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  1. The LARC site specifically posts that it is a family oriented club and we control behavior to reflect that. From the LARC Rules of Conduct: "Conduct is expected to be of the highest standards and must at all times be appropriate for a family setting." LARC is clothing-optional and children do go nude at times. The pictures in the photo album do not reflect that much because we need to protect them. Gary Young Nudecacher
  2. Thanks for the concern. I thought the thread went quite well. There were a lot of positives. I thought that there are a lot of people that wonder about Nudecacher's position with respect to the law and it is an interesting subject. I intend to become much more involved with nudist political action committees in my other life because of the experience that I had with this case, and this forum posting was a way for me to organize my initial thoughts. There were a lot of quality postings in the forum that are easy to pick out and I exchanged quite a few private messages during the discussion. Sept1c_tank in the spirit of the thread looked up the Indiana law which gave something to compare. I also thought that there was a lot of evidence that over all the thread was entertaining, informative, educational, and appreciated. But maybe I'm being overly optimistic. As anyone who knows me knows, I'm not overly concerned about being a conformist anyway. I really appreciate the locals and other cachers that stood up for me, Groundspeak for being gracious about my doing the topic in the main geocaching discussion area, the quality posts from lots of cachers especially carleenp's, and the strong constant support from the moderators. Obviously the thread caused quite a lot of work for Groundspeak and the moderators. I felt well supported overall. I found out a lot about other geocachers that I didn't know and best of all the Nudecacher trademark received a lot of publicity, if it needs it. Nudecacher
  3. This has been interesting and fun. I think we've covered most of the issues, so I'm closing the topic so we can all get something else done, like geocaching for instance. My thanks to everyone who participated. Gary Young Nudecacher
  4. Humm... I hadn't thought about making a supplement Nudecacher pamphlet. Actually, I hadn't ever needed it before. This was my first encounter with the law. I frequently explain geocaching and nudecacher to people that I meet, so that part was easy. Actually, it was easier to explain it to the officers because I could show them where the cache was hidden. One of the officers had heard about geocaching before. We also discussed the law aspect and he understood my point and told me that's what courts decide. We had a pleasant conversation and he wished me a good day as we parted. Gary Young Nudecacher
  5. I edited to clarify first sentence in the initial post. The cache is by Half-Canadian and Scooter the Wonder Dog. The police officer gave me the citation. I didn't mean to imply that Half-Canadian turned me in. Far from that, she felt bad about the incident and has given me lots of moral support. Gary
  6. Thanks for the invite. We've visited Wreck Beach a number of times and even helped Judy Williams with the Bare Buns Fun Run several times in past years. Nudecacher
  7. That's the whole point. It isn't about beauty. It's about freedom.
  8. I was thinking of setting up a paypal link on my profile page for donations to my legal fund.
  9. As Nudecacher, I was cited for "indecent exposure" at the What's On Your List Today? cache by Half-Canadian and Scooter the Wonder Dog on August 9th. I posted the citation along with my regular log and the expected nudecacher picture, which I had taken before the police showed up. Yesterday the case was "Dismissed w/Prejudice" with the "Not able to obtain sufficient evidence to convict" box checked. That means that the prosecutor accepted our request to dismiss the case and the judge prevents an identical lawsuit from being filed later, the with prejudice part. Nudecacher seems to be a popular discussion topic in these forums and in the cache logs where I've been, so I'm starting this thread to discuss the legal implications of nude caching for those who are interested. I had the opportunity to explain geocaching in general and nudecacher in particular to two police officers, my lawyer, and to the prosecutor via a booklet that I made up to enter as evidence. Geocaching and nudecacher were central to the case and so this is on-topic in this forum. It seems like a simple case of caught in the act. So why was it dismissed? One police officer in his report says he saw me without my clothes on. The picture is there online too. First I have to say, I am not a lawyer. I had to hire one. The "indecent exposure" description is used to refer to the alleged crime but is not part of the law. The law that I was cited under actually only says You can easily look up the law for jurisdictions that you are interested in, often online or in a library. If the cache had been in unincorporated Whatcom County where I live, the INDECENT EXPOSURE Code reads The code was poorly written in response to the closing of nude use of Teddy Bear Cove. So a valid defense would be "I wasn't sunbathing, I was playing volleyball" or "I wasn't in the county park, I was across the street". In my case there are several independent phrases, but the main ones are that the exposure was alleged to be obscene and that I knew that it was likely to cause reasonable alarm. "Obscene" refers to sexual or lewd behavior. Nudists argue that simple nudity is not necessarily lewd. "Likely to cause reasonable alarm" does not apply to actual witnesses, but to the intent of the defendant in an abstract sense. So in my defense, I claimed that what I did was not obscene and that there was no intent to cause any harm to anyone. Indeed, I was unaware that anyone had even seen me in the brief period that I was undressed. The Naturist Society FAQ answers the question 'What about the law; isn’t "social nudity" illegal?'. Mark Storey has published an interesting essay, The Offense of Public Nudity, that outlines the issues. Gary Young aka Nudecacher Edited to clarify first sentence. The cache is by Half-Canadian and Scooter the Wonder Dog. The police officer gave me the citation. I didn't mean to imply that Half-Canadian turned me in. Far from that, she felt bad about the incident and has given me lots of moral support. Gary
  10. I think this calls for a Nude Cachers Liberation Event Where all nude cachers get together for pizza and beer or something?
