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  1. So if my eTrex Vista is a "slave" it won't talk with my Tungsten C PDA? (My PDA worked with a GPSr specifically designed for the Tugnsen C.) And how do I find out if my eTrex Vista is a slave? Is there a technical term I should look for in the eTrex Vista manual that will indicate whether its a slave or emancipated?
  2. Yes, there are programs that should get the PDA and GPSr to talk to each other: Check out CacheMate and CacheNav here. Also, I was using a very cool mapping program with GPSr specifically made for my PDA. Check out Mapopolis here I was very happily using this hardware/software combo until, sigh, the GPSr for my PDA was stolen out of my trunk. That's why I'm attempting the PDA to eTrex Vista link - I loved having my PDA talk to a GPSr but I'm not sure I want to replace the $$$$ GPSr if I can get my eTrex to talk to my PDA. If it works, it will be a $30 solution. My PDA to eTrex comunication problem might be due to something I haven't tweaked correctly. I did read something that suggested deleting "AvantGo." I just haven't decided if I want to go there or not..... Good luck!
  3. I just bought a cable to connect my Tungsten C to my eTrex Vists at this site: Blue Hills Innovations. Cable came promptly and everything fits, now if I could just figure out how to make them talk to each other. (It's on my list of things to do.)
  4. Lost & Found, I posted a similar request earlier this week for help finding cables to connect my Garmin eTrex to my Tungsten C PDA. I didn't get any replies either. So I started looking on the internet and found the following sites that sell cables to hook GPSr's to PDAs: Blue-Hills Innovations GPS City I haven't ordered anything yet - but it's on my list of things to do this weekend. Good luck! cjf
  5. Is it posible to connect a Garmin eTrex Vista to a Palm Tungsten C PDA? And if so, what's the cable and where can I order it? Several months ago I added to my GPSr arsenal and purchased a GPSr receiver to connect to my Tungsten C specifically to get fancy-schmancy verbal driving directions. It worked pretty well, and I bought additional maps to use with the system. Well, tragedy struck today. I'm travelling and driving a rental car. I put my GPSr for my PDA in the trunk and we headed off on a hike. Unfortunately, the trunk is tricky and my kids didn't realize that the trunk wasn't really shut. It wasn't until we finished our hike and were several miles down the road and I saw my unique container by the side of the road that I realized I had been robbed. Fortunately all my other gear was with me. So now I have all the appropriate software on my PDA (and you know mapping software is not cheap), but no GPSr made specifically for my PDA. Rather than re-purchase the gear I lost, I'm considering options. One of them hooking up my PDA to my trusty Garmen eTrex Vista. Can it be done? To add insult to injury, there's a big ol'orange sign in the trunk of the rental saying not to leave valuables in the trunk. I'll be the thieves got a laugh out of that. Oh well. Lessons learned. Thanks for any help. Colleen
  6. cjf

    Bonus Find

    Finding "new" places in home areas I thought I knew is one of my favorite parts of benchmarking. I've lived in the San Francisco Bay Area all my life (except for my college years) and benchmarking has taken me to fabulous places I never realized existed so close to home! Now I'm in Honolulu for a few months for work (yes, I know--Life is rough! ). While I do check my tourist guide for things to do on weekends, I've found that benchmark searching also takes me to interesting places. Also, there's a wealth of benchmarks in downtown Honolulu near my office. I go benchmarking at lunch! Mahalo for the pictures!
  7. I enjoyed the video. Thanks! Use of this media to document successful finds could open up a whole new can of worms: if I watch a video of a successful find do I get to log the benchmark? (Just kidding. I have every intention of heading out today and finding some benchmarks myself.) Colleen
  8. cjf

