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  1. To update the found status please read this post a little while back in this thread. Currently Geoacching.com do not allow for any automatic update - you have to log in and do this manually (one by one) Thanks for the quick response -- as always. Do you live on this forum? As a side question based on your answer: Can you save off pocket queries? In other words, I make a pocket query, download via GSAK and MapSource, then go out find a bunch of the caches, update geocaching.com, then is my pocket query still there? Or do I need to recreate it? It seems based on your answer that it would be a lot easier if the pocket query still existed. I am not a premium member yet, that is why I am still a bit clueless on the pocket query.. Thanks, TheHFamily
  2. What is the correct way to get GSAK to see that a cache was found and also update the geocaching.com? I was hoping for some way that I could plug my 76c and bring in all found caches over the USB, and it would automatically update the GSAK database, and then update geocaching.com as well. Can someone please fill me in on the "optimal" procedure? Or is it all manual? Thanks, TheHFamily
  3. Not sure if this was already posted, but I just saw this on getfeetwet.com. Too bad I bought a couple of weeks ago. http://www.garmin.com/whatsNew/currentprom...eriesRebate.pdf Maybe it will help somebody. TheHFamily
  4. Thanks for the reply. This may be a stupid question, but does more antenna length (i.e. 3ft vs. 9 ft) neccesarily translate to better reception? Also if anyone can chime in on how much better should I expect I would appreciate it. I am assuming an external antenna would not be as good as the regular GPS without the trees...
  5. I recently got my 76c and am farily new to geocaching (done about 10). I notice, of course, that when I am in heavy woods that my distance and direction to cache jumps all over the place due to crummy reception. My question: How much improvement should I expect if I invest in an external antenna? Is there one that is better for that environment? How much are they? I don't need one for the car, the front glass has not been an issue. But if it works for both woods, and car that would not be a problem as well. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks, TheHFamily
  6. Is that garmin mount the same as the one that comes in the automotive kit? If so, then I would be a bit worried about screwing anything through it because mine looks a bit thin where you would want to connect it. At the very least, I would drill pilot holes.
  7. One thing about gpx files is they basically contain the whole cache page displayed on gc.com. The Garmin 76C does not really have enough display space to have all the information about the cache that I like to have with me when I go caching, therefore I use a Pocket PC based PDA with GPXSonar. I don't know anything about the Palm base PDA Geocaching Software but there similar programs. These allow you to see a version of the cache page in the field, including the hint. Combining GSAK, GPXSonar and my 76C has been a good setup for me. Hope this helps. Cache Well Lord Saw-- Thanks for the info -- I will investigate GPXSonar.
  8. Thanks for the quick reply. My only question left -- can you "edit" the hint somewhere in gsak? Everything else worked great. By the way this program is really, really good. Thanks for writing it.
  9. I am a newbie at this so excuse me if this is not the hardest question.. I am debating between .loc and gpx (i.e. paying the $30). No I am not cheap, just like to know how the process works first of importing to my gps. Anyway, I have imported the sample.gpx into gsak and I am exporting to my Mapsource so that I can customize the output before I sent to my gpsmap 76c. I have everything working except "hint" . I see the %hint, but is there a way to see the hint in gsak? I ask because the %hint does not work on the sample data and I am not sure if it is not in the sample.gpx or if I am doing something wrong. Plus it would be nice to be able to "edit" the hint for length, etc. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. I did a quick google search for City Select MapSource Registry and found a link to a garmin update. http://www.garmin.com/support/download_details.jsp?id=209 One of the items that the say for a fix in 6.1 is Fixed issue where MapSource would fail if a value in the registry became corrupted. Are you running 6.1 or higher? Just a thought-Good Luck.... TheHFamily
  11. Just wanted to thank everyone for all the help. I have been trolling this forum for the better part of a year reading people's problems and critiques of different GPS units. Just made the plunge yesterday and bought a 76c. Can't wait to get it next week. Again thanks for the information and it is good to know if I have a question that this group is here to help. The H Family
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