  11. I suspose I need to put out a cache "Nudecacher Innocent" to celebrate. I'll have to think about it. Gary Young Nudecacher
  12. I'm working on an explanation of the legal issues that I ran up against to post for cachers that are interested. Knowing the law helped me remain confident, but the law is different in practice from in theory. I sure appreciate the response of well wishes that I've received from other cachers. Thanks for the support. I sure know a bunch of wonderful people. Gary Young Nudecacher
  13. Oh, hey. I could go for that. I hadn't tought about striking a bunch of geocoins before, but that could give me a reason. Nudecacher
  14. It sometimes feels like there are more than 200 watches on my account. Nudecacher
  15. I'm still here. I appeared in court again this morning. The prosecutor agrees that this is "a unique case". The case has been continued until October 19th to give my lawyer time to meet privately with him. As I have been saying, they all now agree that the case hinges on how the term 'obscene' is interpreted in the law. On October 19th we will petition to have the case dismissed. I'll start a forum topic when I have something to post. For now it's hurry up and wait. If we go to trial, I was thinking about making it an Event Cache. Nudecacher
  16. I shifted to gmail from my local cable company because of lost email in the past. My pocket queries are reported to have run at 1:40 this morning, but as reported above I have not received them yet at 8:00am. Usually they are delivered in less than a minute of the time they run. Is the Groundspeak mail server perhaps not running or experiencing problems delivering email? Nudecacher Well scratch that idea, I just received other email from them but not the pocket queries. Nudecacher
  17. Would I be correct to think that there are several servers involved in processing pocket queries? It seems that there is the pocket query definition database, the cache and log databases, that are used to define queries and to process queries and there is an email server to send them out. The query page first moves a query for today to the bottom of the list adding the date presumably when the query starts, then it adds the strike through to the title presumably when the query completes. There is then some delay for the email to be delivered. Today my queries ran as they usually do according to the pocket page, however I haven't received the emails half a day later. This could be caused by the email sender or my ISP email receiver. I am receiving other emails today, including LOG messages for Watchlists and Bookmarks. Is there a problem with sending pocket query emails today? Nudecacher
  18. Two years ago I read an article about geocaching.com on slashdot.org. I looked to see if there were any caches near home and found that there was one 10 feet from the trail to the nude beach that I had passed several times earlier in the week. I wondered if I could combine the hobbies. Costco had the Magellan SporTrak package for $179 with a $50 rebate and I was off caching. Early on my grown daughter and I invented The Case of the Woeful Woodpecker and the Nudecacher Detective Agency, dragging my wife Detective Elizabeth along and she was hooked. It's been all fun since. Nudecacher
  19. I don't believe it. Nudecacher
  20. Ok, I geocached naked a few times. Nudecacher
  21. Maybe we could get Nudecacher involved. They might stop us with just the song. I don't know if I could affect the bid prices any, but I'll take 100 if they are less than $2 each. I have a pickup with a 6' bed and a canopy, so I could help carry maybe 400 if I calculate correctly. I could distribute a load to the Bellingham area. Nudecacher
  22. Well that's too bad, but we know how complicated big trips are. You'll just have to live vicariously through our logs on the northwest caches for now. We'll watch for another attempt at a later date. Nudecacher
  23. Never mind. It seems to have been a temporary problem that cleared itself after about a half hour.
  24. I'm getting lots of blank pages in response to searches of all kinds. It makes it difficult to log when I can't get the cache pages. Or is there something wrong on my link? Nudecacher
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