    Pid Question

    No one addressed your other question: How to post photos to the forum. It's a question I had too, but I just found the answer in another forum. For instructions, see How do I Get a Photo to Display on my Cache Page? posted October 15 2004. The most important piece of information there is that the photo already has to be on the internet somewhere--you can't just upload a photo from your computer to your message. Good Luck!
  9. Rob, Thanks for the feedback. I thought maybe I was having a brain freeze or something. Guess not. I'm here for a couple of months. I plan on going back up to Diamond Head soon. I'll go earlier in the day and hopefully get to the top observation deck (a very very small deck) where the benchmark is before all the masses of tourists show up. I'll get a GPS reading and maybe a better location photo then email the NGS point of contact like you suggested. Thanks again! Colleen
  10. I'm confused. I climbed Diamond Head this morning and snapped a picture of the what I and many benchmark hunters before me identified as TU1337. I didn't think anything was unusual so didn't bother to read the datasheet while I was up there. However, when I got back to my computer and examined my photo, I noticed that the benchmark disk is labelled "Diamond Head No 2 Reset Apr 2002." However, the NGS data sheet entry for TU1337 Diamond Head 2 has only one entry, and it's dated 1969. Just to be sure I went to the NGS site to make sure I had the most current data sheet for PID TU1337 and found only the 1969 date there also. If this is truly TU1337, shouldn't there be an entry for Apr 2002, the date on the benchmark disk? Am I missing something? Or is the NGS data sheet out of date? (If someone can tell me how to upload a photograph here, I'll happily post the benchmark photo and a location photo. I haven't been able to figure it out from the Help screens.)
  11. I'm 45, so that would put me in the OLDER PEOPLE group?????? When the heck did that happen? Kind of makes me wonder what group those 51 and older are in........
  12. Thank you, thank you all! Apparently at some point I pressed what ever keys were necessary to include img.Groundspeak.com on the exceptions list. I've rectified the situation and and....ta da! I've got smilies and pictures and everything else back in Mozilla! If there was a jumping for joy smiley I'd end this post with it! cjf
  13. Team yGEOh, Thanks for the suggestions. I tried them and no luck. I don't have any extensions loaded and opening Firefox in safe mode as you suggested didn't make any difference. This is driving me nuts....
  14. I've been using Mozilla Firefox (Version 1.0.3) as my browser for some time. A few weeks ago, I was reading posts in the forums and everything was fine: I could see all the "little pictures" such as the envelopes, emoticons, etc. Then I must have inadvertantly done something because all the icons vanished! I don't have a clue what I did and I wasn't even in the Mozilla Firefox Tools/Option menu. I was just reading the posts. Maybe I brushed against some keys that sent a "don't show icons" message to Firefox. Not a clue. I've re-installed Mozilla Firefox, looked in Tools/Options to see if I needed to check any boxes, checked to make sure I'm running the most current version, searched (unsuccessfully) on the web for a solution. The forums do appear correctly when I'm in Internet Explorer and that's what I have to use to post messages because even the icons to post a reply don't appear in Mozilla Firefox. Help! I'd appreciate any suggestions to get the icons to reappear in Firefox. I miss my tabbed browsing! cjf
  15. After intially replying to Rancher I got curious about the whole Mapopolis-Waypoint issue earlier in the week. I did some more research and found the Cachemate solution and was able to load all my waypoints into Mapopolis (the same method discussed by dboggny and maingray). Then I saw the posts about how cumbersome it was to eliminate all the waypoints that show up as contacts in Outlook (or Palm Desktop). Fortunately, I did set up all the waypoints in their very own category: Geocaching. So at least I'll be able to view (or not view) the waypoints in Outlook as necessary by using the filtering on the Geocaching category. I'll worry about deleteing the new "contacts" some other time! cjf
  16. Eric, I believe that GPXtoMaplet is a PocketPC program, not a Palm OS program, so it won't work with your Palm m500. That's probably why you're getting that error message with the MLP file - it's a PocketPC format. I recently augmented my electronic arsenal to include Mapopolis and a GPSR to hook up to my Palm Tungsten C and have also been looking for an easy way to transfer Waypoints from my computer into Mapopolis. The search continues.... Colleen
  17. Thanks everyone! Things are starting to make more sense now. Yes, elcamino, the legend you posted helped. The legend in the software I have abreviated the descriptions enough to make them confusing. The legends use the term "Neace." I googled that term and all I learned is that Neance is a surname and a lot of Neances are interested in geneology. What exactly does "neance" refer to in the map legend? (I'm assuming the use of "cactus" is referring to a prickly plant growing in arid areas. Correct me if it's something else to map legend readers.) I'm also curious about the use of "Third order or better" term. Is this referring to some quality of the monument or its location? Finally, based on Black Dog Trackers reply, I checked the original data sheets for some other benchmarks I found that are also shown on the topo map. Yes! The BM # on the map corresponded to the elevation in feet of the BM as reported at the time the map was made. (That information could have come in handy on another BM I eventually found that day!) cjf
  18. I've been dabbling in benchmark hunting for a year or so (and yes, I've been lurking here in the forum.......). When one of the posts mentioned that benchmarks appear on topographical maps I had to check it out. I already owned TOPO! California which states it is USGS Topographic maps on CD-ROM. And, sure enough - there be benchmarks! But now I have some questions I haven't been able to find answers to on the USGS website. Perhaps someone can help? 1) Is there a simple explanation telling me just what the heck some of the "Control Data and Monuments" legend symbols mean? There are a couple that have BM , a number, then a triangle, X, or square. Then there's that one that just says "Neace" with a triangle under it. I'm just wondering what they mean. (Emphasis on simple. I'm having a good day if I can just figure out which way is north.) 2) I compared a benchmark I had already found HT1801 with a topographical map of the area. The topo map has "BM 21" where I found HT1801 and I'm assuming they are one and the same. What is the "BM 21" designation used for? Does it translate to any of the NGS information? (I've posted an extract of the map on the log for HT1801. I couldn't figure out how to post it here. Maybe that could be question number 3? ) Thanks for any help you can offer, cjf
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