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  1. Leon, I think 2 Jerry cans with fuel at the cache location will be a great FTF price. Maybe I should not tell you this because you will get an idea. A cache with a lot of jerry cans – miniature small ones could be the result. We are only awarding one price, because if you select on a personal basis then you are going to have a flood of e-mails all saying “Why?”. It appears as if there are no objections so we will change the listing to suit. Gerhard
  2. Stone huts The above link is pointing to one of my caches where the cacher must produce a story after visiting the cache location. This is fun to me and I love to read the stories. It is good to see that cachers do have creative minds. I would like to award the cacher with the best story. This is only our way as a family to say thanks to the cachers visiting our caches. We will do this on an annual basis. The idea is to award a geocoin to the cacher with the best story. I will do this on a yearly basis. The cache was planted on 21 June 2007. On 22 June 2008 we have to decide on the best story and I will post the unactiviated geocoin to the cacher with the best story. As a family we decided to do it objectively. I will copy all the stories on one document and will hand it to my guys at work. These guys are from different levels and from different cultures and they are not cachers so they only care about the story. I will give them the photos of the area and they will use these while reading the story. They then tick the one they like. The one with the most ticks is the cacher that will get the coin. Is this acceptable practise or will I open Pandora’s Box on this one? Or is an award on a cache a no no. How do the other cachers feel about this proposal? We decided to allow only one story per cacher but he has the right to change his story before the cut off date in this case 21 June. With other words one cacher have one chance to give it a try. Another visit and another story will not fly. I would like to hear the inputs of other cachers before we add this to the listing. gerhard
  3. Bouts, I did not even start to stir. If the video is ok with FishEagle then I will publish event number 1. That is stirring. FishEagle organized one event with water, one without water, so what is his next move? Maybe a trip up in the Gorge, I heard that GpsStorm and RedGlobe want to go up. But that is the decision for the organizer. Gerhard
  4. Eish, the guys picked up on the heavy breathing! It makes you wonder what the guy behind the camera was doing. I tried to cut it out, only the best parts remained. I would not like to go down as a heavy breather. Now I am worried about the rest of the 33 minute video. Maybe some music but then again one loose a lot of the talk. I viewed the video couple of times and every time I hear a different story from the cachers. It is amazing what you see afterwards on the clip. Thanks for the feedback. Maybe some cachers will be jealous - now that they can see what they have missed. Time to speak to Fish Eagle about the next one. Enjoy. Gerhard
  5. I included a link to the two videos of the Gorgeous Gorges event. Please note that these are huge files and it will download very slowly. You need a fast connection and patience to see this one. With a dialup connection the video download will be a real challenge and it is not recommended. I allowed the download of these videos and with the correct software you should be able to do a copy of these file or embedding it onto another website if you wish to do so. The complete video is about 33 minutes. We will include some of the photos of the other cachers as well – but I need the permission from the owners to do this. I will arrange it in due course. Other photos will be appreciated. We are planning to add event number 1 on the DVD as well. Please note that this is not a professional video - only an amateur video for the remembrance of the event and to say thanks to Fish Eagle. If there are any objections against the videos on YOUTUBE then I will remove it. There should be enough space left for event number 3 on our DVD. Gerhard
  6. Ok, also keep an eye on the blue duck with the little horns. Go to his personal page - click on his name (BlueDeuce) I bookmarked his personal page for answers and questions. This could be handy. Gerhard
  7. A new approach to a cacher's personal page. well done and something out of the normal. Gerhard
