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  1. Do you have a mapsource product? Did you download the installer? 023 hasn't finished compiling yet, so I'm guessing you've likely downloaded the wrong thing. (you need to download either the installer, or the 'binary image' available on mapcenter). If you have a mapsource product, you can use it to upload the maps (just like any other map product) if you don't you'll need a program called "sendmap" available on www.cgpsmapper.com. HTH, Dale Hi , thanks for your replay. yes, i do have mapsource, i didnt know about the installer either all the steps you need to follow in order to get your maps upload, where can i dowload the installer? maybe somone can make a "how to" to help the newbies like me, sorry for all the questions. (im a just born on the gps world) thanks
  2. Hi, first of all, thanks to ibycus for the exelent job, my question: i just downloaded the whole zone 23, everything ok until there, so now, how i upload all the subzones maps to my gps? (60csx) no idea, any help highly appreciated. thanks in advance
  3. Hi to all, exelent job ibycus, just read al the post and your doing an amazing job. maybe you can add the 23 zone to your quebec plans, i've been searching the whole network for northern maps of quebec, and nothing. thanks 1000!!
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