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  1. Another day benchmarking in San Diego. This was my favorite: DC0888/1943/N/N It's on the dock next to the Midway Aircraft Carrier And the following are the continuation of the H series on a county building: DC0895/1938/N/N DC0894/1938/N/N DC0904/1938/N/N DC0903/1938/N/N DC0902/1938/N/N DC0865/1938/N/N DC0864/1938/N/N DC0900/1938/N/N DC0862/1938/N/N DC0905/1938/N/N
  2. Today's lunchtime walk find: DC0898/1938/N/N This is in the San Diego Civic Center - one of sixteen 1938 benchmarks on and around the building! More next week when I return.
  3. Me again! The 2oldfarts (the rockhounders) gave me the OK to log this one. (Thank you!) DC1719/1923/N/N
  4. And today's find: DC0887/1926/N/N One nice thing about business trips--new town and "new" benchmarks within walking distance of (temporary) office! cjf
  5. DC1025/1933/N/N DC0853/1944/N/N DC0884/1917/N/N And some non-contest worthy benchmarks also while exploring San Diego.
  6. My finds for today. In the rain. HS3030/1934/N/N HS3095 /1934/N/N HS3096 /1934/N/N HS3097/1934/N/N HS3098/1934/N/N Note to self: Keep paper towels in vehicle to dry off benchmarks.
  7. stvanme, I really like the pin too! (Yes, I am the same one who made the comment about a "gender neutral" neutral design. But you asked for comments and the gender of the benchmarker was just something I noticed.) For a while I thought if I was fortunate enough to have one of these pins bestowed on me I could always use a Sharpie pen to draw a little ponytail on the benchmarker if I really needed a girlie-pin. Tragically, I realized that benchmarker on the pin looks more like me than a girlie-ponytailed benchmarker would. So I won't be making any pen & ink changes. So please don't hold my earlier comments against me. I'm working hard to earn my pin! Colleen
  8. A few finds before the Monterey Bay Aquarium opened this morning: GU2090/1924/N/N GU2088/1919/N/N
  9. dhbaird, I think the .loc files have less information in them than a .gpx file. In other places in this forum are descriptions of how to download NGS Benchmark databases, then use the free BMGPX program to translate to .gpx files. That will give you more information for your Garmin program. Wintertime - POI is "Point of Interest" and used in some of the newer Garmin GPSr. cjf
  10. Found four contest worthy benchmarks today. HT0697/1925/N/N HT0717/1932/N/N HT1843/1939/N/N HT1847/1956/N/N (Also found numerous DNFs, a not-contest worthy BM, a few geocaches. Busy day. Now that the important stuff is logged, I'll go log those other things.) cjf
  11. Does this mean only boys can play? I feel left out. Perhaps a more gender-neutral pin, like one of those cool old benchmarks?
  12. If it eases your mind any, I am trapped in an office Monday-Friday the majority of the year. I was referring to the two weeks vacation in July that I will be taking off from work, not a "hooray school's out for summer" type of vacation.
  13. Sounds like fun! Count me in. I don't supposed you'd like to back date the contest to 2/19/2006? I just got back from Death Valley and have a boat-load of 1907 benchmarks I found and need to log! (Or should that be "20 mule-team" load? ) No? Oh well. I like the July 31 end date. It will give me a chance to find contest-worthy benchmarks during my summer vacation. Colleen
  14. I also use PDA screen protectors on my Garmen eTrex Vist and Quest. I just cut down the sheet to the right size for the GPSr screens. I'm using "Fellows WriteRIGHT." I've had the screens covered for a couple of months and no scratches or other ill affects have been noted. Hmmmm...I should put one on my iPod screen......
  15. cjf

    Newbie Help

    I think you're referring to an "embroidery hoop." I generally take close ups and location shots of the benchmarks I find. But it occurs to me that rubbings might be nice for special benchmarks. Maybe ones with interesting names (there's one labelled "Death" in Death Valley!) or if you happen upon one with your name as part of the benchmark.
  16. I initially found HT0700 in Oct 2004. Because of a series of unfortunate events (not near as serious as the events in the book series!), I never took nor posted a picture of this benchmark. I happened to be in the area yesterday and corrected that oversite. You'll recognize the Golden Gate Bridge. And that brick building underneath the left side of the bridge is Fort Point, the only civil war era fort on the west coast! (See HT3036 )
  17. I have another suggestion - my cell phone also displays the time and date. Perhaps if a GPSr date isn't an option, or the finder is an over-achiever who wants to include both date and coordinates in the photo (i.e., cell phone for date, GPSr for coordinates), include a cell phone in the photo. Yikes! November 1? That's Tuesday -- I've got work to do. Colleen
  18. Clyde, I'm using GSAK 6.0.2 (Build=24). In the past few days I've started using the full text search feature in Set Filter. In the "other" tab I clear all cache types except Benchmark. In "General" I'll enter the type of benchmark I'm looking for (i.e., 13 = Lighthouse). When I run the search GSAK has been freezing up on me. The search completes, but "Set Filter" screen stays up and won't respond to mouse clicks to close or cancel. Nothing in GSAK will respond. I generally end up giving GSAK the three-finger-salute to close it. When re-opened, I have to wait while it does a repair or defrag thing. Then it's good to go again until the next full text search. Any suggestions? Colleen
  19. I think your competition idea sounds intriguing. I'd like to participate. Snow isn't a problem here in the San Francisco Bay Area, so whenever and for whatever duration works for me. (Now it's off to GSAK to see if there is a dolphin marker near me!) Colleen
  20. (1) Do you hunt Geocaches, BM's or Both. I prefer hunting benchmarks, but also hunt geocaches. I guess that would make me a "both." (2) If you do hunt BM's, do you log with GC.com, the NGS, or both? So far I've only logged on GC.com but now that I'm getting more confident in my benchmark hunting skills I plan on logging some at the NGS site. In fact, there are some that I've been FTF in many many many years and I plan to go back to those BMs, verify that nothing has changed since I FTF them last, then log them at NGS.
  21. Yippee! I finally have a 2005 photo that is worthy of the contest! This is from TU1011.
  22. Which airport? Which extinct volcano? Which island? I suggest you go to Benchmark Hunting Home Page, input the zip code, and see if you can find your benchmarks on Geocaching .com. If they're not there, check out Can't Find Your Benchmark?
  23. My big thrill in hunting benchmarks is actually finding the silly things. I'll look for unfound, previously found, poorly documented, or well documented benchmark finds with spoiler photos......I don't care. If there's a benchmark to be found I'll use whatever resources at my disposal to find it. And when I do find it, I take the obligatory close up photo and then the location photo and post both photos with my log on Geocaching .com. There's nothing quite like finding a benchmark. (Sad, isn't it? Perhaps I need a life....)
  24. I've loaded Mapopolis on my Palm Tungsten C. I really like it. If you can get your GPSr to talk to your PDA you can even get real time driving directions. Mapopolis Website You can select the map by state, county, or for for the whole US.
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