  8. Here are some of the stats on the tonteldoos series for those interested. Underlined cachers are owners. Above the 10 clue mark. gerhardoosMPsa – 14, RedGlobe - 11 6 Clues DiePienaars, Wazat. 5 clues Antron, Strider_SA. 4 clues CrystalFairy, Carbon Hunter. 3 clues Wessies, Brick, Arwen_SA, foraginghedgehogs, iPajero, KeithWood, Wildbirds, Nish4, cache-fan, Team Ginger, cincol. 2 clues Tricky Vicky & Mickey, cslyoda, Brahman, Cabey, Geo-Croc, warthog, keithlan, GEO936, Kwenda Tafuta, Noddy, The Gold Diggers, Henzz, Wormgeocash, besem, Megaben, Slangvz, dakardrix, Sh0w me the Cache, cownchicken, GlobalRat, I&J, LeonW. 1 clue Maverick & Goose, River God, KarlduP, Chessmate, Robin Hills, Mandrak3, GreenJaM, iNokia, Zantus, ravenmeistre, Jokers Guild, Quantam Leap, ShambleRamble, jjtoymachine, bassdrone, tolbos, Rhino and Hedgehog, Littleclan, Whostops, Ducky and Mucky, steve&sav, nuvidan2, boris, Blackjack Bailey, vzkoos, groovy2, Far-Jar-Hug, pelican's briefs, BruceTP, Alien3Inc, Team_Olo, Jors, Urban Hunters, Urban Campers, Krazong, Mocco1301, snoopy12, Donderbos, battlerat and pussycat, mdsmith, tomtwogates, kettie, Boff, Een Bez, eragonSaphira, RobSA, Shaka & Shakespeare, Bouts777, LuckyEd, Cape_Guy, amaSoekSoek, DamhuisClan, Tusk O'2, Ysbeer, geocacher_coza. The stats include the owner. There is 177 days left to find all caches to qualify for the final cache. If you planned to attend the event in Nelspruit then it is possible to find some of these caches on your way. Good Luck. Gerhard
  9. I was only checking but I agree with you. Gelukkig glimlag jou mannetjie nog. Gerhard
  10. Eish, something is not clear here, maybe my message was interpreted incorrectly. I referred to this one and not the owner. Sorry if I pointed to the wrong thing. Hildebrand Log
  11. Tonteldoos - Hildebrand To me this is one of the best logs that I have read with reference to the series. This man must be a bilingual writer. Well written and it does give you a nice feeling. OK, up to now I did not see any negative logs on these caches. Only positive and more positive but this one is the cherry on the cake. Maybe we should consider a price for the person that capture the moment – something like the best relevant log for the series. Gerhard
  12. I have a cache at Constantia Cherry farm. I notice tonight that there was a find on it but I was worried about certain comments. We immediately contacted the cacher to find out if there is a problem. The following events were discovered. 1. Jack visited this site two weeks after the cache was published but the cache was not there. He never logged a DNF and I was not aware of the missing cache. 2. He visited the site today and he found it. So what happened – do we have a cache that is walking around at night? Must be pretty hard to find this sneaky one. 3. It turned out that the workers found the container after placement and they removed it and placed it in the kitchen for safe keeping. 4. Some time went by and no one bothered to look inside the container. Probably thought that it was lost by someone and that that person will come back to claim his property. How is this for honesty? 5. The owner then discovered it in the kitchen a while later and placed the cache at his original location. 6. All people at this location are now aware of this cache. At least the cacher has no worries now. 7. Today when the cacher was walking around at this location the workers told the owner “there are people outside looking for insects again”. I smiled when I read this one. The owner then informed the cacher about the events and why the cache was missing in action. The mystery of the walking cache is thus resolved. Ok, now where is the warm and fuzzy feeling? 1. The owner took care of the cache and replaced the cache at the correct location when she noticed that it was removed. That is good and it worth the placement of the cache and I know that this cache will always be there for the next cacher. She has my business card and she will contact me if there is a problem. 2. The workers did not steal it or muggled it but they placed it in a place of safety. 3. When the cache was found the owner informed the cacher when he visited the site again to the reasons why the cache was gone. This is a nice action from the owner of the property. At least the cacher now knows what happened during his previous visit. 4. Jack, the cacher, at the same time offered to assist if there are any problems with this cache. This is very nice and positive from him. 5. I placed the cache during July 2008 and I noticed that there was no finds on this one and I had a negative feeling about it. We were ready to remove the cache and to archive it. At the same time there was a lot happening behind the scenes and a cacher that could not find it. The bad feeling that I had is now replaced with a very nice feeling towards this cache. I am glad we had the permission from the owner – without the permission the cache would have been gone forever. At least this was a success for the cacher and the location. So nice to see there is still honesty left. Thanks Jack for your input. Gerhard
  13. Wazat, you are destined to become an extremely fit mountain dude one of these days. Looks like you are going up this mountain every weekend. People are queuing to do the cache in the mountains. Saturdays could be Amajuba day and Sunday Drakensberg day. When are we doing Platberg? I do the driving and you can do the climbing. Gerhard.
