scripts/latlong.html here's one, but if you google there are a number that do the same thing.
  20. Shipley Park, Derbyshire On Sunday 2nd. There is one 20 miles away in Loughborough on Saturday 1st. There are 226 worldwide as I type, I wonder if there'll be a quest to bag a record number of "never to be seen again" cache icons!
  21. You'll find a lot more than that here............iCache
  22. Probably because the majority of caches that you have found are micros. Now that's just silly - got them below 40% and still falling..... I really do wish the system did discount points for drive-by micro's..........but that's another thread.
  23. Quantity (in a short period, not total finds!!!) & quality methinks. That's makes all the sense in the world to me.
  24. we'll let you know when you're ready noob. lol.... While youre working out whether Im still a noob or not, perhaps you can figure out whether Burton is East or West Midlands!!!! I am running for a local council seat as an independant, with a headline policy to re-unite anyone with a DE postcode back to it's rightful place in the East Midlands, and prevent them from having to mix with oiks from yam yam land.
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