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  1. That's an interesting question HH242. If you had found a cache in Puerto Rico (a U.S. territory) would you say it was a U.S. or Puerto Rican find? Personally, I'd call it Puerto Rico ... or Curacao. Better yet, if I were in your shoes I'd be planning a trip to Holland. Cheers, P and A
  2. Thanks for the feed back ... *sigh* The trials and tribulations of living on sphere! Cheers! PandA
  3. I'm curious as to what happened to our PiDay souvenir. I suspect we didn't get one because Australia had PiDay a day earlier than the U.S. Any other theories out there?
  4. Yes, the tracking number for one of your own travel bugs is the same number as the tracking code on a travel bug you might pick up. And ... Yes it is confusing and should probably be changed to either one term or the other by Groundspeak. Cheers, PandA
  5. We have 53 dog tags and geocoins activated and a collection of 64 unactivated geocoins. We carry 9 coins with us to events for others to discover. 14 travelers have been stolen, lost or are otherwise missing. The remaining are scattered around the world. 3 had been missing for more than a year and have been found this year! The longest distance traveler is (so far) 91,000K, he's headed to Egypt right now. Wish him luck, please! Cheers, PandA Inc
  6. Degrees & decimal degrees would be my guess. Latitude 129043.668 = 12°54'15.721" (assumed North) Longitude 1343542.659 = 134°21'15.357" (assumed East)
  7. I love this place ... http://www.kjmagnetics.com/. Every size and shape of rare earth magnet you can imagine. Cheers, PandA Inc
  8. Below is the URL to the only tb rescue site I could find. Good luck. http://www.tb-rescue.com/resc_whatisit.php5 Cheers, PandA Inc
  9. Plus or minus 6800 km ... moving from Colorado to South Australia seven months ago might have skewed the average more than a little. Cheers, PandA Inc
  10. It sounds like you put a good deal of thought into your choice. Should I find myself with some 'mad money' anytime in the near future I will certainly consider your recommendations. Now for the next question (pardon my curiosity - you are under no obligation to answer), what software(s) are compatible, or what file types? Cheers, PandA Inc
  11. Awesome Warweed!! If I had a 3-D printer I'd be learning a program to make stuff with it. And I'd probably be on the forums asking exactly the same question because I would want to do it NOW! What gravitated you to the Replicator 2X instead of some other 3-D printer (like the Cube)? Do you know how the material will hold up to weather? I could easily come up with a million other questions but suffice it say I think this is way, way cool and is loaded with endless possibilities!! Cheers, PandA Inc
  12. State of mind. Unless Puerto Rico finally lost their collective minds and decided to join the Union. Cheers, PandA Inc
  13. The first coordinates are degrees / decimal minutes (Nxx xx.xxx Wyy yy.yyy). To convert them to decimal degrees you would divide the minutes part of the coordinate by 60 (there are 60 minutes in 1 degree). The second coordinates are decimal degrees (xxxx.xxx/yyyy.yyy). To convert them to degrees / decimal minutes you would take the number to the right of the decimal point and multiply it by 60, that will give you the minutes and decimal minutes. A program called "FizzyCalc" has been mentioned in the forums before, I haven't used it but heard it will do the conversions for you. Cheers, PandA Inc
  14. My personal favorites are the navigational coins (astrolabe, planisphere) or benchmark / triangulation coins ... probably because I'm a retired surveyor and cartographer. I've been waiting 3 years for the sextant geocoin to be completed. After that are coins that have some sort of movable parts (decoders, cosmolabe), then classic designs (Membras and many Celtic coins) and after that it's all about design and color combinations with a few 'just for fun' coins thrown in to the mix (X-Files, Dr. Who). We stay away from most of the cartoonish stuff but still can't help but acquire them. Anything's good in reality. They're just nice to look at and there are some amazing geocoin designers out there. Cheers PandA Inc
  15. I've had our car "taken" a few times because of the sticker. Always by someone I know and always for a laugh. Cheers, PandA Inc If your car/trackable is muddy, can i post a "needs maintenance" log?! Good one wmpastor!! Unfortunately we don't have the car anymore but if you had logged a 'needs maintenance" on my dirty car I'd have a good laugh ... and probably wash it. Mind if I use the idea? Cheers, PandA Inc.
  16. "In a crack in a rock" ... when your looking for cracks in rocks, all you see are cracks in rocks and an occasional rock in a crack. That one was a DNF. Then there's "It's not where you think" ... is that really a hint? So no matter what I think, it's wrong? I think I gave up on that one too, or maybe I'm wrong. Cheers, PandA Inc
  17. Hello Raymond, You will have to log the drop on the trackable's page. I believe you will need the actual trackable code to do this, the reference code will not work. If you no longer have the code I would contact the trackable's owner and let them know where it was dropped (cache name and GC number). The owner can set it right. Cheers, PandA Inc.
  18. I've had our car "taken" a few times because of the sticker. Always by someone I know and always for a laugh. Cheers, PandA Inc
  19. A cactus on the 3rd or 4th stage of a 7 stage multi. Fortunately tweezers are a staple in the cache bag. Cheers, PandA Inc
  20. I bet I know who's hint that is. Whatever do you mean?! Hope all is well in the NW!! Cheers, PandA
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