  14. This TB is waiting patiently to move since 25/5/2008. This is now nearly 4 months. Yes, you are correct but there are two caches that will decide the outcome. One is Bloedrivier and then your one. I have the waypoints for your one – so I must just find him. To get there is the question. But they say that father time will tell. It is going to be strange if we have no cacher doing the final cache. About 88 cachers have found a TD or more. Gerhard
  15. Yes, both are well bred and beautiful. We now proved … 1. Dogs in general do not need a GPS. 2. They are part and parcel of the family 3. They are good cachers. 4. They do train the owner. 5. They protect the cacher. Maybe we should hold an event for dogs; after all they are cachers – ok very strange hairy cachers. Something like a FTF cookie as the price in each cache. Something like 10 caches in close distance where cachers can walk a little bit. Maybe I should stop here before I get pounded with stones. Wazat, keep your eye on your Amajuba cache. We are going to try again this Sunday. (Note to myself – how many times did we plan for this one?) Gerhard
  16. Now I understand what went wrong with the struggle on the TD’s. I never had the correct bones with me. Maybe it was punishing me for leaving him alone. Well I am glad we met and I hope he travels well. If I look at the cache where he is waiting for the next cacher then he should move quickly. There is an event at Nelspruit so the next cacher could give him a ride to the TD near the event. From there he should go very quickly to another location. So it looks like he is on his way. I hope he is not hijacked to a strange place – the cacher will first move it and then they complete the log just to see that this belongs in a TD. Gerhard
  17. Eish, that was a slip and a half. I am going down to George in March - if it is not moving I will move it down quickly between the three down south. Only 4 to go and counting. Gerhard
  18. To me it is fascinating to see the intelligence of these dogs. In the beginning when I told my wife we should train him to find things we thought that it is impossible. I am not a dog trainer and sometimes when you train them you do more bad than good due to inexperience. So we started to train the dog to become a cacher without a GPS. We started of hiding the containers with cookies inside in our backyard. He quickly got the hang of it. Containers, the word “cache” and cookies is now the link. Then it was only containers that were hidden in his presence. Then he was removed and he started to search for it and he found it. The next step was in the veldt. This is the real test and he must show consistency. Maybe this will end my DNF’s and to find caches that are not accurate. I can still find them on my own as well – just leave him at home. Only massive problem is water. He will go for a dip when he sees anything that represents water or a river. But at the end of the day he protects me and I feel much safer when he is with me. He will react before I realised that there is someone close by. There were a couple of places in Nelspruit where I did not feel safe at all and this was the trigger to train the dog and to use him as protection. Muggles stay far away from him. The other problem now is that after a day out in the veldt he refuses to get out of the Nissan. One other thing that I noticed is that he is irritated when I return from the veldt and I left him at home. I was caching in Ladysmith and he was smelling me hands and clothes when I returned. He also smelt the car and he then ignore me point blank as if he is saying “What is your problem mate, why did you go alone?” If it was not for geocaching then I would probably never trained him and he probably would have been a problem as these dogs do not want to sit idle in the back yard waiting for someone to break into the house. You have to give them some challenges and it is so cool and nice to have him with me. He is not aggressive and will not challenge anybody with no command. His coat is about the medium length and one hell of a problem for the filters on the swimming pool. The next thing is to start marking the logbooks with his paw and I hope the cache owners will not complaint about this one. I hope they read it and that they will accept it. If there is a problem then they should complain now. Gerhard
  19. This is cacher Rex, a German shepherd, busy with his daily diving practise. He is in training to find caches and we keep him fit in the swimming pool. He does about 20 dives in a day and goes for numerous swimming laps. He holds his breathe longer than us inside the swimming pool. He is going crazy when he hears the word “cache” and he understands what he must do. I have the feeling that he has the ability to find any cache on ground level with some more training. The last time he got to about 30 cm from the cache. He was barking and I do not know if this meant that he found it. Only when he does it consistently I will agree that he can find caches and that this behaviour is correct. As I spend more time caching with him I will start to understand how to control him and the signals he is giving. The trick is to get to ground zero and to say the word “cache”. I noticed that he quickly finds the caches which were visited by other cachers very recently. Find as in close by. The smell of the previous cacher is probably the sense he uses. The moment the cache is removed he will go on guard mode when I sat down to complete the log. It appears as if his natural instinct to protect is well developed. So cachers you have a challenge on your hand. We will visit the tonteldoos on Amajuba with him and we will test if he can do it or not. So please keep your eye on this listing. Ok, he is also trained to chase any cacher that is competing for FTF with us in the same location. The only other major concern in the veldt is snakes. We tried with rubber snakes to get him to yield. It works but I am not sure if in practise he will leave it alone. We will use an inkpad to stamp the logs with his signature in the form of a paw mark. So please keep an eye on your logbook. There could be funny mark in it. Image 1: He is focusing on an object inside the swimming pool. Ears are up and he is alert. Image 2: No fear and in he go. Same style as with a human being, feet close and head pointing downward. Image 3: He now uses his tail like a crocodile to get depth. Image 4: He is now submerged but he is battling to go down due to buoyancy. Image 5: He lifts his hind part upwards and at the same time you can see that he is pulling downwards with his front legs to go down. Same technique human beings are using to go down. Image 6: You can see the kicking and downward stroke still continue. He is now submerged and is holding his breathe. Image 7: At the final moment before total submerging. Image 8: Down he goes to the bottom. He is keeping his eyes open under water and he is now focussing to get to the bottom. Image 9 Cacher dog completing his dive and is coming up. Image 10: He now surfaced again and is swimming towards the shallow end to us. No dogs were hurt during this event. Gerhard
  20. Wazat, my little private trip is nothing against the Gorge hike. The scenery in this Gorge is good and quite pleasurable. The cachers in my previous group were an excellent bunch of people. My daughter battled the last time but some of the members immediately helped when we were struggling with some of the obstacles. They were under no obligation to help because that is actually my problem. The team leader was good and everybody behaved. In some of the previous non caching hikes I have done there was sometimes a person that knows better and that believes that he/she must take the lead and that he/she is in control. During the previous Gorge hike it was good to notice that they let the guide do his thing and the group followed. But at the same time the group was not dummies – when advice was needed the group contributed. I think it will be the same with this trip after all it will be a very bad caching move to make the reviewer angry. This is one of the best trips you can make and it is something to remember. The best part of the hike was the sandwiches and coke that was waiting at the end. It never tasted that good. I know that work comes first. If there is a chance please feel welcome to leave your vehicle at my house and we can go together if you want. I am going that way and there is no difference in my fuel consumption. Drop me an e-mail if needed. The other part is that there are some good caches in that area. By the way we are on our way very early on Friday for business in Natal – I will drop an e-mail to you when things are organized. We will probably hit a couple of easy ones on the way. Main focus is to get two very important caches – one in Durban and one at Howick. You will know which and why, Maybe this is the last opportunity – maybe FishEagle will now have to make this a yearly tradition. I would like to make one recommendation. But I will drop a private e-mail to Andy. Gerhard
  21. Eish, you can see when you are dealing with an experienced cacher – they do cover the bases. Sorry Wazat, I could not resist; but I must say there were a couple of minutes of dead silence. One day I will do this one. So little time so many nice caches. Gerhard
  22. Thanks, just another small problem. I was there and the waypoint is not accurate – would you please be so kind to check on it next week? Thanks mate. Gerhard
  23. Sounds like a good challenge or a nice walk to free the muscles from any stiffness. I will not rest until I have these as finds. They bother me for too long now.
  24. We will attend – there are too many good caches to be found in this area which is crying for some finds. I also challenge all the tonteldoos owners to be present – this is a good time to meet the face behind the cache and to share some ideas or just to chat to each other. My daughter however bailed out of the trip but she could change her mind. I tried to talk to my dog but I am still waiting for his answer. So I am not sure if he wants to go with. He will confirm later. This time around we will take the video camera with. One day when I sit in front of the heater; trembling with the blanket wrapped tight around my legs I can show the children our caching days. We are planning to do the following caches the next day -Black Eagle, Sweaty palms, High Road and Porcelain. For a while we are targeting these caches but we were not in a position to do them. They are rated as a 1.5/3.5 caches. If the 4x4 trip is too risky then we are in for a long walk. Is there anyone crazy enough to join us? Gerhard Gerhard
  25. Whostops and Fisheagle are the only two busy just before lunch time. Good evening to both of you.\ gerhard
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